Wholeness in the space between.

channeled message from The Author on 4/22/19 at 4:54 p.m. PT US.

Sunyata   |   शून्यता   |   Sanskrit symbol

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It has been exactly two years since the last article was published to the 1HP blog on 7/9/18. The pages of the story have continued to turn. To form. Reform. To weave and wave in an ever flow of becoming.

Cycles have ended. Others have commenced. Through it all the dimensional portals of earthly experience have been hypnotic, cinematic, and dynamically cosmic. The pathway is open.

Since the summer of 2018, I have conversed with the elements, witnessed miracles, observed the glorious, been invited to the table of the strange and unusual, and was gifted with endless channellings of akashic wisdom, including the intrinsic concept of something called Becoming Whole Through Zero-Point Consciousness. In these moments of now, and so many more I hope to offer in weekly submission for the singular purpose of passing fore what was handed through the void I can only call the unknown.

Speaking of voids, and portals, and intrinsic existence, let me get to the point of today’s offering. Sunyata.

Sunyata refers to the tenet that “all things are empty of intrinsic existence and nature.”

Pronounced shoon-ya-ta, and characterized both by the graphic symbol shared to the left (an open ended, circular shape) and the sanskrit origins शून्यता, this expression is translated most often as emptiness, or the great void. It is a Buddhist concept which has multiple meanings depending on its doctrinal context. It is either an ontological feature of reality (i.e. philosophical study of being), a meditative state, or a phenomenological analysis of experience.

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So why sunyata and why now in this, the first article published to the 1HP blog in 2 years? Because it arrived a beacon, a sign, a knowing evident the time divined to revive 1HP was now. The nudge whispered loudly when on 4/22/20 an acquaintance posted a poem that felt as if he was speaking directly to me. Was he? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Does it really matter? To me, the message was innate whether intended or not. When I read his words in the screenshot to your right I felt the spaciousness, the emptiness, the wholeness in the void of sunyata. Let me explain…

This acquaintance and I had a growing history of on again, mostly off again connection. When it was on the bond was spiritual, etheric, and beautiful (at least for me). When it was off it oft grew cruel of word and deed by the other in attempts to… well, to disconnect, I think, without provocation. Void of logical reason… or illogical reason – for that matter. Without true wrongdoing on my part. I was naive. I was an innocent trying to leap-frog from grammar school to doctoral degree in that unseen / unknown, without lesson books, instructors, or mentors. I was forging new territory and was led to believe this acquaintance was eager to be a part of it, and in exchange I’d share what I learned and would offer sincere loyalty and good-will. I was experimenting with various frequencies in an attempt to expand my knowledge and capabilities as an intuitive and translator of consciousness unseen. I made mistakes as any student does when learning a language foreign to all around, and no one willing to act as teacher or sounding board. Since he rarely communicated with me after those first few memorable months of spiritual exploration, other than when business matters aligned us, and since he was never clear as to the reasons behind his often knee-jerk behavior, I can only speculate as to his whys. Did he really wish to terminate our alliance, or was he simply moody, stubborn, overly puritanical, overtly mechanical, and/or fearful of something deep seeded, unconscious, a concept or “…ology” nonexistent in my reality or lifetime of experience? Could we really be so different? Was this something a past thing coalescing from upbringing, social conditioning, societal positioning, personal experience or familial deference, another I simply wasn’t equipped to unravel? He didn’t talk. He coveted secrets. So, I couldn’t know for sure and refused to give up on him until I did.

I, on the other hand, kept hope alive. I felt then and I still feel now that our paths crossed for reasons divined and I continued to write and gift and act as if we were having a two way situationship, when, in fact, I now feel I was the only one allowing spirit to guide the way.

Fast forward several years and a handful of ugly exchanges later, and to my finding his rhyme in my email Inbox on 4/22/20. As a subscriber I knew each Wednesday marked release of his latest piece of talent, yet I didn’t expect what seemed to be a direct message to me to get lost. With my efforts at keeping the string of consciousness connection alive I genuinely felt I was doing the work of the Divine. Waiting. Patient. Believing one day, when all the tumblers clicked into place whatever I was to be for him or he for me it would be because I never gave up on him. To me, it felt like a bond between mother and son, or siblings, or childhood friends – even deeper. It was ineffable and conjured in me a core level desire to offer unconditional loyalty, trust, and love. And since I’m quite spiritual I felt magnetized to be this forever person to him. Then his words struck like lightening.

I can’t say I was surprised by the passages. What surprised me, though was the method of dissemination. A public rhyme? Not a forgiving email of thanks but no thanks. Not a quick call in honor of what has been? Nope, an open forum of digital design was the method defined – one void of compassion, of contact, of courtesy.

So I conceded. Surrendered. Let go. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t difficult either. It was just an emptiness born of not knowing why, or understanding how someone I thought to be kind could be anything but. But… lessons learned for us both, and I’m all for that.

Yet, when it came to reviving 1HP I felt the pull, the redirect of attention – a long time coming, but I also knew the time was not yet nigh. So I heeded the call to get lost, and I did… in my passion for reverence.

If you know me or have ever followed this blog you know I have experiences otherworldly that lack explanation. Those mused exponentially. I live today in a beingness I could not have known on 4/22/20, and its pulse continues to beat on ever still. As the weeks move on I will do my utmost to details some of the brilliant events of this otherworldliness, yet for now, let me stay focused.

So, a few weeks ago on June 27th I ran across a photo I took 4/12/19 while housesitting in Columbia Falls, MT; the one you see as the banner to this post (click here to view in full regalia if so inclined). I call it Throned In A Glass Portal*. (Note the open ended circle within which the seemingly crowned figure sits.) Then, a couple of days later a nearly 2 hour video conversation between the oddest couple, Russell Brand and Eckhart Tolle, appeared in my YT feed. It took me 4 days to get through it but I consumed the last bit of deliciousness on July 4th and posted it here to the 1HP FB page. It was in this Brand / Tolle cannoli where Mr. ET mentioned sunyata. Curious for more I Googled it and was blessed with the image seen at the top of this article. The visual connection between this symbol and the Columbia Falls photo, for me, was immediate. Each depicted a pastoral swirl of spacial portal-esk portents of possibility.

What came packaged with that synchronistic awareness was reflection of the past three years and how it had all come full circle in glorious revelation. It was like existing in a contemplative state of full dimensional awareness, as if an akashic beam of light was transmitting down from the divine and into my mind with each sunrise. The orchestral resonance of nature filled me with waves of threaded consciousness as if I was the conductor and form was my instrument. For days I automatically channelled, without calling for it. It was calling me! The type of wisdom divined was such that words are too elementary, to limiting to humanly construct that which was pure expression within the minimalism of language. And I knew. Divine timing for the resurrection of 1HP had arrived, and so had I.

Three years of allowing exploration within a psychic connection with another through a natural flow of energetic, frequencial threads of quantum possibility. Three years waiting, wanting to understand the deeper whys of it all. Three years… and it all came down to faith. I’d made my choice in the beginning to play out this destined exchange, to be myself no matter what. To be loyal, a person of integrity, worthy of trust. To give in to that which had no logical explanation in a constructed reality, something rooted in experience beyond human comprehension. To never give up no matter the consequence knowing what is to be will be. And, in the end it was the other, this acquaintance who threw in the towel, offering me my freedom at the expense of his own spiritual expansion (with or without knowing / intent). And with this ending I found myself. I was humbled by the honorable place I’d been given to stand, to endure, and I had. I was proud. I had chosen to be there for another person until they found their voice – no matter the method. I was fully myself, once again, as if reborn anew in a state of conscious collaboration with the Source of all things – the unseen hand that knows where I am. I had returned to the void, the nothingness, the wholeness in the emptiness and I was ready to press on.

And my acquaintance? He’ll be fine. He’s a superhero, a spiritual guardian at heart, a counselor to many. He’s Socrates incarnate. So let the shade be his as I go somewhere else with my light until the komorebi of the earthly divine releases his soul. He’s made his choice. I wish him well and imagine one day, in another life, he and I will again be. But next time, can I put in this early request to skip the drama? lol

Forging ahead. It is time. Sunyata…

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(for more read my unedited, stream of consciousness notes below on the concept of simply being; of existence in a state of sunyata.)


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*Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a bookshelf with one of the amazing human-like figures created by the divine hands of the home’s owner, Kelly Moncur, Columbia Falls, MT. Taken through the lens of a bevelled drinking glass while on a housesit on 4/12/19, at 6:11pm. (w/ permission). To view the full-sized image click here.

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