What Am I Here For?

Time is illusory;
a placebo-ick treasure for those who pleasure in the measure of material reality.

channeled message received from Oliver on 5/6/18 at 5:10 p.m. PT US.

Sidewalk art.

for larger view click here.

It began this morning, 5/6/18, as I walked the Montclair neighborhood where I’m B&Bing it. Filling my lungs with some fresh, California, Sunday air I headed to a local coffee shop to grab a cup. Along the way, I looked around as I danced to music earbudded into my being from a Napster playlist on my iPhone 5. I glanced up – a sparrow flying into a palm tree, dropping the nesting twine it held in its beak. I gawked forward: an Asian couple sport-walking as if “the race was on.” I gazed down: enjoying a play of shadows upon the sidewalk that turned blades of green grass into a cityscape, and twigs into fierce swords. Then BAM! There it was. An eye; organically etched into the pavement (see photo to right). Something more than shadow play. How it got there I’ll never know, but I stopped and took a photo of it to add to my “odd” eye placement collection.

Seeing eyes in unexpected placements is the new normal, at least for me. They’ve been showing up in the strangest ways for years. I have dozens of images of ’em and quickly combined 3 into the horizontal slide below. All are screenshots of posts to my private FB page with dates, descriptions, and comments to document the oddities. Of course I get that you can’t read writing the size of Monet dots in the display below, so, if interested, just click on the image (or the link in the text underneath) and it will open in a separate browser tab. Then, if you want to zoom even closer, click it again (if your computer works that way) to further enlarge it, or simply use the default key combination of CTRL and + on a PC, or COMMAND and + on a Mac. Be sure to hold them both down simultaneously and continue to hit the + key to zoom in more. To reverse that process, it is CTRL or COMMAND and .

Why an eye, and why only one? Your guess is as good as mine, especially when you add the concept of perception to the mix.

Photos of “eyes” posted to personal FB page

click image above, or here. 4 larger view. 4 more zoom, once image opened, hold the “CTRL” and the “+” keys at the same time. “CTRL” & “-“ to zoom out.

Perception is everything, and this eye had a message to impart – opening mine to the wonderment of just what was being offered here.

When viewed as if a left eye of a twinned pair, the expression would be one of anger. If a right eye, the declaration would be one of sorrow. If in profile, the mood would be neutral. (see visual variations on this “eye” theme in the screenshot below, left; a Facebook post shared today containing the examples.)

The role of perception – FB post today.

4 larger view click here. For addtnl zoom hold down
“CTRL” and “+” keys together on open image.

I pondered this as I continued to snap other photos of curious duality, that is until my battery fell into a state of life support and I had to turn it off. Odd, too, since I had a fully charged device when I left and should have had hours of capacity left.

Once boothed at the café my awareness began to ebb between this world and one void of time and space. I’d begun to experience an awareness of something I understood – as if a core knowing – but couldn’t quite articulate, even to myself.

“Of course!” I said to me. “Phone nearly died because I was meant to think! Assured to – in a device free zone. That’s the point! The reason…” as a train whistle blew loudly in the distance, confirming my supposition. The Oliver collective was at work and it was time for another download.

Space. Time. What was happening to me had something to do with these two concepts. I still couldn’t quite get there, so I cleared my mind. Stopped thinking. Allowed in that of no thought. And as I emptied my cup of java, a glass of awareness began to fill. Time. It was time that played a role in keeping one grounded in a matter-based reality. The eye was not the oddity, but a communication to SEE. See the role time plays in maintaining consciousness in a tactile Universe; that of Space. Perceive the existence of a multi-layered reality; one formed, reformed, void of form. Release the idea that time is linear, and embrace the possibility of the reality pretzel you hear tell about – an unseen freeway that weaves and flows around and back, where the present is an exit into the past, one on-ramp away from the future, guided by a GPS of multi-dimensional proportion. All able to be experienced now. ARE being experienced now, frequencially, from an ever-moving tide of imagination and desire.

Just like in the movie I watched a week ago called “Arrival,” where it begins in a place of time that has happened, yet hasn’t. The main character starts off remembering her daughter who died young, an absent husband, and a lecture hall where all but a handful of her students are missing. It continues into a journey of being called as a translator of a language of a kind which is “other worldly,” where she meets a scientist with whom a bond is formed. The experience loops back on itself only to discover this man is that absent husband as the present calls back to her in the past in order to solve a matter that changes the course of the distant future. Confused? Well watch the movie. It’s available on Amazon Prime right now.

Watching that film changed me. I felt it as it was happening. I even wrote about it last week in this very blog; an article entitled, The Universal Language. Now, thanks to my cell dying, with the nudge from the Oliver collective to SEE, and with nothing on my hands but “time” here I was, in a coffee shop, grasping just how we embody our soul into form.

T – I – M – E .

runs: 0:27 | Click here for direct link to audio excerpt.

Time wasn’t just the key, it was the lock, the action of turning, and the opening of the pathway that leads one home. Ok. I realize this doesn’t make complete sense, though I do fully comprehend what I cannot yet explain, limited by the tools available through language. Without the shared skill of telepathy between us, I’m left to offer this… an audio excerpt from my 12/16/16 exchange with Oliver. (Dictation below.)

    ME: So what… how can I help you? What do yo… What am I here for?

    OLIVER: You came here to have “time” for you. No other reason. You said this place would help. I gave you that space to have your space. But you have been there for too long and it is time to come home. The night you almost left was me helping you…

    MY FRIEND: (Gasp)

    OLIVER: … You were in your room, and your body was leaving but I stopped this for you were not ready to leave just yet.

Keep in mind that when I asked, “What am I here for?” I meant there, in Australia, with my friends, listening to this… this… voice? I wanted to know why was that happening. What was I being called to do? What the fuck was going on? Instead, he answered the bigger question, the one I hadn’t even thought of, “Why was I here?” Born? Existing? Alive?

LISTEN to what he says… You came here to have time for you. TIME for you, as if it was a commodity able to be traded on the NASDQ! I came here for time. To experience time, because without “time” to hold me in a linearscape I’d be what I am, a unseen energy signature. A consciousness without form. A soul disembodied. I’d continue, as we do. As we are right now. I’d simply be thought, and expression, and dreams, and feelings vibrating at a frequency higher than that in the density of a time / space reality.

Now, let me explain what you read above (and hear in the audio); line by line.

  • You came here to have “time” for you. “You came here…,” where “here” means reality, density, a place of form, life; and where “time” IS a commodity we choose to enjoy – to participate in.
  • No other reason. We choose to be born, and where.
  • You said this place would help. This “place…,” where “place” equates to this locale; say Earth, this Universe, this dimension. Help what? I’m still working on that one.
  • I gave you that space to have your space. Where the first “space” represents the place of my choosing, as referenced above, and the second “space” is slang as we use it, i.e. my experience, my way (or visa versa).
  • But you have been there for too long and it is time to come home. Meaning I’ve been unawake to the truth in what makes existing as consciousness in form, human form, possible; and its time for me to wake up! SEE what’s actually real to this thing we call reality. “…and it is time to come home,” where “home” means truth; to understand who and what I am and how I can “be” in this existence, this reality, and outside of it simultaneously – playing in and out of the realm of space / time.

The rest has to do with an out-of-body experience I had in March of 2016; one too long to explain here. One that introduced me to the word “Hiraeth” and all that entails. Did I die and return? It didn’t feel like that, but from what I’m told by those who watched it happening to me I just don’t know.

Saturated yet? Your cup runneth over? Much more that presented in that coffee shop, but this is a blog article, and not a novella, so I’ll leave you to ponder on the concept of time, perception, and seeing eye-to-eye.

So… what am I here for? Travel. A vacation. Expansion. Growth. An education. An experience… Time.

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of an early morning moon on 12/17/16, in the skies over Lismore, NSW, Australia; the morning after Oliver spent 2+ hours connecting with me and my friends. To view the original image from which the banner was cropped, click here.




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