Realignment with Source

Along the path, beyond the gate, possibilities await.
Fated. Plated. Resonated. Realigned. Regenerated.
Calibrated. Activated. Anything but complicated.
Unabated manifestation. Simple co-labor-(el)ation.
Think it. Feel it. Now create it!

channeled message received from Oliver on 3/12/18 at 1:11 a.m. ET US.

William Walker Atkinson (WWA)

(12/5/1862 – 11/22/1932)

William Walker Atkinson (WWA)
A respected friend shared the teachings of William Walker Atkinson with me back on 11/20/17 and I finally got around to looking into his work more closely. Boy am I glad I did! What a find!

Atkinson was an attorney, merchant, publisher, author of over 100 titles, not to mention those written under one of his many pseudonyms, including 14 books in the 7 year period from 1903 thru 1909 under the popular author name, Yogi Ramacharaka, and he was highly influential in what was referred to as the New Thought Movement of the early 1900’s. Of course, general facts about Atkinson are easily found in bio pages and as filler on one of the many lists of his published works, so I won’t spend time with birth towns (Baltimore, MD), marriage | family stats (Margaret Foster Black | 2 children), or stories of his careers as an attorney (Pennsylvania) and writer/publisher (Chicago and other).

WHAT I’LL DO IS TALK ABOUT WHAT HE LIKED TO TALK ABOUT; DIVINING ONE’S REALITY, the unseen, thoughts as things, law of attraction (upon which the principles of his 1906 book entitled Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World were used to form the basis of the 2006 movie, The Secret), mental alchemy, breath as a life force, consciousness, telepathy, as well as frequency and vibration as practical tools of energetic connection. These modern concepts, seemingly born from the boredom and routine of a socially elite mortal man, coming into our shared historical placement at a time of the industrial revolution, before technology of any kind standard today, like cars, telephones, even radio! Edison hadn’t even invented the light bulb at the time of Atkinson’s youth! Yet, there he was, writing a series of methodologies and practices, guiding away from theories and axioms – talking, testing, truth-telling based on observations, experiences, and what he felt were provable facts. Scientific. Practical. Not just life imitating art. Life as art, and in the creation… realignment with Source, with self.

CREATION. THAT’S THE FOCUS HERE, with this article and with the works of Atkinson. I am a creator, and much like Atkinson, I use thoughts and the vibrations formed from my feelings to generate a frequency that I utilize to connect with that which exists “on the same wave length” where my dreams await. When I’m in “the zone” my senses are on high, vibrating at the frequency of what I can best describe as unconditional love. Why do I say unconditional love? Because on 8/14/16 I was hit with a wave of unconditional love., offered by Oliver, the collective that communicates with me, by and through the divinity and oneness of Source, the Universe, Allah, God, the Force… you get the idea. And, it works. I wouldn’t be sitting here, determine to share what I know through the collective Oliver if it didn’t, if I wasn’t sure. I am.

I am. What a powerful expression. But, “What I am?” Am I…

    …an earthling seeking a spiritual experience? Or spirit seeking an earthly experience? No answer. Just the questions, as a friend said to me in an email dated February 6, 2017.

His words that followed, written 9 months later on November 20, 2017, said it all, as they reflect in the now, a year after his first questions asked.

    What IS important, to me anyway, is what comes next – the inspiration, the influence, and what I do with it (whether I take some concrete action or just keep it with me for some future use).

And, as with my friend, this, too, was the world of Atkinson. He was eager to talk, to share his knowings in any way he could palatably present them… grounding each communication with his unique flair for scientific fact, reality fiction, and belief that somewhere in between the truth would find a way to reveal. So, let me take a few minutes of your time to offer some of WWA’s flavor below as a showing of what was possible more than 130 years ago and what remains a gift today. The yin and yang that flow as the pretzel, the eternal knot of existence. What has been, will always be, is there, waiting just for you, for me, for the oneness that is we.

Hatha Yoga
The Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being

By Yogi Ramachakra
(aka William Walker Atkinson)
read online pdf of book here (231 pgs)

The Eternal Knot
In 1904 William Walker Atkinson published what some say was his first book as Yogi Ramacharaka, entitled, Hatha Yoga – The Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being. (read the online pdf of book here.) I discovered it over the weekend during my extensive look into the life and works of Atkinson. What first caught my attention was the symbol, center cover. Intrigued, figuring Atkinson to be of the nature that nothing is random – thus indicating a specificity with the choice of this seemingly sacred geometry sign, I used Google images to search for this specific graphic in hopes I could learn its meaning. I did.

The Eternal Knot

click here
for larger view.








It is known as the Eternal Knot, or the Endless Knot. I resonate mostly with the Celtic expansion on the definition; such being, no beginning and no ending – all connected in a timeless weave of mystic spiritual experiences.

Then I found the symbol used as a logo for Kailāsh Magazine, and discovered the tie between the sign and my boundless feeling for it’s deeper meaning.

click image, or here, for larger view.

(excerpt from screenshot above)

In silence, observing life, you can connect with the essence, He who is.
Within you appears that which is: the Eternal. The infinite mind.

The unlimited mind, the great infinite wisdom, is drawn with an eternal knot, a knot without beginning or end… (where) we can connect with the source of realization and learn to rest in the divine.

Yes, Atkinson had done it, linked his work to “the Eternal Knot,” and in the doing shown me my pathway to Hiraeth exactly as I was learning it to be; one of direct connection with Source. I was whole. I was found. I was a William Walter Atkinson devotee – awakened yet again by the perceptive reflections of a man in his writings published over a century earlier. The feeling was boundless, infinite, ever present and I was no longer alone in my views. I had someone austere to point to and say, “See? He’s grounded. He’s intelligent. He’s well respected – a community leader. A good man. His perceptions of reality, communication with the unseen, and creation are my own.”

I also found that many referred to the teachings and writings of Atkinson as Vedanta, sanskrit for one of the six orthodox principle concepts in the Hindu philosophy. Curious I looked up Vendanta, opening another chapter of connection with Atkinson.

There are three categories of the Vedanta school of thought, as follows:

  • Brahman – the ultimate metaphysical reality,
  • Ātman / Jivātman – the individual soul or self, and
  • Prakriti – the empirical world, ever-changing physical universe, body and matter.

To me, this referenced my belief that reality exists on multiple dimensions | levels of existence; once accepted allows the magic of the cosmos to enter in a “do you trust me” sort of way, in all forms and non-form, duality and non, of the seen and the unseen, and everything in-between the lines of consciousness and plains of existence. Vedanta – worth further exploration.

I felt so comfortable and confident in knowing this educated man of practical science and wisdom, born at a time of horse drawn carriages, candles to read by, and water pumped from a well or bucketed from a nearby river, when thinking in such an avant garde way was even more challenging than anything I’d faced to date; the doubters, the name-callers, those that think you crazy, or lazy or simply a bit hazy. Yet, there he had been, alive in this reality experience, speaking his truth, writing for the pure sharing of his perceptions, and the creative expression of the process, first, and looking to any abundance reaped as a result as a far second. Yes, thanks to my good friend who brought this mortal man to my bed, I was happy. I was home.

The Experiment
With the above said, and you having had a glimpse into the views of a leader in the New Thought movement of the early 1900’s, let’s play. Here is an excerpt from the audio of William Walker Atkinson’s 1901 book, Thought-Force In Business & Everyday Life, as made available on the YouTube channel, New Wellness Living 2. At 1:53:02 (of this 3:27:30 audiobook) Atkinson offers the listener (reader) an experiment. I suggest you tailor it to your particular desires and intent, then utilize the methods offered to establish a telepathic connection between yourself and an other. The storyline or type of connection you wish to establish is up to you – it is the principle of how achieved that need remain constant. All else is flexible. Then, come back here and post a comment letting us all know what your experience was like.

Thought-Force In Business & Everyday Life | William Walker Atkinson | pub. 1901

runs 7:34 (from 1:53:02 thru 2:00:36)

For those interested in diving deeper into the life and works of William Walker Atkinson, here are a few resources that may assist, or simply Google William Walker Atkinson

General info like Bio PLUS links and listings of most of his titles

List of partially readable titles by Neville Goddard Books

Available titles of Atkinson’s to read

or here:

The Law of the New Thought (1902)

or here (pdf of book):

Thanks to a good friend, the concepts, ideas and perspectives of writer/publisher William Walker Atkinson have been added to my personal Akashic of reality, consciousness and the frequencial energies that connect us all with all that is. WWA’s words parallel my own thoughts and feelings as to how that which we call reality works, and how we hold more control over our destiny than our density may be willing to allow. As with all things, we each find our answers, our callings, those connections that make us feel complete when we are willing to suspend disbelief and explore the banquet of possibilities at dinner with those we see and those we don’t.

Delicious! Pass the rolls.

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