The Universal Language

Crack the egg. Spiral the palindrome. Unify the universe.
channeled message received from Oliver on 4/29/18 at 7:47 p.m. PT US.

An awakening has occurred for me over the weekend that has cracked the egg wide open. What egg? The one of communication between me and that which I refer to as the Oliver Collective. Unbeknownst to me, it began last Monday afternoon, 4/23/18, when I walked the streets of Los Angeles taking photos before I caught the Metrolink commuter train to Montclair, CA.

Tile Mosaic: The Family of Man. Artist: Millard Sheets. | City Hall East, Los Angeles, CA (1971-72).

for larger view click here.

Esthetically, LA isn’t one of my favorite cities. I hadn’t been downtown in 20+ years, yet its energy was exactly as I remembered it. Boxy. Forced. Rigid. Designed for function, not fashion, the structures that rise above a maze of freeways, all visible from the edges of this concrete island, feel like lego pieces clicked into place by any preschooler. The splashes of creativity, color, nature, and the homeless seem “placed” there as if part of a movie set for which the town is so aptly known; Hollywood being a mere stones throw from about any of the rooftops therein.

I was bored, so I did what I always do when I’m bored. I took out my camera and began to look for magic.

Now, for all of you LA fans, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say I hated it. I said I was bored. Energetically bored. There was little to grab my attention, to take me away to places of my imagination. Its a city made for those who process, calculate, push paper, not for those who wonder, meditate, explore. You arrive. You work. You leave. The real LA lies just beyond those freeways, along the streets and shops that lead closer and closer still to the ocean, Pacific.

Just nigh of switching off my Nikon and heading to Union Station to wait for my ride, I came across an interesting mural – the one you see just above. It was fixed upon LA’s City Hall East. I didn’t see a plaque or sign indicating who the artist was, or why this piece of art was there – right there on a “city” building, but it was colorful and I had plenty of room on my memory card, so I raised the view finder to my right eye, focused, and clicked off a few shots. I didn’t look back to see what I’d shot then, or later. Only this morning as I was going through the photos I’d taken over the last week to review what I might use as a banner image for this blog post did I see it; the egg – near top, just off center.

That was it. I knew the messages I’d been getting all weekend were to be shared, today, in this post. I wish I had hours and hours to write, and you had hours and hours to read, but we both know attention spans wane in this fast-paced world of technology, so let me keep to the “facts.”

I had a series of experiences that took reality to a new awareness.

  • Mid-week, photos I looked at on my computer beveled in and out as if breathing. When it happened the first time I thought I must be looking at an animated GIF file and simply discarded the movement, but as I toggled down the browser page each image was doing the same thing. I pushed my laptop closer and farther away to see if it made any difference – if maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. Nope. Still moving. So I looked around to see if the tactile objects in my physical world were stable. Yup. All as it should be. So why were the images on the computer seemingly alive? No idea. I simply made a mental note, went for a walk to clear my head, and forgot about it.
  • Egg references began to appear everywhere. I’ve captured a few of them in the video at the bottom of this writing – one rushed out this a.m. so you could see what I mean; a bit sparse on explanation, but the video clips are all there in the order experienced, plus a single photo. Below is a brief overview of the segments you’ll find therein.
    • Richard Davies – True Tarot: Watched Friday, 4/27/18, late afternoon. Wanted to see how accurate he’d been. Spot on, actually, and within the folds of his Aquarius reading for the week of 4/23/18 – 4/30/18 I was shown egg #1
    • Arrival – the movie: Watched Friday, 4/27/18, evening. The 2nd egg presented in the form of the alien “ship” used in this film. It also triggered the knowing that the method of communication I was receiving at that very moment, one I expound upon below, had to be “cracked,” or shared.

      I even experienced a cool coincidence when my instinct to later study a series of slides that were quickly passing across the screen met the action taken to capture them. The “slides” were of translations from The Universal Language (of the alien, Heptapod race) into English. The show displayed the series in rapid fire, gunning forward as I paused the movie. Unbeknownst to me at the moment I paused the film, the visual I’d stopped on was a translation of the word “Home!” Out of all the words it could have landed on, I’d been given the gift of the one word that had significance to me; one which confirmed the events about to occur. That capture was posted to the 1HP Facebook page at 6:44 p.m. PT US.

    • Kayleigh Jean – Falcons and Pentacles Tarot: Watched Sunday, 4/29/18, morning. The third egg made its appearance as I watched this reading for Aquarius for April. Being month’s end, I went back just to see how accurate she had been. I DID NOT watch the reading when it came out, nor did I have any intention to do so Sunday morning. I just acted on intuition to click back to April’s reading for Aquarius when those of hers for May appeared in my YouTube Subscription feed. If you know me, you know I respond to those types of impulses.
    • City Hall – Montclair, CA: Found Sunday, 4/29/18, morning. The next egg presented in the form of a rock that caught my eye as I was out walking. Taken along with a number of other cell phone pictures, and the only stone in the bunch, it was only later while posting it in an album with the others to my personal FB page did I realize it, too, was egg shaped.
    • Billions, S3 Ep6: Watched Live on Showtime via my computer, Sunday, 4/29/18, evening. This 5th egg reference was audible, but grabbed my attention like a snake does its victim. With all of the strange experiences I was having this weekend when the phrase “…egg cracks open” was used I felt the adrenaline rush through my being.
    • City Hall – Los Angeles: Seen, Monday, 4/30/18, early morning. As mentioned at the top of this writing, my 6th and final egg reference was had in the image of The Family of Man mural located on the east wall of this otherwise ordinary structure. Though taken last Monday afternoon, I only noticed the egg today. When using Google images to search for the origins of the artwork, I discovered a rich history that relates right back to the many messages received Friday evening – most prolific, the title of the tiled piece: THE FAMILY OF MAN.
  • Communication from Home, care of the movie Arrival. I could write an entire blog article about this, alone. Something happened to me while I was watching this movie. Something completely unexpected that shifted my belief system on what reality is – at least for me. Sure, I’d had a lot of weird experiences during the week, but I always have weird experiences. Sure the synchronicities had sped up to a feverish pace, but that happens to me from time to time, too. So what was so different about this? I was transported.

    When I say transported I do not mean my body or my mind left “here,” the reality we all know we exist in. Instead, I mean the dimension upon which it is grounded shifted – like a tectonic plate! I had what some call a download of a magnitude I have no words for. I was here, in this time/space, yet I was somewhere else, too – a place where communications flow telepathically into knowings as if one is absorbing a library of information every millisecond. Now, absorbing doesn’t mean fully comprehending, but the knowings that go along with it are immediate.

    It was the movie. Somehow watching it in the state of openness where I was floating was in sync with a “consciousness,” an energy signature of some sort; of one or of many I’m not sure, and I began to understand a language I’d never encountered before; one that is frequency based, one effectuated by an exchange, or let’s say an overlay of energy – of consciousness. It was / They were sending, and I was receiving – a communication in a universal language. THE Universal Language.

    I kept stopping the film to catch my breath. At one point I even grabbed my camera and started taking photos out the window to distract me for a moment. Those photos were alive with exactly what had occurred in my creative mind the day before; now visible on film. Hard to explain, and confidential to my client, I was in process of designing a logo for a client with a certain concept in mind. Those photos repeated back to me what had only been in my minds eye. And I knew… I knew I was connected to a “family,” a community far beyond this reality and they were communicating with me. Confirming they knew what I’d been thinking, feeling, envisioning the day prior. Because I’m still in process of understanding all that occurred Friday evening, I’ll leave the details for another day.

Suffice to say, I am not alone and now I know it – experienced it in this reality, one that coexists with all that is. The question is… now what? I’m not exactly sure. What I do know is the answers will come – what May.


Unnarrated video showing the various “signs” / messages received about the cracking of eggs.

runs: 2:14

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is part of Millard Sheets’ tile mural, entitled, “The Family of Man” fixed to the facade of City Hall East in Los Angeles California, part of a photo taken on 4/23/18. To view the full sized version of this image, click here. To view the entire mural, click here.




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