Divine Moments

Divine moments of formlessness, balance light in the darkness,
to frame and thus share a timelessness, in…

Reality! Shifted by kindness. Scaled by duality. Blind to the hubris of cerberus causality. In thunderous contrast to oneness. Perceptions by porous alumnus challenge the duty of contrast… that must last. A grounded path. Faith in the hands of the good. Brandishing swords of the bad. Lustful and listless the cardinal sands that hold us and justice the walks that we’ve Stradivarius’d in various moments of form. Best we had!
channeled message received from Oliver on 3/18/18 at 3:48 p.m. ET US.

Greenwood, IN Water Tower (taken 3/16/18)

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Divine moments of now. Is there anything sweeter?

I’m on the road again, traveling across the United States on the rails of Amtrak. Currently in Greenwood, IN, I’m visiting my sister’s kid, Jordan (35). Jordan, and her partner, Matt (35), have two great kids: Wesley (10) and Ryce (JUST turned 6). Life in Greenwood is that of a typical American family. Lots of love. Lots of hustle. Lots more bustle, and a little contrast to keep things real. A pleasant reminder that heaven is as easily enjoyed as hanging with family… at home.

In the few short days since my arrival on Thursday, March 15th, I’ve been to a 6th birthday party, a tire store, Subway (sandwich shop), a nearby State park, a baseball field, a tennis court, Kroger (twice), the Mall, a series of shops and strip malls along N. Madison Ave., an apartment complex’s clubhouse, and a church. I’ve met lots and lots of locals… nearly all Indiana friendly with big smiles (a few toothless – like the lady at White Castle who slid open the drive-thru window to ask me what I was taking a photo of [see below]) and lots of flavor. I’ve chatted with a male nurse, a female data analyst, the clerk at Subway, the check out chick at Kroger, a handful of my niece’s neighbors and Matt’s family members. I’ve also enjoyed the company of a huge, white pit bull/bull dog mix named Everest, a small black pup of some undefined heritage, a yard-caged hawk, a baby chipmunk, a house mouse, robins, woodpeckers, cardinals, a few crows, everything short of a partridge in a pear tree! In this nerf ball of personalities was found a lot of fun, a couple of genuine conversations (with the chipmunk), and a mild case of the flu. Yes, it has been years and years, but I’ve got the flu, or should I say the flu’s got me! A gaggle of kids at a birthday party’ll nearly guarantee one! But what a party it was. Worth every sneeze!

Window @ White Castle, G-wood Mall (3/16/18)

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So many opportunities for contemplation, and contemplate I have; on the Tour, the unfolding of 2018, what I want to come, how that will look / feel, where I want to travel / live, and how that waves into the life style choices I enjoy, and how that all flows into the day-to-day of those I love.

I have so much to be grateful for, and I am! That gratitude is reflected back in the eyes of my Indiana family and the amazing synchronicities that have presented since my arrival. You name it, it’s occurred. My niece says,

    I wonder if Matt called (as we exited the grocery store), and my phone rings. It’s Matt!

A woman at my grand-nephew’s 6th birthday party says,

    Resistance. That’s what I need to overcome. Resistance to change, to which I replied…
    I JUST published a blog article with that exact title!

… and the list goes on. My niece walked up to the make-up area of Kroger while we’re picking up party supplies and ordering a cake, not reaching for anything in particular. I am reminded I needed to pick up an eyelash curler – on my list of things “to do” since loosing my make-up bag back in November while in Australia. As that thought enters my mind, and b4 I reach up to grab one on display, my niece does exactly that. Now, for the men in the room that may not mean much. To a woman… we all know that an eyelash curler can last years if well maintained, infrequently used, or simply due to laziness and making due. And here we both were, reaching for the same package on the same rack of something infrequent in the purchase. Yet that’s what was happening. It was humorous.

    OMGosh Jordan! I was about to reach for the same thing.
    (chuckling) It’s like we’re connected or something! she responded.
Book of Mormon Playbill

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Or the story Jordan shared on a car ride when we were running errands about the clan of Mormon youth staying at the apartment complex where she works. Interesting, she talked about how she’d invited them all to her house for dinner to give them a chance to polish their presentation – one of witness to a faith known little of by most. She shared the origin of the religion, and its centering on the Book of Mormon.

    Have you heard of the Book of Mormon? Jordan asked?

    No. I replied

… and she continued sharing the CliffsNotes version of the tale – using the phrase Book of Mormon at least a dozen times. What made that so curious to me is I had seen numerous, poster sized ads and neon signs in Penn Station, while awaiting boarding of my Amtrak ride to Indy, for a new Broadway play getting some press called… Book of Mormon; one I’d never heard of until Wednesday, and one that was now playing out in real life. Now THAT’S connection! Like Jordan was plugged right in to my cerebral cortex, tapping the sap of my pineal! I didn’t tell her of my Mormon run in, but it didn’t stop the goose bumps from appearing on my coat covered arms.

Even my 10 year old grand-nephew, Wes, got into the game when we walked over to the Subway sandwich shop on a long afternoon walk in and around the neighborhood.

We sat in synchronous movement. We unwrapped our meals tit for tat, as if mirror reflections across the wobbly table. We gripped and bit into our subs, as if a single human, right on cue. Then we both burst out laughing, each noticing the cool oddity. Neither saying a word. And in that laughter we both launched lettuce bullets landing one on top of the other on the table. Of course that made us laugh even harder… tho no further food was lost in transition. Just two goofballs cracking up at the cool coincidences in time shared.

Then there was the computer that fixed itself as if by magic; a display so dark leaving it’s user unable to read words shown thereupon. Apparently it had been that way for weeks… until I sat down. As a former IT person I knew how to enter the BIOS, and various setups to try and diagnose and fix the issue. Instead, I was met with extreme opposition by this testy piece of possessed tech. Yet, after a reboot or two the display miraculously returned to full capacity, void of discernible reason as to why. I no longer question things like that as they are a regular part of my experience – one that others begin to notice when they have a chance to hang with me for awhile.

    What did you do? asked Wes.

    Nothing really, kiddo.

    Magic! That was like magic. he said, an ear to ear smile on his face.

Thoughts. Conversations. Actions taken or about to be. It has been a swirl of coincidence wrapped in a foil of possibilities here in Greenwood, IN. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even Matt commented on how so many things seem to function “differently,” in a good way, when I have a chance to stop by.

A sandy beach of potential. Each experience a grain of sand, as I walk the roads and river trails of Greenwood, Indiana. I’d check the forecast, but already know the prediction. Sunny. Temps expected in the mid 50’s, with winds of change on high as they continue to blow across my experience of Divine Moments.


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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a chandelier, shot straight up from directly below, in the lobby of the clubhouse where my grand nephew’s 6th birthday party was held, in Greenwood, IN on 3/17/18. To view full sized banner image click here. To view the original photo b4 I extended the sides to create the banner, click here.




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