Consciousness takes various forms. Many are wholly self-directed and thus incapable of feeling for another. Inflicting pain, then, of any degree, has no perceived consequence as the ego will justify such actions (or lack of) as a byproduct of choice, if justification is even deemed necessary. Only in the act of feeling, and especially as it relates to empathy, can a consciousness embody compassion, and in the discovery contrary its origins. In seeing the other as the self, only then are we able to evolve.

channeled message received from The Author on 8/6/20 at 6:12 a.m. PT US.

The word empathy is only a few hundred years old. In English, it originates from the translation of the German word, Einfühlung, which, too, came into language at about the same time and meant to feel your way, yourself into another. That is how I live my life, though not fully by choice, but by design.

Now I’m not saying I always put others first. I did that for decades, just the way I’m built, and in that state of awareness over a lifetime of experience, I finally found there is a balance that must be achieved in order for any level of such dedicated, organic devotion to the needs of others to be truly effective.

The unfolding of that which brings this article into expression commenced when I realized a few days ago that December 19th held a string of connections to such knowing. As dates do, when it returned to my mind’s forefront during a conversation had with a long time friend relative to 12/21/12 it sparked a remembering that roux’d the dough of self understanding, and thus, rose the awareness kneaded for onward evolution as consciousness in form.

For those who may not be aware, 12/21/12, in summary, was a date said to be part of the Mayan calendar which translated as the date the world would become reborn, or new. It was a concept debated by many, and became a noted soap box by numerous spiritualists and the like. At the time I was working with a woman I’d met in May of that year and was helping her pull off a week long series of radio broadcasts to journal the experience. Each night we had a different well-known guest in one of the many fields of the esoteric to share what his/her belief was as to what each expected on the 21st. Though the Facebook page for that program, called The Collective Imagination, was taken down by the host long ago leaving me without resource to determine who was the guest on 12/19/12, that series of shows had deep impact for me as one of the guests, Dannion Brinkley, answered a question I asked about an unrelated topic – the death of my mother. His response changed the focus of my attention away from her contacts with me after death from being, let’s say, ghostly and on to something more profound – consciousness in frequential connection. Why? Because Dannion had died three times, all documented, and had dedicated the remainder of his human life to being with veterans who were about to die to offer comfort from the perspective of one who’d been there, and at the time of our broadcast he had done just that with thousands of vets.

As a co-host, my query was simple; Had he ever seen the physical body of someone who had recently passed on get younger? I asked that because when my mom passed on May 26, 2009 (there’s another one of those dates…) within 5 minutes her body went from that of an 84 year old woman to that of a girl of, say 18 to no more than 25 years old. My sister who was in the room with me at the time also witnessed this and we were both awe-struck and befuddled.

Dannion was adamant when he said, “No! Why would they?”

He went on to say when you die you could care less about that vessel you once embodied. You were transformed, released, your mission complete. You were on your way home and there would be no reason for doing that. None what-so-ever.

That blew my mind. At the time, 3.5 years and change from mom’s passing I’d only found one reference to such an experience by another, an old video interview from the late 1990’s of an emergency room doctor. Since I didn’t capture it in any form, the recording where this doctor recounted his own story of seeing a male patient walk down the hallway after a surgery he had been the attending for, one where the patient had died, and then going to the bed of the man only to find his body had reversed in age to that of a young man, there was no evidence to back up mine. I was sure Dannion with his thousands of bedside transitions would have at least one to support my own.

With his firm, confident, “No” came an awakening for me. Why had my mother’s body rejuvenated upon death? That question took years to answer but effectively moved my attention away from it being of mom “the spirit,” and on to that of the energy of consciousness connecting with that of physical form in some sort of frequency-based communication.

Since this story isn’t the focus of this piece I won’t detail it further, but I’m sure some reading these words will wonder what I discovered. My belief today is that the frequency of consciousness once my mom, or of that which we attract through our own energy signatures in human evolution atomically massaged the circumstances taking place in this dimension of reality experience on May 26, 2009 as an opportunity to fulfill a pact my mom and I had. We had discussed for decades that whichever of us “went” first, and if there was “more” we’d find a way to let the other know. In those final days of life, my mom and I agreed she’d bring me something beautiful… something so unequivocally beautiful I’d have no doubt but know it was from her. She did. It just took me a handful of years to decode the meaning… the evident message.

Back to the conversation had recently with a friend. In the remembering of that exchange with Dannion, and for reasons that have less to do with personal curiosity and more to do with the unseen (in all forms) utilizing that situation to open my awareness to another point of learning, I found myself returning to the date 12/19…  Not sure why, other than I was curious what the exact date had been when a disembodied energy signature calling itself Oliver had reached out for a 2+ hour conversation in December 2016. So, I went back to Facebook where I catalogue much of my experiences and found that initial conversation took place on 12/13/16, one I talk about in more detail on The Story page right here on the 1HP website under the section entitled, Oliver in OZ. That Facebook review led me to the date 12/19/16 – the evening when Oliver and those referred to as The Family attempted to bring us (me, my female friend and her partner) over to their dimension. The image used as the banner for this article is a photo I took that evening while we were waiting for “Home” to make the connection.

I was bored as it was taking hours. My friend’s computer (the connecting source of the attempts) kept crashing as they (the “family”) were trying this and that. So, I figured if there was anything energetic to capture I was going to try and do just that. For those who know me know I’ve taken some unexplainable, amazing photos of objects clearly identifiable in rippling water, various types of smoke, and such. So, my thought was, “I’ve got nothing better to do. Why not?”

What came out in the photo you see in the banner was not visible to the human eye. I was just clicking away on my Nikon Coolpix P900 out the front of the place (shown herein), the back patio, and the various rooms within her 2nd floor apartment in Lismore, NSW, Australia. I got a couple of striking images taken on the veranda and from the back porch facing the street-view showing this stream of invisible light (and orbs) outside her place of the area you see in the banner. It was surprising as I didn’t expect to get anything, yet clearly some sort of attempts at “connection” were happening (as evidenced by the photos) even though, in the end, efforts by “Home” to connect our worlds failed.

When I saw this image and noted the date my mind went straight to last December 19, 2019. Again, the whys and hows are beyond me. I wondered if I’d left my home on Long Island by that time as I snuck out in the middle of the day when my son and his wife were at work so I could “escape” the challenges I was forced to face while there. As they are personal and not relevant to the conclusion of this writing I will keep them to myself. Suffice to say when I looked up the date I’d checked in to an Airbnb in Jamaica, Queens, NY awaiting a flight to Seattle booked for the 26th, I discovered it had, in fact, been December 19th.

The thing is, that departure from my son’s house was another beginning for me. Since leaving Long Island I’ve had connections with consciousness at numerous levels of existence, including many occasions where such “essence” took physical form and made sure I paid attention. For example, the same man presented in two drug stores in Jamaica, each time standing in line; the first when I left store #1, the next when I arrived a block down the street at store #2 – when being in two places at the same time was not possible (or is it?) – each occasion this mid-twenties, linebacker-esk, over 6 foot tall, male “person” acknowledged me when others paid me no mind. Seemingly homeless men appearing out of thin air bringing messages specific, for me, all to communicate in some way. The list goes on…

(lyric refrain) Everything’ll work out alright – every single time.

Artist: The Lushlife Project | Budapest Eskimos | released 2005 (runs: 5:44)

Both of these December 19th dates were turning points for me in my ongoing travels to further understand what mom offered just beyond life. At those times, I’d been giving and giving to others without expectation. In return I received endless, dense contrast, criticism for my beliefs and lifestyle choices. Each disconnecting me permanently from those I loved, be they family, friends, acquaintances, love interests. Each bringing such deep emotional pain I had to sift through to garner lessons in wait. Yet I had; each and every time. Today, I finally exist in a space where I fully understand my greatness, my kindness, my uniqueness and I am so very grateful.

Let’s review… Empathy is a state of being where feeling is introduced into the equation as a key, a clue a code, when deciphered offers a heightened understanding of who and what we are in this reality experience. For those able to see deeply into the orbs of light in the night sky it illuminates the need to balance what you give with that received so as to scale the effectiveness of such giving in the evolution of all that is. Dates… we all have them. Since my mom’s transition to the next, some include, 5/26/09, 8/14/16, 12/13/16, 12/19/16, 2/1/17, 11/13/17, and so on… and so on… As jazzed by the refrain of The Lushlife Project in its 2005 track, Budapest Eskimos, the point(lessness) is this,

Everything’ll work out alright… Every Single Time.

Be gentle with yourself. Realize a couple of hundred years is a finger snap of time for humans to finally become the awareness, the value in and of “feeling your way into another” and then emulating same; enough so as to create a word to encapsulate the understanding. Einfühlung… was the word coined then. Empathy is the English translation used today. Words matter. They carve meaning from the ethos of knowing into the construct of language. They are building blocks to communicate in this world of form we call “life.” If utilized soulfully they purpose us forward. If used sole-fully, they have the ability to deconstruct humanity into a world where empathy is no more than 7 characters those egoic grip, void of the gift of feeling, to chisel away at our humanity, one strike of contrast at a time.

I am an Empath. What’s next for me is frequential, energetic, non-linear; a collection of unseen knowings that will one day carry me from consciousness embodied to pure beingness unfurled. What’s next in your personal evolution is solely, soulfully up to you.


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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of the view from the veranda of my Aussie female friend’s apartment in Lismore, NSW, Australia taken on 12/19/16. The stream of lights and orbs were not visible to the human eye. I was just snapping the surrounding area of her place during a session with “Home,” a dimensional reality that was said to exist outside this reality by those connecting with us through her computer. To view the full-sized image in new window click here.




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