Remember Your Spoons

Your intuition talks. Listen.
channeled message received from Oliver on 5/21/18 at 5:33 a.m. PT US.

Stage set. Another space. Another life. Void of the line of time. One channeled. One divined… I had a dream.

(excuse the labored breathing. I’m allergic to something in my surroundings.)

runs: 3:49 | Click here for direct link to audio excerpt.

Friday morning (5/18/18) I had another remarkable dream. When I awoke I knew I needed to capture what I could so I grabbed my iPHone 5 and a couple of taps later I had open the “voice memos” app and was recording what I could. That recording is to the left; however, note that it was not done for public consumption, but to help me remember the broad strokes so I could fill in the details later – thus the quick, sketchy pace.

The dream was a dimensional experience, as real as this one is now – me typing this blog post. Yet, I recognized it as something denser. It was a way to send a message, or messages; channeled between myself and the Oliver collective. The take-a-ways are plentyful, tho I will focus on two: the act of channeling, and the need to be mindful of coming signs connected to the phrase silver spoons.

I’m about to embark on live channeling session starting on the anniversary date of this website; such being 5/26/17. I got the idea (or should I say the idea got me) several weeks ago but kept it to myself, yet those of the unseen that connect with me let me know time and again they were aware of my thoughts through a series of communications in this reality – mostly coming through online sources, like FB posts, YT videos, etc. I even mentioned it in an earlier blog post here on the 1HP site, and this quote on a FB share (which post you’ll have to open to find phrase w/i the full description).

    — Visions, channeling, a higher source of learning…

This dream, and the others I’ve had of late, are bringing me closer to that goal, as each is, itself, a channelled session. My intuition is telling me I’m being prepped for these live sessions, taken steps up some sort of ladder of experience that will lead to where my consciousness needs to be to fully allow the experience I’ve invited… or, again, I should say I’ve been invited to.

Example of spoon necklace as it appeared in my dream.
click image above, or here for larger view

Silver Spoons:
In the dream, a short, older white woman with curly bobbed, grayish hair, an ordinary, wrinkle-free face, and reading glasses that really caught my attention looked my way, and I was hooked. (Note: I felt the intensity of the glasses indicated I was suppose to pay attention to “see” the sign(s) as it(they) come.) She sort of glowed. That glow, as I’m calling it, made me watch her to the exclusion of all else. In a pleasant, medium-pitched voice she whispered information I knew to be for me alone. The dream was long and I’m not prepared to story board it now, but the message she shared made no sense at the time.

    Remember your spoons.

Being that this message was followed by her sort of floating out of the shop where we were and out into an open patio-like space with an indescribable rainbow above that simply was the sky, I felt the value of the words. Rainbows have a significant meaning for me as I saw my first, full spectrum the day after my mother passed on to that which awaits us all, on 5/26/2009.

Her words were followed by her immediate disappearance, and my attempts to find her. Moving down some stairs I heard a shop-owner call me over to look at a necklace he had. It was of two, actual sized, fancy spoons seeminly soddered together at their tops so they formed a V-shape (see recreation photo to the left). Being that I’m alergic to the nickle content in most jewlery I am limited to wearing 24 carat gold (which is way too soft for my liking – and easily dented or bent), or sterling silver. I assumed they were what the mystical woman was referring to, sterling so I could actually wear them (though I recall thinking how big and bulky they’d be), asked the guy if they were stearling… and the dream continued.

Next thing I knew I was awake. I noted the main points of the experience and moved into my daily routine. Then around 6:53 p.m. PT US, according to the screenshot I took of the browser window, I opened my computer for the first time all day and turned on a YouTube video to play in the background while I prepared a chicken dinner for the two poodles I’m caring for; The video? Sal from his channel Eat, Read, Love, and an “Air Sign” psychic tarot reading for 5/20/19.

click below to watch the segment I reference above, which starts at 3:38. Silver spoon comes in at 4:09

Four short minutes later (4:09) my heart lept to full attention, alerted to the words that surround-sounded the kitchen, “…it’s almost like silver spoon here.”

Silver spoon! There it was, the dream’s message taking form in this 3D reality. Symbolism for those of means, those to whom life comes easily. I smiled, knowing one possible meaning. Yet, as I’ve learned one never limits their thoughts, feelings, awareness to a single possibility, otherwise all others may present and not be sensed. So I remain open, though clear the channeled message was more than just a fluke – it was a prediction; one I will keep to myself for now.

One more thing… as I was going through photos I’d taken in the last week to see what I wanted to use for the banner at the top of this blog post, I selected one of azaleas from the back garden of this sprawling, mountainside property. As I sat down to pen this post I was pinged to look up the symbolic meaning of the flower. The one that “glowed,” so to speak was this one – an Oracle card page by Doreen Virtue (click here to read).

The main message, Wise Soul.

The secondary message, Your soul carries ancient wisdom. Please embrace it, as you have the knowledge to help those around you.

So, right on the spot I decided to channel any/all info I could. Here’s my automatic writing notes, as is, unedited:

  • Foundation of a relationship
  • Take care of yourself
  • Proclamation
  • Let the words flow
  • dropping thoughts and ideas directly into your mind
  • You may be entering a spell binding period, where the planet Neptune may be creating a cloudy fog and things may take on a dream like quality,
  • see though the clouds
  • no judgement
  • new car, spa
  • high vibration for you on earth
  • stop one journey start another
  • know your value
  • you are the holder of the secrets – like Google you will send and receive downloads of infinite possibility
  • Selection is better than choice
  • support for your collaboration
  • You’ve found it.
  • Your life purpose involves teaching others about healing and spirituality
  • Your intuition talks. Listen.

There you have it. My first “official” channeling session. Be sure to visit the 1HP Facebook page here, or its Twitter feed here, on or after 5/26/18 to watch the live, recorded channeling session. Should be fun. It will definitely be weird!

And Source… thank you.

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of an azalea bush in the back of the property in Santa Rosa, CA where I’m currently staying. To view a full-sized image of the banner click here.




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