Oceans Of Possibility

You ARE infinite possibility, limitless by nature, howling between the lines of space and time.
channeled message received from Oliver on 4/23/18 at 7:11 a.m. PT US.

I’m summering along the left coast of the United States. My adventure nearly a month expressed, with more than two to follow. I’m on a quest… of the deeper meaning of home, of Hiraeth; not one designed by (wo)man, but one divined by Source, itself. I feel freer than I have in a long time; untethered from the constraints of judgment and conventional thinking, open to the oceans of possibility that await.

With the hours ahead rushing forward into the now, I skirt along the waters of this “reality” dimension as if a traveler, with home being somewhere else; a space of timelessness, a place of purity and kindness, and I allow the specs of congealed matter this world refers to as “me” to form and reform into who I am meant to be.

Void of expectation, in this present moment, digits of ten pass over keyboard in a dance of words; mine by physical design, they speak from an energetic spark beyond that of cellular form, and take form through a release of a voice beyond my own, where words cease and feelings simply are. In other words… what you read is an automatic writing allowed by and through a joining of my will with, that of a higher source.

Why? Well, firstly, I’m in a hurry. I’m to board a local transit here in a few hours that’ll expand my adventure through the land of California, east about 35 miles from where I sit; a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Secondly, I was compelled through a series of experiences yesterday(s) into today, symbolized by numbers, signs, and visions that I’m in the middle of another expansion and I thought it would be interesting to see where the process of automatic writing would take me.

So I begin…

Here are some of the things I have been awakened to in the weeks recently passed.

  • I do not exist, yet I am a part of every thing.
  • Home is wherever I am. I take it with me, like a cell phone, its energy connecting that which is me to that which is Hiraeth. Always. All ways.
  • I am love, the unconditional kind. It isn’t something I go out and get. It is something that is of me. My core. A gift from myself to myself, one I offer from that place of my deepest self to those who wish to allow.
  • Family is a construct. You are born of a human to become a human, but neither the human creator(s) nor you are family made from this union. It is a connection of soul to soul, consciousness to consciousness that makes a collection of forms a family in this physical reality.
  • My family exists beyond this world, is one of energy and divinity; though a few DO exist in this physical reality… in the now, in form, and I find them or they find me as we each divine it to be. Sometimes known by those who connect. Sometimes not. Awareness is a matter of allowance and belief.
  • I have lived before. I will live again. I am infinite, weaving in and out of experiences in this and in other dimensions as the waves of the Pacific featured in the banner image above.
  • I am all things and they are me, bobbing and surfing as pieces of dust that join and part as mere particles in this experience of physics.
  • I am ever expanding, learning, discovering, knowing, as that which is – all there is – is; and as infinite as the curiosity that takes me there.
  • One’s foundation is divined by one’s desire, passion, and will for same. It serves a purpose. It should be respected. Like a whirlwind, it is ever present in its transparency, whether we see/sense it or not, and will come around and around and around, again, bringing with it that which the individual signature expresses through, as Tesla said so eloquently in a recent incarnation, energy, frequency and vibration.
  • I seek not foundation, Instead, I release all expectation, accepting that which is gifted to me in service of the ultimate gift, life, itself.
  • I do not need, though I do desire, and what I desire is of my free will.
  • I am happy.

… and as the energy of this automatic writing experience begins to wain, I find myself at a place of 11. 11:00 a.m. ET US. Time to wrap this up. Time to catch that transit. Time to continue my journey of all that is.

Are you coming with me? The pathway is open…

The Pacific Ocean (4/22/18). Shot from a moving Amtrack train. Coast Starlight line. Approx. 4:30 p.m. PT US.

runs: 6:01

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of the Pacific ocean shot from a moving Amtrak train, taken while I was riding the rails on the Coast Starlight line, train #11, car # 411, seat #5 yesterday, around 5:00 p.m. PT US. The view of the ocean, sometimes as close as a stone’s toss away, went on for over 2 hours! To view the full sized version of this image, click here.




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