The Unknown Factor of X

Your reality just shifted. Did you feel it?
channeled message received from Oliver on 4/16/18 at 6:37 a.m. PT US.

I’m not quite sure where to begin, as this multi-layered, multidimensional experience is not the one I planned to blog about today. An alchemy of Showtime‘s Billions, a blue kyanite stone, and a skunk; this Oliver-esk-centric exclusive seems tailored for the Taylor* in us all. A three-part communication to be shared; one confirmed without asking, and one where I offer you the proof offered to me. It is all presented below.

It began something like this…

Showtime’s Billions (s3 | ep4) | Episode: Hell of a Ride | Air date: 4/15/18

BILLIONS(while you’re here…)
Once upon a time in a quaint, suburban home just outside Sacramento, CA, around 5:00 a.m., a housesitter crawled out from the pillowy featherness of an overly soft bed and stumbled into the living area of the expansive, ranch-styled home. Maneuvering the figure eights three year old Theo Siamese’d around her ankles, she Fosse’d her way across the endless floor of conservative tiles until she reached the kitchen. There she retrieved a cold pot of yesterday’s hot coffee from the classic Kenmore that cornered the kitchen, and poured its contents into a juice-sized glass. Ginger Rogers to Theo’s Fred Astaire, she waltzed her way back across the ballroom until she reached a dining table. Popping open the lid of her dated Macbook Pro, she was greeted by an open browser window with last night’s entertain-not video, paused in wait at 38:59. Gulping down her liquid breakfast, she breathed in the deep solace of the rainy, mid-April morning, unaware her caffeine-enriched drink wasn’t the only elixir awaiting consumption that morning.

Without thought, she hit play on the waiting Showtime program… and that’s where this fictionalization of my functional reality abruptly ceased, as the dream became reality, and the reality its dream.

Appropriately titled, Hell of a Ride, the time slider on last night’s episode of Billions (S3 | Ep4) paced forward into an opening scene of the skyline of Manhattan hosting overlay to the voice of character Taylor Mason; and the Showtime script became that of my personal timeline show.

click image above, or here for larger view

The intended transmission began with the first line. Craig Heidecker’s wristwatch contained 456 pieces inside a 38 millimeter case. I’m not sure why it struck me the way that it did, but once the understanding that a message of deeper knowing was contained within nearly every word, every number, every nuance of the video, my attention alerted. Alchemy began.

Heidecker (Hi. Deck her!) Meaning to me. We’re about to hit you upside of your head so “Hello…” and get ready!

wristwatch (watch the wrists of the characters)… and I did. At 1:40 in the above video the character Wendy Rhoades puts up and “OK” sign when she says, …conflicting emotions require we resolve the conflict. What conflict? That of the known vs. the unknown. The OK signaling me to “pay attention.” That’s your mission. Clear the conflict. Demonstrate the diversity in reality, the probability in the possibility. OK? Got it?

Then come the numbers…

456 pieces inside a 38 millimeter case
— 4, 5, 6 represents a progression. Meaning: You’re learning.
    To me, 4 represents “home,” so this “learning” originates there.
— 3 + 8 = 11 (11 being a master number equating to intuition, faith.)
    As well, 38 divides into 456 by an exact factor 12, and 1 + 2 = 3.
    3 is spirit having a human experience | super human (Superman).

Expanding the above scripted phrase from its objective mathematical foundation into that of subjective concept, having 12 times as many “pieces” inside a much smaller “case” signifies spirit’s essence being condensed to exist inside the human form.

And so on. I could mention all the numbers within this clip and what they mean, but you’re smart, and if you’re interest continues you can note and Google ’em all for yourself. Be sure to include the length of the edited video above: 2:08 = 10 = 1

Next up, additional reference to the human form and our consciousness within it.

  • Hand assembled by one horologist.. (our creation, by God – the “expert” of time.)
  • some of the pieces are invisible to the naked eye. (consciousness)
  • a buildup of oxygen in the aluminum liner (our souls capped inside a human jar of matter taking form)

I am acutely aware that diving too deeply into the dense vortex of data I claim to have been provided in this video clip may result in my loosing your attention, so I continue below with a more general overview of that which I sensed in the viewing.

  • The concept of precision, in all its worldly and other worldly predilections.
  • The perfection of math, and the use of #s in all manners of measurement and esoteric indication.
  • Acknowledgement of “the unknown.”
  • The message of “vision,” and of the Universe as an expression of hospitability.
  • The awareness that our lives matter… are (to be) saved (infinite in duration), and how so many, in all walks of life, attempt to profit/control from the use of/belief in the limitations found in the fire and brimstone concepts of “death.”
  • How it is time these conflicts (of the known and the unknown | of fact and imagination | of what does and does not exist whether able to be “proven” or not in human terms) be resolved.
  • How not doing so carries the possibility of missed opportunities.
  • How it simply “is” that we feel… two (and more) things at once, with recognition of the value in knowing it is from the allowance and ignition of those feelings/emotions that we connect and create.

… and the final contrast we each must resolve for ourselves… while here, mind the truth that makes you money (brings abundance).

So then, What is your truth? Not my question. Oliver’s. To you. For you. Of you.

There is so much more, too, like the sign above the entranceway of the Catholic church in the outgoing scene transition, the dichotomy and use of color, dress, gender, and body language used – and not used – by each character. For me to really delineate it all I’d have to write a book. Each word, each symbol, each nuance downloaded an encyclopedia of knowings to me in the 2 minutes it took to watch that clip – one lined up precisely, perfectly for me at that moment of now.

And, did I mention it answered a personal question I went to sleep with last night? That’s for me, alone, to know…

BLUE KYONITE… (with a touch of baby powder…)
Re-member, this “download” took all of 2+ minutes. I got 99% of the data the first time through, but watched it again to be sure I received it all. Then I sat. I shook. My hands as cold as the ice coffee I’d consumed moments before. I felt sick to my stomach. My head was so light I thought I might pass out. And I wondered…

Am I crazy? Am I reaching? What the fuck!!… am I suppose to do with all that information?

That’s when I smelled it. Baby powder. A scent so familiar, so strong. I knew exactly where it was coming from – the blue kyanite stone sitting at arms reach away on the dining table. So without thinking, I just picked it up. Cupped it between both hands. And, then it happened… Confirmation.

click here for larger view

A cold buzz rushed through my being – as if I’d been given a shot and could literally feel it traveling throughout the veins and arteries of my body – piercing every muscle, releasing every emotion.

It started in my hands, moved up my arms and into my chest. The best way I can describe it was it felt like adrenaline pulsing everywhere. From my chest it moved up my shoulders and into my head. Simultaneously it traveled down my spine and into my legs… all the way to the tips of my toes. I started to cry; not from sadness or fear, but from such intense feelings of love and joy I couldn’t contain them. This all taking place in a matter of seconds. Gently, in full knowing the energy of kyanite was working its magic – one of communication with the elements, with Source, itself, with all that is known and unknown, I put the stone back on the table.

I love this stone. It is one of my favorites. I got it last April, 2017, on the 13th; nearly an exact year ago today! It smelled of baby powder then, too. I even posted about it on my personal Facebook page. You can read that post in the text of the image to the right, if interested.

The act of placing it back on the flat surface moved the focus of my eyes from my hands onto the table. From that vantage point I could also see a broader peripheral around me – just what was required. In the light of dawn I saw something move just beyond the designer, glass egress into the back yard. Being that all three cats I’m charged with caring for were inside, I couldn’t figure out what in the world it could be. What in this world? Which world? The logical world of facts and figures, or the one of fanciful folly? That was the question I was asking myself. What the heck was it… and why was it?

I went outside to investigate.

SKUNK… (the black and white of it…)
It was a skunk! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an actual skunk before, in the physical, in my 59 years. Yet here one was – in an enclosed, fully fenced in area nearly void of foliage or places to hide/nest.

What was it doing here?

I had no time to ponder. I knew it would scurry off quickly, though grounded and motionless at present – its back to me. Tail up. Ready! I wasn’t interested in inviting another scent into my baby powdered experience by startling or chasing it, but I did want to try to document the matter, so I sauntered back inside, grabbed the camera that, too, was sitting on the dining table and returned to the damp misty morning of the rainy outside within 5 to 10 seconds, at most. No luck. It was gone. Completely gone. No trace. How it got out of the fenced in yard that quickly I have no idea. Yet it had.

The unusual sighting prompted me to Google, “Skunk as totem.” Reading the description made me smile. Offered confirmation, once again, that something other worldly and of value was happening. Then I shared that short story on the 1HP’s Facebook page here. It was 6:29 a.m. PT US. Today.

Though I highly recommend you read the totem information yourself to deduce your own meaning; to me, the overview was, trust your instincts, live your truth no matter the consequence, manage “your” energetic flow to avoid inducing the “skunk” in others, and/or to release your own exuberance without thought. Be sure you’re confident in your belief, and once so, speak what you know.

So, was I to surmise from this totem sighting I was to speak of the contents of this “download?” Was the blue kyanite rush a confirmation of that communication? And, was this skunk totem anything more than breadcrumbs to more random, unsubstantiated thought? I wasn’t sure… not yet.

You see, I’m a debunker, first. I know my beliefs are outside the norm, and I respect the beliefs of others. I also know that for reasons I am still not fully aware of, I’ve been given the “job” of telling these obscurities to those that ask, and within the folds of this blog. That’s it’s purpose. To open the pathway to home – your home… that of your deeper self, where you can go and find those answers you seek for yourself, about yourself, your world, your personal experience of Hiraeth.

So I began to meditate as I returned to the backyard in a second search for that darn skunk. Then it happened again… I felt a rush, like the one so palpable when I picked up the kyanite stone. It was a knowing to “look up,” that the skunk’s message was one of multiple measure – one to get me to go outside to capture the totem symbolism, and then, more pointedly… to see the visual message taking shape above – in the clouds.

Close up of a face in the clouds (4/16/18)

click image above for larger view of “cropped” cloud-face, or
here to view original photo (tho raw) showing the cloud in perspective.

It was a face; the face you see in the cropped photo of clouds to the left. It’s heavenly placement was due east; one blended from the dark and light of daybreak, shrouded in the contrast of clear and rainy skies, divined for me to see, to share, to know…

Yes, Barbara… you DID get that download. You DID understand the infinite meaning within the message. You DID get a chemical rush of emotion through the communication of the kyanite, and you DID follow that skunk to see this… to see me. I am here. I am with you.

Now go out and tell this story! Tell them all that the unseen can be seen; sensed in as many ways as one can think, feel, imagine, dream. If you believe you will succeed!

So, I am.

With these words, through this channeled message, you, the reader, the seeker, are reminded of a reality born of self where you create as part of that which is seen, and unseen.

You may not be willing to consider the above as anything other than the musings of an idiot. I accept that. You may also feel the esoteric evidence is so synchronistically overwhelming you are ready to immediately suspend disbelief and walk into your light. I accept that, too. I only ask that as you follow your pathway to Hiraeth, open the door to your personal truth, and allow the exuberance of self to walk through to the other side, that you trust in the knowing that your faith is more than enough to carry you through the infinite cosmos of possibilities that await.

Epilogue: Now, hours later, as I finish editing this post, the adrenaline is still pumping – just as strongly as it did nearly 11 hours ago when this unexpected visit from the unseen began in the darkened room in the light of Billions, and of the One.

*Taylor refers to the fictional character Taylor Mason in the Showtime Network’s program, Billions.

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is a close up of a blue kyanite stone I picked up last April while at Pier 39 in San Francisco for my 2nd annual Translation Tour. Taken this a.m. after the experience shared above. To view a full-sized image of the stone, one shared with a story of its origins in my experience, see this screenshot of a “friends privacy-ed” image on my personal Facebook pageclick here. You can also see it top right in this 1HP Facebook post from last week where I share a photo of the stones and crystals released from my luggage now here in Sacramento, CA.




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