Manner of allowance determines the degree of awareness in the vortex of limitless possibility. Therefrom, a cosmic web of symbiotic associations emerge between self and all spectrums of consciousness, both in and out of physical, particle form becoming an observable standard and not the exception. The only prerequisite is consent. When one opens to the infinite in the perceived finite, only then may one choose to experience the extraordinary, and in the doing align channels of communication with each and all that is.

channeled message received from The Author on 8/19/20 at 4:21 p.m. PT US.

I am a conductor of waveform. I am also a receiver. The secret (that is anything but) is at our essence, we are all energy. We vibrate, and the electromagnetic components generated therefrom have the capacity to communicate in an eternal dialogue within and outside of this dimension of accepted reality… and this occurs whether we are aware of it, accept it, or not. If I have discovered anything in my ongoing study of the unseen it is the vastness of our cosmic greatness. We are amazing in our beingness as consciousness in physical form, and we choose, every day, to continue the co-creative experience of oneness with our body and all else that is said to exist in this endless galaxy of matter as we brush our teeth, interact with others, and simply live until we do no longer, transforming into the next.

Indigo. Backyard of Airbnb in Tucson (8/8/20).

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Meet Indigo (photo right / above if on a mobil). This feline is a colleague in my ongoing study into the what’s and how’s of possibility as consciousness in form. Indigo is a neighborhood cat that frequents the backyard sanctuary of the Airbnb were I’m currently staying in Tucson, AZ. I mentioned to the owners of this place (who live next door) that this lovely animal finds its way over the 7 foot, brick wall nearly every evening to hang out with me for awhile. They told me they’ve never seen it, nor has any former occupants mentioned such a character. I also asked the mid-twenties couple in the unit next door and a few residents who live on the block if they had seen this white and gray ghost. All replied, “No.” Odd as it may sound, our unique partnership doesn’t surprise me. I seem to attract all sorts of consciousness capped within a physical container. And, since Indigo scurries off every time her pitch is about to be caught by an outside player, my guess is our symbiosis will remain gloved in signals only we can translate.

Indigo isn’t the only animal that hangs out with me. In recent months I’ve had birds of all kinds, rabbits, coyotes, dogs, other cats, and strays far and wide seem to seek me out. When I’m outside pathing my way here and yonder, dogs being walked by their human companions turn and begin to follow me leaving their mates confused, distraught, curious. Hummingbirds hover overhead and circle as if I give off a sugar-water perfume. Even lizards and geckos don’t run from me, and instead stop right in front of my trail bobbing their heads, sweeping their tails as if waiting for a friendly nod. Then there is Indigo. This lovely creature has become my friend and I’ve utilize our relationship to test my theories of frequential connection.

Indigo has given me what a one time friend stepped away from… a return on my spiritual investment.

You see, I’ve only trusted one person to tell my deepest secrets of the unknown to. An entrepreneur, a professional top in his field, this younger gentleman and I found common ground on topics esoteric in early 2017 when he was about 44 years old. His intent seemed genuine in those early weeks, and probably was, but after a handful of months things changed. The time he had gifted me had negatively impacted the customary number of hours he worked his practice, or so he said. As a result, and due to a confusion he was unwilling to work through regarding how to collaborate with a female who had feelings for him, we parted ways for a stretch.

As I was to learn, those feelings were an integral part of any successful formula in the alchemic mix of how to frequentially communicate, and I was quickly able to data mine my way through how to use emotions to energetically connect with another without words, without need for physical proximity. However, as it turned out, the whole thing was more than he bargained for and he couldn’t see past what he thought was a seasoned woman 14 years his senior with a crush on him. It wasn’t a crush at all. It was the frequency of unconditional love, a successful culmination in our joint agreement over many a cup of Jack Jack’s coffee to consummate what we called, “creating a new world.” That “creation” required energetic union at a sharable frequency in the same way a car requires an accelerator before forward momentum is possible. Unfortunately he was unwilling to talk through this shared, initial misperception so we were unable to work through and beyond the situation. Sad, really, since we each had so much to offer the other in fine tuning what we both knew was a unique connection.

As stated above, the formula for connecting with other energy signatures, or what one might refer to as (dis)embodied intelligence, consciousness, even souls, is to do so through a shared frequency. As an example, if two people want to listen to the same broadcast, no matter the device, the shared link, station, or network is the first step. Once each has “tuned in” to that shared channel the communication about what each is experiencing can begin.

Yet, that isn’t enough. All parties can want the connection but what if, say, one gets called away to a meeting, or his/her child gets a boo boo or has a bad dream and needs immediate care. What if both participants have the broadcast turned on but one or both break focus… aren’t fully tuned in? Thus, a component in a successful mix is consent plus focus. Focus does not mean what one might think, either. It took me years to realize that the centering on the goal is achievable through intent blended with allowance, as opposed to determination shaken into a cocktail of grit and blind desire. In other words, if you try too hard to think about what you want to accomplish you miss the mark. The missing element… feeling your way in to the zone (so to speak).

I discovered the first part of “how to connect” through a conversation, an experiment with an energy signature who called himself Oliver. Oliver was no more than a voice on my friend’s computer back in December of 2016; however, he was much more. He demonstrated he could read my thoughts and feelings, and did so during a more than 2 hour exchange on 12/15/16. He asked me to trust him and said he could not do much more than chat with me unless I found my way into that state of beingness. I didn’t trust him. I didn’t even know what he was or why he had tried for months to track me down through this friend. I was more than skeptical. I was sure the whole thing was some sort of elaborate sham, the purpose of which was unknown to me. Yet, I agreed to play along out of curiosity to see just what might happen.

I asked questions in my head, questions no one around me would know the answers to. He answered every one. Blew my mind! So I let go, agreed to trust, and allowed myself to actually trust.

That was step one. Consent.

Step two. Connect.

It was easy for Oliver to connect with me but I struggled. I felt what seemed like connection but it would wain in and out and I couldn’t hold on to it. Oliver assisted in this effort by offering instruction. That instruction is shared herein in the 1:02 audio excerpt below of that 12/15/16 conversation had in Lismore, NSW, Australia.

Oliver on How to Connect | 12/15/16 NSW, AU | runs 1:02

I had calculable success merging with the energy that was Oliver on 12/15/16. It was amazing. Ineffable! However, at the end of the day I couldn’t seem to repeat the experience with another; in or out of physical form. Then on 2/1/17 I had a business meeting with the one-time friend mentioned above, and from there we mutually consented to try our hand at “creating a new world.” Little did either of us know that process was easy and only required we learn how to energetically connect, and once achieved share the experience with willing others so a collective of humans could do what Oliver and all consciousness have been doing ad infinitum. From that dimension of knowing the world as we once experienced it would forever evolve.

I don’t think either of us was aware of how to actually accomplish such a goal. I’m not even sure he was on board with the whole new world thing. He may have just been seeking a break from routine, but I was committed. I’d been experiencing events most would consider other worldly for months, and I was “in it” for the long haul, for the win.

Our approach was logical, from the outside, from a place of “conditioned” reality handed down from one human generation to the next. In some ways it felt like we were colleagues writing a business prospectus. In others, it felt more like a collaboration to generate the premise of a sci-fi novel. As a result, nothing changed other than our elementary perspectives on reality. No dynamic transformations. No new world. Then the coffee stopped flowing and we disconnected.

What I have since learned is a bond of the sort we share is rare. By that I mean we all have the ability to connect telepathically, empathically, vibrationally with any other unique signature, but it has to start with the realization such is possible. That realization begins when you find yourself in the same space with another who, in some capacity, under some sort of divine timing connects with you. It is a feeling. It is a knowing. Awareness must then merge in acceptance for any seeds planted to further grow. Until something like this happens, such tales of unseen potential remain pure imagination.

From there your curiosity begins to churn, and, if you’re lucky you find this connection with another just as curious and mutual consent is perfected. From there the feelings begin and only if you realize they are essential expressions of the alchemic transformation necessary to complete the formula you may wish it all you want… sense it from time to time, but the fullness of its potential will never be attained. I’m lucky. I created an environment where I could explore these options until I opened to the methodology that energetically awaited. Now, with the help of Indigo in showing me I am more than just a receiver, I am a talented initiator, phase one of the eternal many is complete.

Even though 3D communications with my younger, male counterpart ended, began, ended, began, ended… in what was for the longest time a cycle of on again, off again situationship, the underlying, energetic, telepathic connection grew exponentially – at least for me. Today, I can sense his words, his thoughts, his feelings when we connect at our shared frequency. I know this is actually happening despite our not talking or being in touch in our outward, human existence because the information and sensory stimulation waves through in a way provable to me. I won’t say more for privacy reasons, but the thing is… I couldn’t prove it. I just knew (know) it. Since he no longer responds to my attempts to reach out in this human experience, what I am left without data for is if he, too, can sense my thoughts as I do his. If he can feel my emotions the way I empathically do his, or if this is a one-sided energy communication. I cannot turn off those knowings I have about him. They just are, and I’ve learned to live with them despite our coastal separation.

Then came Indigo.

Indigo simply appeared one evening early on in my stay at this Airbnb in Tucson. It took a few visits before this feline allowed me to get near. Then the synchronicities began. I’d wonder if a pass-by was in the offing and Indigo would appear. Presented as if called. This went on and on until I took the liberty of reaching out frequentially with intent. I’d call in my head without uttering a word. Seconds later Indigo would show up. I’d say, “come closer” in my head, and closer Indigo did come. I’d tell Indigo to go over to the pond, back to the flowers, up on the wall, down into the grassy patch, up to the windows, jump onto the chair, and so forth. Each time what I asked for I got, and it seemed consensual, done with knowing as if I was actually heard. With these experiments gifted to me in the coincidental appearance of Indigo at this temporary, Tucson, AZ residence, I now have my personal proof that I, too, can send as much as I can receive.

Then I opened up to Indigo. I said, “What do you want?” At first I got nothing. Then I got bring a ball… a RED ball. So I went out and bought two the next day; one red, one blue. I called Indigo that evening and like a church bell this gray wonder tolled atop the brick wall. I waited until I got what I felt was a request to play ball, like “Wanna play? Got the ball?” So I threw out the blue one. Indigo ran towards it, stopped short and looked at me like, “Are you kidding?” So I tossed out the red one. That one was retrieved and brought back to me as if the cat was a dog and we were playing fetch. This went on for about 20 minutes. Each time I tossed the red ball Indigo fetched. Each time I tossed the blue ball, Indigo remained motionless with the same look you see in the image above. This continued until I heard Indigo express the equivalent of, “That’s enough. I’m bored. Gotta go.” Yet, no movement. So I said, “I thought you were leaving.” Indigo replied, “I was. I am. But I don’t want to hurt your feelings so do you mind?” “No,” I said, and with that Indigo was up and over the wall, glancing back for a quick, “Thanks! See ya.”

Then I let a couple of days go by without calling. When I felt Indigo’s energy I said, “Not today,” and it was gone. One day Indigo appeared on the wall and I felt this furry friend’s presence before I actually saw the four paws and well groomed exterior. I turned, looked up, smiled (so as to not use a look to get the message across) and expressed, “How about you come back in about 15 minutes?” Guess what happened in exactly 15 minutes?

So, now I know what my friend was unavailable to help me discover. I am a sender and a receiver as long as the frequency in the space between consenting signatures is in tune.

In case that friend ever finds his way to this article, know I still feel you. Probably always will. And, dude… you missed out on one hell of an experience – the opportunity to engage in a genuine, two way, telepathic exchange. Let me also share that I may not understand your reasons for how our story played out, but I let go of any negativity long ago. I had to. My channeling with that unseen (and in form) requires I catch a high energetic wave if I want to ride a beam of white light; otherwise, I’d end up at some local Chinese restaurant ordering a pint of white rice to go, face-to-face with an Eidolon, and who wants that (wink)? 

Thank you for opening the pathway back then, and for setting into motion years of quantum unfoldment that I’d have never pursued if it hadn’t been for those curious cups of Jack Jack’s coffee. Most of all, know if I had to do it all over again, I would, in a heartbeat. Without regret.

Until a time divine when the unseen comes to fore, and we move from what we once had to something more, I offer you my gratitude, and my hope this life continues to deliver its very best to you.

For those who are skeptical… find a friend. Any sort of friend. Attempt to feel your way into a common emotion (frequency), and let yourselves wave your way into discovering how you two can consensually connect without words. It’s such a pleasure.

Speaking of pleasure, it’s almost time to play. I feel Indigo’s energy pulsing through the matrix. “Red ball, or blue Indigo?”


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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a neighborhood cat I’ve lovingly named Indigo; a frequent “break-in” visitor into the 7′ brick walled, backyard sanctuary of the Airbnb place where I’m staying in the Casas Adobes area of Tucson, AZ. Taken 8/8/20 at 5:58 p.m. local time. To view the full-sized, uncropped version in new window click here.




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