You died, yes. A karmic, universal re-mind-her of why you came, wanted time for you. The linear journey of time to which you returned was a rebirth. Questions asked. Answered. A hidden gift therein. The blessing is now yours to share, dear time traveler.
channeled message received from Oliver on 6/10/18 at 10:24 a.m. PT US.

Low res cell photo of the star Sirius taken this a.m. (6/11/18)

for larger view, click image above, or click here.

Forty-four paces from the sliding patio door of the bedroom to the end of the basketball court. That’s how far I walked at 3:00 a.m. PT US to gaze up into the night sky looking for final remarks and inspiration from above before beginning this writing.

Sirius - iPhone compass app pointed exactly at center of star.
Sirius sky location
iPhone compass app
pointed at center of star.

I took leave, first, at the entrance gate to the pool, resting on the rails to steady my body as I leaned my head back as far as it could go. Distracted by a bit of itchy skin caused by a mild allergy to chlorine uninvited during my swim about 12 hours earlier, I removed my shirt so the warm, night air could cool the irritation from the rubbing cloth.

Now focused, I returned my sight upward. Sirius was above my shoulder and to the left in a south facing cosmos. I was, as I always am, mesmerized by its size and flickering lights of red, green and blue. Seeking a tree-free view of Orion’s trail-three hue toward the less than serious Sirius, I moved to the far end of the b-ball court. There I simply let go and became one with the many.

Turning 180°, facing north, I was humbled by the mere scope of the Big Dipper cluster that filled the blackness to my left. I stood there in the breezy warmth of the south-western desert morning, naked in thought and in body for many minutes, lost in the feeling of being found.

Big Dipper sky location – from left to right.
iPhone compass app pointed at center of first | last star in cluster.

After what seemed a joyful eternity, I turned my attention northeast. Moving my head down a few notches from square, I peering out onto the broad openness. The scene – from left to right – was the valley of Tucson, a glistening plane of infinite dots diving deep in a mass of color along the horizon. This sparkling gift of grace reached out and onward until greeted by Mount Lemmon, and gated by its siblings along the Santa Catalina Mountain range.

The animated illumination of the city took my breath away as it does each night from dusk to dawn. I’ve spent so many hours staring out into the vastness of these twinkling lights since arriving about a week ago; a spectrum of wonderment in this amazing journey I’m on. This a.m., however, in an ultimate state of allowing, open to the wisdom of the Universe, I was presented a knowing… one that took a trillionth of a millisecond to impart; one that’ll take a few paragraphs to retail.

The lights of Tucson are the lights of the sky, in what they represent and what they reveal. Same visual size. Same brilliance. Different only in color, distance and density. Accepting those valley’d to be associated with life – intelligent, human life, why then would it be anything but truth to accept those cosmos’d to be of like kind? Life below. Life above. The most logical geometry in the geography.

Not sure how you feel about that? About allowing the idea that life exists beyond the currently, commonly known? And if so, how could it be anything but intelligent – maybe even more so than us, being that we still stagnate on a single concept that we are the Kings of the Universe. Then look closer… REALLY look! Click on that image of Sirius above and see the striations in the darkness.

Let me go back to that photo above. I placed it here with intent. Taken with a low resolution, iPhone 5 camera in hopes something worthy of inclusion could be used for this article, yet not holding my breath. What I found surprised me. You see, I’ve taken dozens and dozens of sky photos all over the globe, most of them being with high-end Nikon cameras of all sorts. Knowing the challenges of capturing a decent image of stars I didn’t expect much. Maybe that’s why this photo IS as revealing as it is – because it was able to catch something a high-end camera would have focused in, or shuttered out – those darn striations. Look at them. They go in all directions. Up and down, left and right, half-circled, without pattern. Yet, the star is static, unmoving. Only that around it shows a level of dynamism. Why? Well, that’s up to your own psyche and perception. Mine, however, is that it shows the movement of matter – all sorts of matter, in every direction at the same time. That’s not facts of physics. That’s evidence of something unknown. Something moving with intent. Otherwise, all that matter would be banging into each other and causing lots and lots of BIG BOOMS!

I’ll leave it with you there. Life? Life-less?

Speaking of lifelessness…

During the early morning hours of April 19, 2016 I had what I refer to as my outside of time experience. I talk about it in a 1HP article I wrote on 8/26/17 called Retrograde Escapades you can read about, in brief, here; or do a search using the box top right on any page of this website and simply type in outside of time.

I even talked about it in a “lost” episode of an internet TV show, The Collective Imagination (CI), I did the evening after that experience (Tues. 4/19/16). Why lost? Your guess is as good as mine. I believe it was because I compared my traveling through “scenes” to a clip in the 2014 movie Lucy (clip below), and if I recall, YouTube removed the audio of the entire show so my friend and host of CI made that episode private. I also wrote about the eerily similar synchronicity between the “scene” segment of my outside of time experience with a specific clip from the movie Lucy in a 1HP article entitled, -n- Round you can read here.

Lucy | 2014 | Final Scene thru end | runs: 7:45
MOBIL USERS: video playback not available on all devices.

I, again, talked about my outside of time experience on CI the following week after the word “Hiraeth” was unveiled to me by the Oliver collective. That 1:40:44 episode of CI can be viewed here, or watched below.

The channeled message from Oliver at the top of this article also refers to that experience; one I felt was etheric, dreamy, and beautiful; and one my son feels was him witnessing me dying. It didn’t feel like I was dying, but I have since learned during many channeled communications since arriving in Tucson last week, that I did, in fact die.

By death, I refer to the death of who I was so I could begin again as who I now am. I am so different. Those that know me can attest to this. Even my physicality has completely changed without intentional effort on my part – organic in nature, another level of this overall transformation. (check out this selfie taken a few weeks ago on 5/16/18 [also shown left] and compare it to the me in the CI show video referenced above and see for yourself.)

I’ve come into my own. I’ve discovered more about who I am, what I’ve created, where I’m going, my purpose and my path in these last 2+ years – even more so in the last few days than in my entire lifetime prior. I’m home; a home I’ve known, yet not in the way I now know it. I’ve come full circle in a whirlwind of the unexpected that has opened reality experiences for me to walk through, or should I say, “I” created reality experiences from my deepest desires, from the purest energy of my consciousness, and have shown myself what is genuinely possible, and probable. Those who have been a part of this journey know not what has been told to me, and that’s probably the way it is suppose to be. What I do know… I am infinite energy, vibrating at the frequency of possibility, and can manifest – HAVE MANIFEST the life I lead… everyday! As are you. As do you.

Oh. The tarot cards that banner this writing? I pulled them yesterday after a weekend of reveals from the unseen. “It is time,” I was told to fill me in, let me know the whys and hows of the oddities that I lived through for the last few years.

Tales of truth were told about 4/19/16, 8/14/16, 12/15/16, and 2/1/17 thru present day. Who the players were / are. Why they were / are. And now I know. REALLY KNOW. And, I can happily let go innerstanding the reasons and little rhymes of this construct of linear time within which I travel as a human being of matter. The pull was a final confirmation of all that occurred this weekend.

In short the message is:

    You could not move forward with the action sought until you traveled into the unknown, released the shadow side, unlocked your intuition and re-membered your past lives. You are free to travel fully into the frequency of unconditional love and enjoy the abundance of all that awaits now that you have accepted the gift of knowing, allowed the dance, and welcomed the blessings that awaited.

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
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