Engagement With Faith

Belief will take you wherever you want to go. Honor will keep you there if you wish to stay. Faith is a marriage of the two. Engage.
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/15/17 at 5:22 a.m. ET US.

I awaken. I engage with faith. I flag clarity. I sleep.

Yesterday I spoke with a good friend; one I’d been apart from for a few weeks while traveling the great farmland countrysides of the United States’ Midwest. He’s a busy professional. I’m a transformational fool. He’s conservative. I’m anything but. He’s a local mover and shaker. I’m a shaker all right, but it has more to do with the roll of fat jiggling over the belt of my jeans than it does in making a difference to the lives of those in my community. Together we are a co-creative team, missioned with joining our energy to serve the betterment of society. In the offering we share all we can with those around us, and, in the process obtain ongoing clarity… or at least I do.

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Here’s a typical exchange between me and my friend, say, sitting rooftop on City Hall, at zero point, taking in the world we are superhero’d by Source to protect with our energetic powers of positivity.

“Too much talk and not enough action!” he says.

“Not enough action, eh Batman? No worries. I can remedy that. Here… let me (p̶u̶s̶h̶) enlighten you.”

I adore this guy. He’s my best friend and I am grateful every day that Source brought his good will and kind heart into my experience. What a lucky girl I am. Really! We realized months ago that our lives are destined to serve a purpose neither of us is yet completely clear on… thus the ongoing search for clarity. We each had awakening experiences in the past that led us looking for answers, and in the process our lives synchronistically intersected, we reconnected, and in the doing triggered some sort of expansion of that awakening process – which landed us both at a place of Hiraeth.

Sunset over Muncie, IN. | taken: 9/7/17
from hallway window on 6th fl of the Courtyard Marriott.

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I am one who lives a life soooo far to the left, spiritually, that I nearly teeter off the precipice of “normal” often enough to note. What surprises me, is that I’ve gone so far to the left that I’m back where I started again… with the Divine; limitless in range and favor.

By that I mean I was raised to be religious – loyally so. I just didn’t relate to the wholeness of the industry I recognized as religion. Even the stories I was suppose to take at face value seemed metaphoric in their symbolism, and if I swallowed that lot I’d choke on the absurdity of it all. Naked people, apples and gardens? Arcs filled with animals? Babies had out of wedlock that are happily received??? Not even that seemed viable to a kid in the 1960’s/’70’s I couldn’t see thru the logic to the “promised land.” Promised to who? Only the good? Who decides that? Can one appeal? And so forth…

It all just didn’t stick. The whole thing seemed illogical. I did like the way going to church felt – how everyone was clean and polite and nice, like in a dream state. I just didn’t like the foundation upon which that happiness was built. It seemed fake to me, which made me question myself. “Am I fake…” if I enjoy church when I don’t really believe? Does that mean I’m going to the hell I don’t really believe in because I don’t believe?

So, I did what any school aged kid does. I pivoted; kept quiet, smiled, nodded when applicable, and pretended all was fine so long as no one asked me face-to-face what I really thought. You see, I was also taught to be flawlessly honest. I may not have taken up that principle in my dealings with siblings, but with the outside world… I was either truthful or I felt guilt. Suffice to say I just didn’t buy the whole religion thing. God, or some higher power… maybe… probably, but God a form sitting on a throne in a place above that only good people go called heaven? No fucking way! (she’d scream silently.)

I was brought up Methodist. Then, in early teenage rebellion, I attended a Presbyterian church with some local neighbor kids I was on the YWCA and local Village swim teams with. In college I was in a long term relationship with a Catholic kid. Most of the lawyers I’ve worked with in my nearly 25 year legal career were Jewish. I married an Egyptian who was Muslim, sent my son (the christian muslim) to Catholic grade school.

Left. Right. Left. Left. Left…

Then I came clean in the mid-2000’s with a couple from my real estate club (let’s call them PKM for short). When the male of the couple asked, over cups of hot tea had at their kitchen table…

“Do you believe in God?”

I said… “Yes, but I feel God is like the wind… A force that exists. One we cannot see. Like that.”

To which male PKM replied, “Y E S !! That’s exactly what we think, too!”

It was the first time I’d said it out loud and struck gold in finding contemporaries that felt the same way I did.


On to co-hosting a radio turned internet TV show called, The Collective Imagination, where we pooled our energy together weekly in order to co-create change we could document an share the following week. Then on to Arizona in 2015, leading to my first experience with receiving an energetic transmission consisting of a wave of unconditional love. Yeah, I know. Sounds nuts. It gets nuttier…


Next, off to Australia and into the world of the unseen; where disembodied energy signatures talked through computers and evil presented in the form of a man.


… and on to San Francisco where that which we call God, Source, the Universe, our Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and/or all the other references used to describe the indescribable, shook my hand and told me “You can do this! You can do this!”

Left, left, left…

… and into today where I follow a calling; one of God, of Source, of the energy of all that is. Yes, I sure have come full circle around the open pathway of Hiraeth, believing with every fiber of my body and spark of my soul in the force I once thought must be boxed in a carton marked, “King of Kings,” and mean it! Instead, I live my life on that rooftop, canvasing the earthly and the astral, being alert to signs – messages of love and support from a realm far beyond this one, while looking over and out for those in the land of 3D.

Northern view from Suite at Courtyard Marriott, Muncie, IN. | taken: 9/7/17

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Faith. It all comes down to faith. And to demonstrate my faith in the knowing that I and my friend will effectuate change on the grandest of human scales with a whisper of action and a tolling of faith, I’ve calendared this date one year from today; such being 9/15/18 to return to this blog and write a follow up to this piece. It’ll be faith that shows itself to be true, and it’ll be fun to see just how it presents! I invite you to do the same. Be my back-up. Be sure I keep my word. Be surer you are reminded to come back and read the outcome.

My faith in this knowing is unbreakable. No thing can dissuade me from this path. It is destined for me and for my friend. It is divined. Even if I tried (and I have a few times) to move away from this destination, I am guided back over and again. I laugh at the way life rolls out for me in this now of my humanity. It is so contrary to any of my experiences before, and a journey I willingly slip into, like a pair of comfortable shoes. It is where I want to be, doing what presents in the every moment. That’s how I live my life, and why I love the life I live.

Finally, why so many photos of Muncie, IN today? Because that’s where I grew up and where my original, unclouded, untethered faith was born and raised, until it was corrupted, reborn and left turned its way around the wheel of fortune, back to its original, unclouded, untethered self, again. I sit in my now. I wanted to share the now of my courtship with faith, with you.

But wait! There’s still batman to consider…

… I heard he broke his arm in a recent fall from City Hall, but I think he’ll be fine once I reattach it.

And you? What about you? Put a ring on it! Get your engagement on with faith, as you perceive it, and discover how you, too, can reattach with just a few left turns.

Westward view from Suite at Courtyard Marriott, Muncie, IN. | taken: 9/7/17

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of the Flags of Honor section of the Minnetrista Center near the old Ball Mansion in Muncie, Indiana. Photo taken on 9/7/17. To view full sized version click here.




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