As a human being you have the inalienable ability to write the story of your life as you will. Within the bubble of incarnation your perspective of those choices which create your physical experience will be literal. The perspectives of others will be diverse and dependent on how their individual and collective stories wave within and around your own. Outside the bubble, where particles vibrate in a field of infinite, electromagnetic probability, the energy of perception forms and reforms in an allegory of quantum possibility, alive in the frequency of connection.

Destiny awaits in the nascence.
channeled message received from The Author on 8/13/20 at 4:22 a.m. PT US.

Tomorrow will be the fourth anniversary of my introduction to The Frequency.

On the morning of August 14, 2016 in the historic, Sam Hughes neighborhood within the dustbowl of Tucson, AZ, I had an experience that took no more than a millisecond to commence, which has taken me all of the last four years to process. I’ve talked about it many times and you can read more on The Story  page of this website, under the section entitled, House Sitting in Tucson.

Suffice to say this frequency, one I was told through direct and indirect communications with sources unseen, was that of unconditional love. Oliver, a disembodied voice that came through my Australian friend’s computer four months later, in December 2016, said it had been he who had gifted me with the wave… with the experience of knowing unconditional love, as he stepped in to the body of another whom I was talking with at the time. That joining was followed with some sort of sensory feeling like heat wafting from the sidewalk on a steamy, hot summer’s day. It paralyzed me in my tracks. I couldn’t move. Couldn’t speak. I tried. Believe me I tried, but I was frozen, and the bone deep emotion that accompanied this physical oddity was overwhelming. Intense! According to Oliver, this “feeling” was the vibration of a frequential wave of connection. (My words / deductions. Not his, exactly.) Take that with a grain of salt (or a pallet if you wish). Answers as to what this “gift” was were evident in his name.

Oliver.  His name was Oliver.  |  I love her.  All of her. (hear it? got the picture?)

Once I realized the clue in his name I asked him to help me understand the meaning. He was generous, and not only confirmed that “I love her. All of her” was intentional, it was the foundation of the reason for that 8/14/16 connection… to share the energy of love; unconditional love.

Little did I know at the time the vastness in the simplicity of that purpose. It was an allegory for me to unfurl, one symbol, one synchronicity, one cypher at a time. Time was irrelevant in the decoding, though. For me, the linear experience created such contrast I found myself backed up against a wall of indifference and disdain by those I trusted and cared for, forced to choose. Understand this experience, or hold on to my relationships with them.

I tried to do both for the longest time. Yet, with each two-step forward I was taking one step back in order to maintain healthy connections with those I cared for. It seemed no one, not even those who were part of the esoteric community that had at one time embraced my uniqueness were willing to stick with me. Those who were solidly planted in traditional thinking found quick, lame reasons for disconnecting. Others more open to that unseen became argumentative, angry, even cruel if I didn’t hold the same opinions or come to similar conclusions as they about these strange and unusual occurrences. Seeking clarity created chaos; not within me but directed at me from others. I often felt alone. Lucky for me I was comfortable with being by myself, otherwise I’d guess I’d have succumb to their wishes that I let go of this nonsense and get back in line with what was actually “real” as they defined it.

What I discovered in this journey was a series of hurdles I had to clear in order to gain access to that which most never attempt to seek (probably because they don’t believe it exists)… the knowledge of that beyond human comprehension.

These knowings are infinite and defy logic, science, and current belief systems regarding existence and what is defined as reality. Most also defy the ability to explain, detail or express in language because they are sensory, experiential, and, it seems, find no value in attempting to fit in a devolved box of conditioned, unconscious thinking.

Light-energy communication captured along the wood slated walkways in and around the Nepal Peace Pagoda, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, on 1/15/18 at 8:06 a.m. (local time)

I accepted this challenge from the unseen early on, not to be defiant or because I thought myself more highly evolved or special. In fact, life on earth would have been much easier if I had just let go of my controversial, outspoken ways. I would still have a relationship with my sister, my son, and a man I felt so deeply connected to it took me more than three years to accept defeat. Yet, I continued on. Why? Because I had been gifted with an experience I had no words for. Without words I couldn’t explain it to others in a way that they would accept. I had to be an egg in a styrofoam container of collective belief or I had to boil, alone, on the sidewalk. I chose the sidewalk. At least there I was able to continue the interesting journey with pure consciousness of light, sound, and other energetic vibrations of frequency that found ways to enlighten, inform and connect in an effort to expand my awareness and move my spiritual evolution forward, with momentum.

Choosing to travel the road unpaved was one I never regretted, and anyone or anything lost along the way was not mine in the first place.

During these last four years I’ve discovered that our human experiences are determined by the frequency we invite in. Most might argue that no invitation is perfected or needed, but I feel otherwise. As we evolve we begin to accept that there is always more… more to learn, to enjoy, to open ourselves to if we choose. Let me give you an example:

Imagine this… You are a time traveler. You return to the year 1920 – 100 years ago – to glimpse at what a century will bring. Let’s say you try to explain any one advancement that exists in the year 2020 to any one person; not revealing you are a time traveler, but presenting it as if it was a fact of possibility. Will the individual look at you beguiled in positive wonderment or seek to fetch the closest protection from you and your crazy ways? What if, then, the community at large turned against you? Would you rebuke your truth as fantasy being that all around you insisted you were a bit scattered and in need of medical treatment, or would you stand by your truth – one you had personal experience and knowledge of knowing commitment in a psychiatric facility might be in your future?

I leave the deduction to you.

Me? I’ve made my choice. I know others find my theories and postulates bizarre and unconventional. Let it be so, then. I have been graced with knowings and experiences far beyond that reckoned possible and I’d rather be thought of as a nut job instead of relenting to the practices of the masses just to be accepted.

Frequency is how we manifest and create our reality of form. Energy of perceived positions of success, failure, happiness, sadness, wealth, poverty, beauty and that which is grotesque are all frequencies. Evil is a frequency low on the scale of vibration. Goodness and grace vibrate higher. It is that simple. What makes it seem difficult is in the acceptance that feeling depressed (for example) is a choice – one that can be overcome with a change in vibration. That is what I not only discovered but experienced first hand.

The frequency shared with me on 8/14/16, that of unconditional love, was a wave of energy that wafted over me and permeated my entire beingness; both physical and non. The gift was freely offered by that unseen. It was up to me to accept it and in the acceptance find the reason to comprehend it as freeing and not something to be feared, shunned and discarded.

My physical travels have taken me all across the United States and the eastern coastline of Australia. My spiritual travels have spanned time and space, that seen and unseen, and I have known ways of existing in this world of form and in the formlessness of that other worldly. In the allowance I have evolved.

Yesterday I read a creation by a one time acquaintance that moved me. It seems he, too, is sensing his own frequential knowings at the vibration of his free will choice. I have no idea if he is flying along those spectrums high or low as he transforms into his new way of being human. What I do feel is he is finding the pathway open, and is standing his ground as guardian of his own experience. Why do I feel that way? Because after I read his work I felt him… his essence. It was a telepathic connection at that frequency of 8/14/16, of unconditional love, and as I basked in the energy of his words a Cooper’s hawk landed on the roof right in front of my window.

Screenshot of Facebook post of Cooper’s Hawk from 7/26/18

for larger view click image above, or here.

Cooper’s hawks have played a huge role in sharing nature’s cadence as a signifier, a tool of symbolic, totem confirmation of my connection with the energy of consciousness, of intelligence unseen. It began in Tucson, AZ in 2016 when I caught a glimpse of a physicist I knew peering up into the pre-dawn skies. When I asked him later what he was looking at he said a Cooper’s hawk. I was aware of this man’s dense, unspoken connection with life’s many mysteries and took note of his interest in this winged creation. Two years later on July 26, 2018 I had my own one-on-one with a Cooper’s hawk while housesitting in the canyons of Tucson. I was in the bedroom as the gorgeous specimen of spiritual vision and intuition landed just yonder of the window on the bird bath sculpture in the back garden. As I grabbed my camera and took the shot it turned its head in a quick, single movement and gazed right into my eyes (see photo right). The homeowners later told me they, too, had seen a Cooper’s hawk land in their backyard for a few days after the death of a dear friend several years prior but never again.

Then yesterday, 8/12/20, just after connecting telepathically with this other during a treasured moment of reverence, the Cooper’s hawk you see in the banner image (or click here for full, uncropped version) flew into view, perching on the roof of the shed in close proximity to where I was seated just beyond the living room wall of windows.

No resistance. In patient contemplation. Pondering with grace.

These last four years have carried me on a wave of exploration unparalleled by anything I could have imagined prior. Now that I am aware of the ripple in the ocean of possibility available for the asking, my curiosity at what might be next is pure helium in wait. With three taps of my heels, a little pixie dust, and the frequency of infinite possibility a stringed kite away, all I need do now is entangle the cosmic key and wait for lightening to strike.

As the above referenced acquaintance wrote in his anonymous rhyme…

    As the unseen comes to fore.
    From what we have, to something more.

From your lips, dear friend, to a willing ear…  at the frequency of unconditional love.


~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a Cooper’s Hawk that perched on the roof of the shed to scope out the area before diving downward to get a drink in the manmade, backyard pond of the Airbnb place where I’m staying in Tucson, AZ on 8/12/20 at 12:09 p.m. To view the full-sized, uncropped version of the Hawk in new window click here.




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