Rediscover The Quiet

Rediscover the quiet and heal in the echoing messages that await you there,
in that space of all, of nothing, of you.

channeled message received from Oliver on 3/5/18 at 6:11 a.m. ET US.


What Have You Learned, Dorothy?
That’s the invitation I returned from Australia RSVPing; one asked of me by the Oliver collective on my Qantas flight “home” from “OZ.” Now, let’s talk about the one I RSVPed nearly 6 months ago.

On September 19, 2017, I published an article here on the 1HP blog; a chapter closing, of sorts, one entitled, Going Home. In that writing I expressed the Oliver collective’s message to me at that time; the promise of a return home, to Hiraeth. I heeded that call, stop posting to the blog, unaware my life was about to change forever.

In retrospect, its eerily mind blowing to re-read that September 2017 post knowing now the accuracy of the statements made therein, and the events that played out in the days, weeks and months that followed. I’d forgotten just what I’d said… been told. Seeing the words in print earlier today right before my eyes reminded me how often we forget what brought us to the corner where we now find ourselves standing. How grateful I am for the gift of Oliver and the determination of the collective that communicates with me – making connections between the past and the present possible; connections that facilitate learning, growth, and the lexeme of expansion. However, if I am to be completely transparent, I’d have to say that if I knew then what I know now I don’t think I would have so easily RSVPed my way into what was about to occur – the whole reason why the unknown keeps some things unknown from us, for its own, bigger picture reasons. lol

Sal | Eat Read Love | Preview – THE TALK WITH SAL SUNDAY BRUNCH | published 3/4/18

runs 12:31 (from 2:13 thru 14:44)

The Tower
…began to fall days after my channeling the article, Going Home, the final post in what had become a collection of 130 foundational writings * published since the blog’s inception on 5/26/17.

At the time, I had recently returned from a 40 year high school class reunion in the farm country of central Indiana (see top photo in booth strip below taken during that escapade). I was eager to be back on Long Island, NY where I had a friend waiting to collaborate on a project we were both excited about. When I got back to the east coast my friend had a few business issues that had come up during my trip which pushed back our start date by what was to be about a week. A week turned into two, then three, until it seemed obvious our coming together was doubtful.

Then my personal life followed suit. Arguments with two family members surfaced out of the blue, made no sense, had nothing to do with anything, and were the sort of emotional encounters that thrived on their own, seemingly without a shelf life or expiration date. Though I tried, anything I attempted to dissuade or dilute the negativity of those exchanges fell on deaf ears. And I knew. It was time to leave. But I didn’t want to go without first talking to my friend, yet Source had left me no choice. He was unreachable. On an energetic retreat for 40 days. When the surprising news of this unexpected turn presented, I wanted to be supportive, so I offered my word to leave him to his spiritual prescription, making direct contact impossible if I was to keep my self-imposed promise.

I was on my own. Not something foreign to me. Just something unexpected, and something I simply couldn’t figure out. How did I get here when a few short weeks prior everything was about to unfold in a way that was going to make me so very happy?

The Tower! That’s what happened! Source stepped in and redirected my life to the path it was destined for, one I’d asked for without realizing it, one I’d even agreed to in my consenting allowance of the information offered during that channeling session which led to closing out The Foundation(al) chapter of the 1HP blog.

Not sure what I mean? Listen to Sal from Eat, Read, Love, in the video above as he talks about the Tower in Tarot and its perceived roll in spiritual divination.

photos from just before posting my final article
in 1HP’s The Foundation, thru just before my return
to the States from a 3 month stay in Australia.

A Promise of Hiraeth in the Quiet of the Space Within
The first Tower hit so hard and without warning I wasn’t sure where to focus, so I went within. I accepted my experience; one where no local apartment, no housesitting gigs, no opportunity I attempted to create locally, or even in the entirety of the United States was working out. What was working was a trip to Australia. Everything was coming up OZ. An email from my international travel agent notifying me about upcoming deals on flights to that part of the world. Notifications from my then favorite hotel, The Riverside in Brisbane, QLD, came my way letting me know of discounts to room rates. Friends from Australia lining up, telling me of exciting “doings” going on there in the months to follow. It was surreal. My life in the States was falling apart, but another was opening its arms to me on the other side of the earth – and I wasn’t even trying for that! Of course, then, I knew. It was not only time to go, but Australia was the place. So I lept!

From 11/14/17 through 2/12/18 I lived in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The story is unparalleled, filled with magic and charm, an evolution of self, mystery beyond measure, encounters with the unseen, and more magic. I lost a few friends both in the U.S. and in Australia during this period, but that was always part of the plan. Not my plan, but THE plan – one divined by Source, by the Oliver collective that held my hand and walked with me all along the way.

During my stay, intuition reached heights beyond my ability to express in words. Communications began with all sorts of unseens signatures, to the point where I wondered if I’d opened a portal into these worlds or they had opened one to me. All I did know was that it was happening, it was witnessed by others, and it was real despite the oddity. What most of them were and for what end game purpose I am still unclear, but they were there none-the-less. I was physically touched, often, by the unseen, I felt the density of various energetic presences – discovering that these “shifts” in density were indicators of “who” or “which” signature was with me. After awhile I could actually identify certain of them based on the feeling of weight, or lack thereof in density against my skin. Each tried to communicate. All tried so using different methods – as if they were not coordinating with one another, or existed in diverse “spaces” unable or unwilling to work together, maybe even unaware of one another. I was, then, left to translate all of the signs, symbols, feelings, sensory experiences, and so forth without a playbook, or a single friend willing to help me. I got some of the messages right. I believe I got just as many of them wrong. And, interestingly, nearly all messages were for others. Not me. It was a real challenge for me to put myself “out there” and share what I was being told with no way to confirm or deny such information. I wanted to learn. I really thought my friends and family would help. I knew it was a shell game, but even that has rules and guidelines, and if you follow it long enough you see how to work your way through it, and win. Without anyone willing to play along with me, everyone taking it all so seriously, and no one willing to support the process by even telling me if I was right or wrong in the messages shared, I had no way to move but forward. Alone.

The Dark Mist
I had many personal experiences there are no words for, or need for same. Once, while on a Zoom video call, I was talking to my girl friend and saw a dark, black mist you could not see through, about the size of a handkerchief, float across the screen as if passing right through the top of my head. I kept talking for a moment, then stopped and asked my friend…

      “Did you see that?”
      “Yes, Barbara. Yes I did.” she replied as seriously as I’d ever heard her speak.

The Eidolon
The most profound of these experiences was when an Eidolon showed up at a Chinese restaurant I went to for a take away order of rice. She was the clone image of the wife of a friend; one who was not in Australia at all, but on a ski vacation with her family somewhere in the States. Yet, there she was, her exact duplicate – a specter who made sure I knew it knew who I was by means of holding my gaze, nodding at me in ways only one who is aware of who you are would, and so forth. Had the Collective not guided me to a Wiki page describing the term Eidolon – on a completely unrelated matter a day or two later – I’d have never been able to decode that one! And I don’t need anyone’s permission to believe what I experienced. It occurred as casually as anything else does in life. No drama. No pomp or circumstance. Just me and this woman, eyes locked on one another in a knowing that felt like “home,” but no home I’d ever known before.

Fast forward back to the States where I returned to Long Island on 2/12/18 to box and store personal items I had at my son’s house so he could have the freedom to enjoy his home as his own. The moment I arrived in the U.S. I felt the shift in energy. It was crisp, light like the air on a cool wintery day (even while I was still in LA). It was so very grounding, and void of the level of unseen I’d grown accustomed to. It was also filled with family and friends who thought me a bit nuts after my months of telling them about my other worldly experiences. So, I stopped talking about them. And I searched for Oliver, for the voice of the collective, for the home I had found while in OZ.

Answers Present in the Rediscovery of the Quiet
As in late September, I, again, went within. For days. Quiet days. No disturbances other than the occasional car axel tapping the pavement, or walker sporting a conversation with a friend. And in that quiet I heard, “What did you learn Dorothy?” The line spoken by the Tin man near the end of Dorothy’s stay in the land of OZ. And, I began to go over all that had happened and what I had genuinely learned. Here are just a few of the things I’m willing to share.

  • The unseen exists whether one accepts it or not. Being able to experience it is a matter of allowance. Connections are made upon request, yours or theirs, and require mutual consent.
  • Both evil and good (as energies sequences / concepts of consciousness) breathe as if a layer upon this reality, and guide the actions of humans on another level of existence.
  • Energetics can be sensed as easily as one senses changes in weather.
  • Consciousness signatures hold unique densities when present which can be felt against the skin.
  • Most will never believe your experiences no matter how much evidence you provide, so be willing to allow and accept that when moving through your life and in your decisions to talk or not talk about them.
  • I am grateful for all I have the opportunity to learn and do and experience, and will not limit my encounters to those that fit nicely within a box of normality no matter how pretty the bow is that ties it closed.
  • One’s truth is not “the” truth. Truth is unique to the perceiver. Thus there are many truths and all are accurate. Be sensitive, therefore, in your interactions with and understanding of others.
  • If one dares to speak channelled messages received to those intended, be prepared for the fallout. (I did not edit any messages I received; knowing many may be inaccurate, expecting friendly feedback to help hone those skills – which never came – all as I was learning to translate a magnitude of data that was being presented.) I lost several friends whom I’d have preferred to talk with about it, even if only as a curiosity or a life experiment, yet nearly all simply abandoned me so as not to have to deal with “the crazy lady.”

So, I traveled on, knowing the value of this gift of Hiraeth, one not given lightly, and one I also knew could break me.

And my guides delivered BIG TIME! Just as they’d promised, I’d been led home, my Hiraeth, the one told to me in that channeled session that led to my writing that final article in The Foundation series of blog posts, entitled, Going Home. The lessons learned, and those still coming, are far more detailed than can be expounded in a single blog article. Yet, I know who I am now, more so than I did back in September, and I found out who my real friends were (and weren’t). Sure, I know most will be of the mind that I didn’t find anything other than my spot in Crazy-ville, and that’s ok with me. I am keenly aware of what I lost in order to explore what I found. I also know in the discovery I found more of myself, the way in, the way through the energetic portal to Hiraeth. No one can take that away from me now, and I don’t need someone’s approval to believe my experiences to be as real as the day-to-day of the everyday blue collar worker or white shirted corporate clown.

The invitation to you is open. Rediscover the quiet, that place within where the voices of the oneness of the all await, and in the doing discover your self, your voice, your way in. Just be ready to leave the skeptics and casual friends behind – they won’t want to go. They’ve got laundry to do.


Above is a photo of the single card tarot pull I did this a.m., with two clarifying cards. The question I asked was to companion the energy of this piece, “What is the take-a-way from my recent experience in Australia?”

My intuitive take… The Justice card (#11) is from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck. It is reversed, which, to me shows that the balance of Justice will turn in my favor (as it is major arcana and will happen) as soon as I feel I no longer need to protect myself (the “mama bear of protection” clarifier) from the ridicule of the skeptics and other humans who will call me a liar, a nut case, a con man or simply anything but a friend. It is in my acceptance of the events that transpired, and allowing them to form and reform me into who I am, have always been, will always be, as I see fit, without need of approval, knowing those around me will fall away until all that is left is my faith and those truly worthy of my trust and companionship, will I then reap the Justice that awaits (the “Star of abundance and success in all things” clarifier). What is that Justice? I’ve got my ideas, though only Source knows for sure… and maybe Oliver. lol


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*(The articles referenced by the asterisk have been grouped together in a unit I’ve titled, The Foundation. 130 articles grounding the initial, channeled insights of the Oliver collective from the time the 1HP blog was started on 5/26/17 through that closing piece published on 9/19/17. You can find The Foundation as a drop down, sub-menu off of the BLOG link at the top of most 1HP pages herein.)

Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of ice that had crystalized on the outside of my home office window during a blizzard-like storm several years ago, then colorized in Photoshop. To view full sized image from which this banner was counterclockwised, then cropped click here.




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