White Knight

You are the White Knight.

You are the creator, the white knight of your reality experience manifesting what IS into beingness with each thought, each expression, each vibrational seed planted as a witness of existence, and change the vibration of that which you attract as an effect caused by the simple act of being consciousness in form.

channeled message received from The Author* on 7/14/20 at 6:33 a.m. PT US.

This week’s article was a work in progress. It started with the white knight returning into my purview through a series of synchronicities I will detail in brief at the close of this piece, and crescendo’d with my receiving a direct answer to a request for inspiration.

Let’s start with the inspiration…

On Tuesday, 7/14/20 I planned to draft this submission and had no idea how I was to present the white knight influences I’d received in recent days upon which I’d decided to focus my attention. So, as I stretched to prepare for my sunrise walk through the lower canyons of northwestern Tucson, AZ I asked that unseen which speaks with me to bring to me that which I could ground as the foundational chess board for this white knight challenge. With that I was off into the sunrise and it wasn’t long before the pieces began to move across the board.

It was like a dance with the elements, an exercise building up momentum slowly until the highest state of endurance had been reached. I was lifted as rays of morning light rose from bright red to deep gold until the sun’s center balled up above the peaks of the canyons. Pigeons cooed in harmony with the sounds of the desert. Then a hummingbird circled above and around me as I spotted the cunning and wild spirit of a coyote. The roads and trails waved up and down as did the already hot breezes – cooling and heating me simultaneously. I walked without music, then with it, then without it, following the rhythm of my soul’s desire. Miles in the making I was a peace, felt whole, but had yet to awaken with a knowing inspiration to partner with my knight. So I stopped, feeling so alive, and whispered into the cosmos, “I’m ready if you are…” and like water flowing down a babbling brook it began.

RAMPAGE- Dreaming My World
Abraham Hicks | 10/18/16 | (10:19 – 10:33)

To listen past auto end click anywhere on player.

I budded my ears and opened YouTube. I decided to select whatever came up at the top of my home page. What appeared was one of Abraham Hick’s Rampages posted by someone named Travis Eric. It had been so long since I’d had the occasion to listen to an Abraham video I was delighted this was the selection made. That video appears to the left. It is worth a full listen at 14:13, but it was the words that presented just before and after 10:19 that was in answer to my query.

    And if you will relax and allow yourself to be called to the reception of who you really are, you will redefine your point of attraction. With all who you know and those that you are attracting that you have not met yet change because of the vibrational shift that has taken place within you.
Listen! You Are Not What You Think You Are
Moojiji | 7/5/20 | (2:22 – 2:47)

To listen past auto end click anywhere on player.

At that point I actually stopped along the roadside, paused the video, pulled out the buds and smiled so wide my lips nearly touched the lobes of my ears. I had just heard something similar a day or two earlier by some guy named Moojiji whom I’d never heard of before. The reason I remembered was that the 8:51 video was so dense with resonate knowings I was moved to tears of connection with what was said. He was speaking profoundly, yet humbly to his audience about just how I viewed existence and how I observed myself to be in this world of form as shared in the video to the right. Therefore, when Abraham paralleled those same, obscure sentiments I knew my inspiration had been received, and I was grateful.

    Whatever it is that is coming up, either inside the body energetically or in the mind as thoughts and feelings (whatever, no?) don’t try and stop them. Your duty is not to just stop them but to use them to remember that you are the witness of them, and that if you pay attention to the witness rather than the things that are being witnessed you will change the vibration of them.

The message of the white knight. Confirmation that as I walk this earthly realm as consciousness in form, with my energetic signature, my vibration held at the frequency of unconditional love, as the observer, the witness I was changing the vibration of those things around me. I was serving as the white knight for that which exists in and around me, and in that placement I had the opportunity to choose how I wished to project into the world. In that knowing I felt honor.

This is where it gets good…

Timeline of messages coming through tracks auto played after Abraham Hick’s channelled post insight.

for larger view click image above, or here.

My energy was so high, my mind so clear, I wanted to dance and sing so I did! I closed YouTube, opened Napster and picked one of my favorite tracks to stage the performance. The thing is, spirit had it’s own ideas of what I was to experience… a sort of dessert to my main course of divine inspiration; so the song I had picked immediately switched to Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time, and continued on from there switching to the next and the next as shown in the timeline of tracks above, in most cases not completing the full song, but moving on, at random, with strategic precision until The Kiss from The Hours movie soundtrack played to its end. I was, again, that white knight being played and played with in God’s shrewd game of spiritual chess. Here are the significant passages from each track that were cobbled together to form the message of inspiration supplemental to that gifted from the words of Abraham.

You asked. We delivered. Wha-cha wanna try next? We are more than friends, as you know, and it is time for you to allow the infinity of your uniquely transparent, transformational self to shine in public, so tune in to that which is all around you, and write!

So I am.

The string of screenshots offer a timeline from my departure at 5:33 a.m. through the final note of the final track played. Each shows the initial moment where the lyrics offered messages for me to ingest. I show The Hours twice to indicate when its inspiration began and the closing moment when it and my walk ended – both occurring at the same time. Most of the italicized passage above you can get from the lyrics of those songs shown except for two that were more symbolic. I’d explain them but you may just find it boring. I will say that The Hours is an album I often play on a loop while writing, though NOT one that exists on any of my playlists or recent listens.

The impetus of the white knight is a long story in and of itself, so I will just say this… On 7/3/20 I watched a show on Hulu called Killing Eve. At one point the camera backs away from where the main character is sitting at a coffee shop to show what you see in the screenshot below, right. I was stunned at the resemblance this coffee shop had to one where I use to have conversations of spirituality and consciousness with a one time friend – conversations that held such significance they literally paved the course of my journey for the next 3 years. I’ve placed a photo of Jack Jack’s cafe on Long Island, NY in Babylon Village side by side with the screenshot so you can decide for yourself if there are any similarities. And, in case you want to drill deeper, here are links to both locations (photo galleries) using Google maps. (Yes, I am a nerd and found my way to the name of the actual cafe in London shown in the screenshot even though its title has been removed from above the entrance. It is called The Observatory and is located at 64 Marchmont St., Saint Pancras, London, UK. Click here to see photos. For Jack Jack’s Google Maps gallery click here.

The Observatory – London, UK

for larger view click image above, or here.
Jack Jack’s – Babylon Village, NY

for larger view click image above, or here.

Now you may not see the connection but I did especially since the Killing Eve character is sitting at the cafe window on viewer’s left, the same side my friend and I always sat. The thing is, right after making this connection on 7/3/20 and Googling The Observatory something odd occurred. The white knight image on a chess board used as the banner for this post ALSO, unexplainably appeared in those search results. I recognized it right away as one I’d inadvertently discovered was used by this same friend as a Gravatar profile image that is connected to his user account on a WordPress site he anonymously authors. It was the synchronicity of having a mirror version of Jack Jack’s Cafe appear in a show I was watching, and the curiosity of the white knight profile pic then appearing where it had no business in the image search results that followed which brought my attention to the concept of consciousness entanglements. It seemed evident to me these quantum threads of connection influence what occurs and presents in our lives. From there I felt led to share it as the focal point of my next blog article here on 1HP. I merely needed the hook, the connector, and got just that manifest in the most beautiful way during my walk.

Take away…

We all our the white knights of our lives creating what we experience… attracting into our sphere of reality what we think, feel, and allow whether we are aware of it or not, and what we energetically express impacts those things around us. So, if you want a magical, synchronistic life to go with you coffee shop conversations, recognize yourself as the witness and allow. If you want a purely logical, mapped out, prepackaged experience, drop the emotions, focus on that of the tangible world around you and voila! It, too, is yours. Your experience. Your choice. Ain’t it grand?


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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a stock photo available online. I first saw this image long ago when I randomly tripped across a smaller, low res version used by a one time friend as his Gravatar / WordPress user profile image. Then, while Googling something unrelated this familiar chess piece image popped up in my search results. To view the full-sized image in new window click here.




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