Spiritual Redirect

Reality is formed of particles born in prosaic beats of linear chime with waves in rhyme outside of time; sifting cosmic chaff from quantum wheat in an alchemy of threaded renewal.

channeled message received from The Author* on 7/22/20 at 5:34 a.m. PT US.

I was conned. On 7/15/20 a faceless man of unknown origin stole $2,710 of my limited savings; not by coercion but through clever assertion he was who he was not, the owner of an estate in the upper canyons of the Tucson Mountains looking to rent the guesthouse. That con turned out to be a gift wrapped in plain, brown paper, ribboned with a golden opportunity to choose. Opt in or out of contrast? Activist or witness? React or respond? Exist or evolve? There was no right. No wrong. Just choice.

The experience is detailed in this 44:44 audio recording for anyone interested in more.
iPhone video of view out windows of room 623 at the aLoft Hotel, Tucson, AZ(taken 7/16/20 at ~3:45pm local time) | runs: 3:45

Spiritual Redirect
It was this path away from the canyon heights of Mountain Gardens Estates and towards the dust bowl of Tucson’s historical districts where that taken from me came into focus as a divine offer. Checking in to room 623 at aLoft, a University of Arizona run hotel cornering Speedway Blvd & Campbell Ave., after discovering my contracted rental was a sham, I embraced the room’s north facing views and the con-trast of events earlier had.

It was there that I turned off my mobil phone, took my first deep breaths, and allowed the timeline of the day to replay.

My initial thought, one internally expressed with sincere, self-determination was, Do Not Judge, Barbara.

My second thought was, Step back. Look at it from an observer’s perspective.

My next was, What would be served by getting angry, attempting to recover the money taken? And, without missing a beat I heard the answer. No thing other than further loss. With that I was transforming into pure awareness weighing what had occurred against what options lay ahead. I knew from former run ins with the legal system if I reported it to local law enforcement they would write up a report, push it through some limited process and file without much pomp or circumstance. Resources for such pursuits were finite for the police, or any agency following up on such a con, and the majority of resources expended would be my own in time, effort and emotional follow up. This guy could live anywhere in the world and my money was gone. Paypal, the financial transfer agent indicated they could help.. once a Court order was issued. All I saw in further pursuit was more time and emotional energy lost. The situation happened. It was done. My best move was in forward, positive momentum toward the next. Lessons learned.

I thought of the artist of this con and it brought up memories of my own “antics” as a younger person. We all have them… things we did, didn’t do, should have done, might have done; all that would have better suited our then present, our coming future other than those cards played. We are human after all. We make mistakes. All of us do.

I also thought of a close family member who had gone to prison for his own nefarious past. I may not have liked those acts perpetrated, but I loved this person none-the-less. He was worthy of that love. All are. Besides, who was I to decide the value or lack of with this person who’d taken my money without equal exchange? That was not mine to take on. I knew whatever was lost I could choose the role of victim, a survivor, or simply as audience member in the theater of my own experience; watching, assessing, and learning – leaving any punishment to karma, to the elements, to God.

Those thoughts took me to a line of inquiry not expected. What was my take-a-way going to be? What wisdom was there to gain? How was I going to use this experience to expand my own?

That led me to, How might I invited this into my reality for self actualization? Could this be a puzzle piece in what I incarnated to explore? How could I best serve myself and others as a result? What might come from withholding control vs. releasing and letting go? Where would collective balance be found?

Then the dialogue became more esoteric. What was my role in all of this? Did I even have one? If I am what I believe myself to be – pure consciousness embodied in form for the experience of it, is any of this real anyway? If not real and an illusion invited, manifest individually or collectively, or even divinely, isn’t there now a choice point created? A “Let’s Make a Deal” sort of trilogy of curtains awaiting my cord pull to open the one desired? If so, which curtain do I choose?

W H A T   D O   I   W A N T ?

In that moment I was released from the bondage of the outcome. I had been offered, and accepted a higher frequency perspective of that which had presented as con-trast. I stepped away from making the reactive, conditioned response, and absorbed the delicious formlessness of it all.

Would the average Joe understand this hands off method of acceptance as resolution? I doubted it. Would that lack of understanding impact my existence in this world of form? Probably. Was knowing I’d discovered a much more cosmic nature in this crossroad, one of spiritual redirection and self resurrection enough to choose the road less traveled? Yes!

AQUARIUS July 2020 ⭐️ Sasha Bonasin
(25:43 – 28:09 | runs 2:26)

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Being The Witness
As brought to me during a morning walk on 7/14/20, and shared in last week’s 1HP article entitled, White Knight, the teachings of Jamaican spiritualist, Moojiji returned to the fore of my mind’s eye on Wednesday the 15th, reminding me of the intrinsic value of being the witness. Little did I know at the time of that walk, just one day before the con, I’d be putting such concepts to the consequent test of divined testament. It was the act of responding as the witness which founded the void in judgment. In effect of such cause an unexpected pathway opened, one closing the lid of Pandora’s box of proverbial con-flictions.

In that room with a view, sometime after 4 p.m., commuter revving into service, a calendar entry I’d pushed forward a few hours prior popped up. It had originally presented at 5:45 a.m. while I was doing other things. I pushed it forward two hours a few times. It resurfaced at 7:45 a.m., 9:45 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. before I shut down the laptop in preparation for the noon arrival of my Uber to “the new place.” Each time it flashed top right, I was aware it was Sasha Bonisin’s 2nd of 3 prediction for Aquarius for the month of July, but I wasn’t in the right mindset to receive what I was to learn was an actual warning message of events to unfold. Then, hours later, the unfolding of events having been steam pressed into the archive of my life’s journal, I clicked the link and was directed to the exact location in Sasha’s video reading where the divine gifts of “being the witness” awaited.

In less than 2 1/2 minutes Sasha told the story of my indefinite delay just had. Trust yourself. Follow your happiness. Follow your optimism. Follow your positivity. he said. This experience is …holding an important spiritual key… a release from the spiritual chains that were holding you down. How right he was! I knew my choice to be the witness, remain free of judgment, and simply allow knowing there was a higher purpose to it all had been a “passing of the test;” one invited, one divinely orchestrated to offer me another opportunity to evolve.

This day of transgressions ended with the setting sun. The rise of the next brought with it another showing of how my choice to become the witness was delivering an ever balancing equilibrium in this journey of spiritual redirection. The well of fluid expansion came packaged in another video pop up I’d calendared the prior week from the intuitive, James4Astral. His 7/11/20 tarot reading on YT entitled, Aquarius – Who Are They Actually ? was further evidence of my awakened perspective.

Calendaring YT videos isn’t something I do often, just Sasha’s as they are “predictions” and I’m always curious to see if they hit, and those readings that give pause for some reason. James is an intuitive that has been proving himself a good match for my signature since August, 2016. Nearly all his weekly readings connect with events that occur in my reality experience. When they don’t, and there are “seasons” when successive week’s go without resonance, I’ve learned that’s the Universe telling me I need to put my attention elsewhere. So I do. Once these issues ahve subsided, the connections within James’ readings continue.

This one from the 11th was odd. It didn’t hit at all. As a matter of fact when I originally watched it I was cross-eyed as to how improbable it seemed for me. He said someone was going to do something I wouldn’t like… turn out to be different than I thought they would be… and so forth. So, instead of putting any energy into understanding it, I simply calendared it for the end of the next week to review again and forgot about it. When it came up for me on Thursday the 16th I was interestedly shocked at its accuracy in paralleling that which had just occurred. There was no way I could have ever suspected the events of Wednesday, July 15th would occur, and now two intuitives had shown me a pre-destined nature to it.

Screenshot Napster 7/21/20, 6:18am
Pat Metheny Group | Offramp | 1982

4 larger view click image, or here.
DAILY MESSAGE JULY 22, 2020 ⭐️ Deb Does Readings
(9:40 – 9:51 | runs 0:11) | pub 7/21/20

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 Turn Left
That got me to ask myself, “Are there others?” So I went back through seven additional readings for Aquarius by some of my favorite readers and to my curious joy I found every single one of them talked about the con.

It was in these moments I began to realize the “more” that existed in this choice of mine to step back, not judge, allow and evolve. The degree of evolution was unexpected and I knew this was only the beginning. How might I share this knowing with others? I thought. But, as I said to a friend in a personal letter in November, 2018, I’d discovered that facts, proof, evidence of this sort, attempts to “tell” others who are closed minded to revolutionary evolution of a quantum kind serves no human purpose. This fluid wisdom earned was for me to experience, to allow, to appreciate, to enjoy. It was not my job or my duty to convince others. So I stopped efforting long ago.

Effervescent connections with that unseen have exponentially waved in since the events of 7/15/20. As shared in the Soundcloud audio at the top of this article, a series of songs played along my morning walk on 7/21 just long enough for me to garner the lyrical puzzle pieces from each to formulate the messages shared in this week’s 1HP writing. The most fun and compelling piece was that contained in the phrase, “Turn left / Left turn.” Not only was it the catalyst for my recognizing a message was coming thru when an old favorite of mine, Are You Going With Me, from Pat Methany’s 1982 jazz album Offramp began to play (listen to audio for more), but the message of “left turn” was confirmed minutes later in a reading that appeared in my YT notifications (you know the ones that show up on the face of your device) for a channel don’t even follow!

Turn left, Barbara. Trust yourself and know that what you seek, what is more evident, more actual than that which is considered real by most IS in that unseen; the intangible force your particle self connects with… the commitment you further bonded in your free will choice to become the witness.

for larger view click image above, or here.

Reculer pour mieux sauter.

Reculer pour mieux sauter is a French lexicon for draw back in order to leap forward better. Sage advice I’d posted as a private message to Facebook on 7/3/20. I do that. Post privately to myself as a sort of convenient, always accessible, secret way to diary. And, as so often happens, this post came back to me in divine timing on 7/15 to guide and reminding me of the value of stepping back in order to observe, evaluate and recalibrate.

My journey with the divine has been such a blessing, despite challenging my sensibilities as a human to the precipice of existence. I have lost friends, alienated loving acquaintances and family members, and been pushed to the limit of trusting self, trusting others. In these moments of unexpected evolution where a simple choice can turn what appears to be a devastating loss into a spiritual redirect, I have found the deeper meanings to existence, to integrity, to honor, and to self. Would I prefer to still have that money in my Paypal account? Oh yeah! You bet!. Yet, what price does one put on evolution?

Though I know the divine gifts given by this experience are priceless, I acquired ’em for the bargain price of $2,710! Besides… I know I will get it all back, and then some, in abundance as humanly defined and as non – be it in this lifetime, or the next.

Initial recalibration complete. Spiritual redirection… in progress.

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~

Reflection | E.M. Smith | 1995

click 4 larger view

Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image, also shown in full to the left, is of a painting by the talented, San Francisco based artist, Esther M. Smith. Created in 1995, and mirrored upon the image of her daughter, this gorgeous work was gifted to a friend of mine who was close friends with Esther when she worked as an executive designer in the Men’s division of Levis in the 1990s. Today she is the owner of two specialty clothing shops in the upscale Napa Valley area of northern California knows as Healdsburg. With permission, she allowed me to take a photo of in late April, 2020 when I helped her move house from Santa Rosa, CA to a nearby town. My friend calls it Merete’s Guardian Angel. I selected this as the banner for today’s article by divine selection. You see, when I was looking for the screenshot above of Pat Metheny’s “Turn Left” cover, this, too, appeared in the result – spiritually depicting how being the witness feels to me, as an energetic expression. Thanks God!  It’s perfect. To view the full-sized image in new window click here or anywhere on the image, left.




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