Forward Momentum

You have activated beyond a frequential factor of X to the infinity of light. Shine!
channeled message received from Oliver on 6/3/18 at 7:15 p.m. PT US.

Actual photo of flowing water. Badger Park, Healdsburg, CA. 6/3/18.

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I am traveling in a forward flowing wave of momentum spiraled by the frequency of Hiraeth, one chosen by self, based in the energy of unconditional love, and gifted by the Oliver collective.

How do I know this? Experiences of the last week demonstrate so.

I am excited by the upgrade to my physical experience. Silly word, upgrade, yet it is the best linguistic expression I can equate to this new energy of being.


I’m breathing hard. My heart is beating so fast. I’m not sure exactly how to present this information, so forgive me as I stumble through.

What you read above was written the evening of Sunday, 6/3/18. At around 11pm PT US I was so overwhelmed by the desire to sleep I felt I had no choice but to stop and pick up when I awoke in the morning. In retrospect, I can now see how this was the first sign of things to follow. How that physical manifestation of exhaustion presented from an intangible link to the unknown; one purposed with the task of discontinuing my further exploration into the events that transpired last week so as to leave space for what was to be written. What you read below is what I am now compelled to share in place of my original text; words synchronistically demonstrating, in real time, the concept of that frequential connection to which I refer.

I was going to write about something a bit different, but, as happens with this blog – especially with this topic, after the week of mystical events flowing off the charts, I can’t say I’m surprised. Only mindful to handle this respectfully, with grace. I am, however, going to leave the photo of flowing water above, and it’s companion video directly below, both taken yesterday, 6/3/18 at Badger Park, Healdsburg, CA, because they were already inserted into this article before the “interruption;” to me, indicating they have value, are part of the energy of this story.

Flowing water, Badger Park, Healdsburg, CA. 6/3/18 | (runs 1:20)

I was going to tell of the many mystical experiences that culminated in a live channeling session I did Saturday late afternoon where lights in the car turned on and off on their own, captured in the video, and where there were so many white vehicles appearing that I said there was a message in that – one of light, and dark, and contrast. (This video will be posted to The 1HP YouTube channel in the days that follow this blog.) I was going to point to 3 videos I posted to the 1HP’s Facebook page, (1) It’s All Swell… or should I say swollen?, (2 & 3) Chapter 49: Sensing Beyond the Filters and 49B the supplement, as they tell so many of the aspects of the preceding week. I was going to tell of the valuable messages I received from so many sources, including Dr. Dean Radin and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Instead, I’m going to share what just happened to me in the early hours of Monday June 4th, 2018, in an offering of experience to demonstrate the flow of non-linear consciousness at the frequency of unconditional love… of Hiraeth.

I began coughing; an allergy I seem to have developed from the dander of the two poodles I’m taking care of while the owner is in Denmark. It woke me from a solid sleep – one where I was dreaming, remembering those dreams as I re-entered this realm, and wanting to return. But the coughing continued until I had to get up. First thought – out of the blue… check YouTube. I know that seems weird, but it comes through as an impulse – not even seeming to be anything other than my own thought, until I see its Divine orchestration at the appropriate time. So, I heeded that call and opened YouTube. The first video I saw… the only one I noticed, was one by James13Wicca aka James4Astral, published on 11/3/17 for the 1st half of December for Gemini.   Click here if you’d like to watch James’ YouTube reading (runs: 18:32).

Odd. “Why a video for last November?” I thought. Though I’ve learned that when this happens to just follow the lead.

I did, mostly because it was Gemini, I have Gemini friends, and the title was The Ying Yang Effect! Even the misspelling of Ying from the intended Yin had meaning, as one of my Gemini friends did that a few times in the last year and although I never mentioned it, it made me smile. So it began…

It started off with the card of heartbreak, and one of my Gemini friends posted something about that over the weekend. Then it went on with so many references that connected dots for me, for this person I knew the coming of this video was Divined. Yet, you may be asking… Why blog about it publicly? Because of the Ace of Cups card shown at 7:33 into the video at 3:00 am. PT US.

Screenshot of video taken where the Ace of Cups from the Spellcaster’s Tarot deck was presented in James’ video. To watch that 18:32 reading, click here.

Why did this have significance? Well, it has to do with a photograph of a vase I used for the banner image herein. I’d originally used the flowing water photo above as the banner but thought it looked too busy, so I went through my pictures taken last week and recalled this one, and was pinged to use it. Again, you ask, Why? Well, I took it because I was told to take it. Yeah, yeah… that sounds so weird. She’s finally lost it, I hear you saying. But it’s true. The afternoon of 5/29/18 I was sitting on the floor in the bedroom of this ranch style home where I’m staying in Santa Rosa, CA. I heard, Get your camera and take a picture of the bookcase. So I did. I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to take a photo of, so I just shot. What got my attention about this vase was the reflections in it and the natural discoloration organically native to the material used. Then I saw them. The faces. The many faces and shapes, and they were telling me a story… offering messages only I felt I could translate. The other few photos I took were just OK for a Tuesday afternoon, but this one… it spoke to me. Volumes!

I didn’t know why I felt about it the way that I did, but I went ahead and downloaded it from my camera to my Macbook’s hard drive and forgot about it… until last night, when I decided to change the banner image. Or, should I say, that to which I am connected frequentially decided to ping me to do it – just as “they” had directed me to take it in the first place.

Now look at it side-by-side with the Ace of Cups tarot card below.

It isn’t a perfect match but that isn’t the point. It is the fact that I was led to take the vase photo and then felt the connection when I saw the Ace of Cups card. To me the shape and the center reflection was all that was needed. With that, I knew I was drawn to watch James’ November 2017 video for Gemini for a reason – as proof of sorts, in real time, as to how this connection works. In the Chapter 49 videos referenced above I mention bits of the How of connection. Now I was given the live example.

Since the contents of this video are personal to my Gemini friend, and since only this person may be able to make the additional connections I did, to text written by me to this person in the last few days, their own experiences, and possibly even answers to questions asked, I’ll leave additional commentary to your imagination. Here, is what I will share, my notes as a screenshot, taken this morning while watching the video, with expansion on those points made by means of the asterisk.

Light at the end of the tunnel:
This, as with the segment below, relate to my channeling session on Saturday. There is light reflecting off of me and around me throughout, as well as the lights that turned on and off by themselves that I was able to show, as this frequential consciousness confirmed events that were occurring and my responses to them. Add to that Oliver’s channeled message at the top of this blog article which came to me before James’ video did:

You have activated beyond a frequential factor of X to the infinity of light. Shine!

What more need I say?

Girl looking at the squirrel:
While channeling there was a squirrel that kept presenting in front of me. First he scurried to the center of a pathway and then just knelt down. On another occasion he stood up on his back legs and simply looked at me. I made reference to this squirrel during the filming of the session as it was sensorial and interesting. That experience connects to this card.

(check back to the 1HP YouTube channel (or our Twitter / Facebook accounts) where these videos will be posted in the days that follow)

Enough? I could go on. Let me let you soak this all in, allow the flow of the Badger Park waters to relax your mind and connect your heart as you move into your ongoing now with forward momentum – above all else.

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a vase in a bookshelf in the bedroom of the home where I’m staying in Santa Rosa, CA; one I was inspired to take out of the blue on 5/29/18. To view the full-sized image of the actual photograph of the vase click here.




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