Presence in the Stillness

There is presence in the stillness.

You’ve done the work, know who you are; an effervescent, spiritual being whole in the capacity to love unconditionally. So they come; some hoping for compassion, consideration, companionship, consultation, others seeking debate, conflict, even revenge… all aware of your light and the grace by which you exchange in this reality experience.

As you are, I am. Reflect.

channeled message received from The Author on 8/26/20 at 7:29 p.m. PT US.

The archaic charm of a morning walk can purpose many outcomes. In days past spending time alone placing one sneaker in front of the other in communion with nature as the sun finds its footing, alongside from a space of that unperceived to a placement beyond the dawn has served me as a sort of attic cleaning, effortlessly clearing space for the emotional epiphanies that companion my passage into the fullness of the light.

Energy surrounds me, supports me as I focus on the crowning strengths in the simplicity of being human. Of late what has become apparent are those experiences that cross, block and challenge efforts of forward, spiritual momentum. In other words, at the age of 61 I am one who seeks clarity and truth in the secularism between science and spirituality. With the freedom to delve into such exploration and a detachment from societal scrutiny as to findings, I proceed.

This detachment, however, was not free, as defined within the confines of a singular human life. It came at the price of loss. Loss of family and friends, and those I unconditionally loved simply because they refused to open to the postulates I proposed… ones backed by my own observations, and to love me enough to offer their own witness viewpoint from outside my bubble of study and share their perspective when appropriate, in an effort to help me refocus when the energy I was exploring at any given stretch was misinforming / misaligning with the immediate picture in my search of the longer term application of such exchanges. In short, I needed others to help me analyze what I was experiencing, or to simply accept me without judgment while I explored. Those few whose help I sought in the form of feedback to questions asked wouldn’t or couldn’t. Instead they simply stepped out of my life without regret.

For the most part I understood the why behind the choices made by my family and friends to disengage. They were afraid, confused, weirded out by that which they didn’t understand. I’m sure if a technology genius of today could be transported back a couple hundred years and tried to explain any of today’s advancements (s)he’d face the same. Look at how we view Tesla’s work today; yet, when alive his findings were hidden, his reputation sullied. Most growing up in the 1950’s through about ten years ago never heard of him. Today, he is a recognized avant garde.

What I didn’t agree with was the how.

Most of my acts as the witness were with that unseen at a range of frequency connections from divinity and cosmic surrealism to what some might refer to as devilish in nature. I felt that to understand frequency communication I had to connect with as many as I could identify. To identify that meant at the placement of identity. In other words, I had to raise and lower my emotions and live in that field of energy for a space of linear time, aware of the perceptions had at a waveform level of the relationship, in a conditioned state as the witness. In the doing I would “be” the version of this person known as myself for the period of study and see what found me energetically (spiritually). Each time I’d connect with a range of frequency along a particular band of broadcast (connection) I’d also return to what I’ll call zero-point to regroup as the self I am. At these segments of zero-point consciousness I would make mental and actual notes of the interactions and knowings had, refresh and reboot, then move on to connect to the next frequency I could find my way into vibration with. Many couldn’t wrap their head around my process and what I was attempting. It was then that each would detach instead of loving me enough or being open to possibility so as to accept me the way I was. So, no support in the physical world, only evolution forward in the awareness of how that unseen weaves around and within us as consciousness embodied.

It is of value to note that if you didn’t know me you would perceive nothing out of the ordinary. If you did, no harm was done in any way by my process. If I didn’t talk about what was happening to and through me not even those friends and family who departed would have reason for their actions. It was simply my being honest in what was happening that triggered the loss. Perspective at the singular point of individual acceptance is what currently drives us as consciousness in form. The comfort of conditioning, even if void of joy, supersedes our willingness to evolve. If we would open to the possibility that this experience of form is a spark of what is actual, and in the acceptance move forward in our graduate trek what we might find is the winning chips in that poker game are worth the risk of consideration.

What these many years have pealed are layers of that once hidden as to how this existence of energy, frequency and vibration operate in the construct of our physical, human world, and how our own behavior is dependent on the waveform connections we attract on the various bands of infinite frequency. As this sort of exploration encompasses what the lot of those in my life consider impossible, improbable, or simply ridiculous, they disconnected – often in disgust. Many of those situations are shared within the posts herein at The One Hiraeth Project, or elsewhere on the web as audios, videos, social media offerings, and so on.

I had two options. Conform and be accepted. Continue on and evolve. I made my choice, confident, unafraid. In the doing I found the pathway is open.

Dawn amidst the Catalina Mountains, Tucson, AZ | 8/25/20

for larger view click image above, or here.

I accept my fate as a spiritual traveler. I also know it is a partnership with self, partially because being alone, by one’s self, you are less distracted and, thus, more open to receive from the realm of that yet known, and in part due to the lack of support and willingness of others to join with one whose views are so outside what is considered the norm. I would love to share a life. I doubt that is a joy I will find in this incarnation. Yet, I have chosen and I accept the outcome because I am called.

Each day brings its own awareness refined, and two days ago on Tuesday, August 25th I had a flash of satori so profound I began to twirl. I was a dirt path away from the Airbnb where I’m staying near the trail that encircles Dan Felix Memorial Park. The “Aha” simply was as if one second I didn’t know and the next an encyclopedia of study was shelved in the library of my mind’s bank. The elation was orgasmic and in release I danced. I also took a photo as I wanted to remember the feeling from the ground through the air at this moment of realization. (photo above, right / or above if on a mobil).

Yes, I danced, and in the movements I became vibration in physical expression. Tangible. Intangible. At the speed of consciousness embodied. Each sway scaled, in balance, a corresponding awareness, a knowing that expanded and restructured my concept of the who of what I was in that moment of pure presence. When I got back to the place where I’m staying I grabbed a cup of coffee and my iPhone and began to record the event as best as I could within the limitations of language. That recording is shared below, and details a relationship between my abilities as a dancer, the more expansive wave of meaning of such expression in tandem with all that is, and a Covington, KY stripper I once called friend, named Cindy.

Strippers Welcome | 8/25/20 | runs 36:43

There is presence in the stillness; waveform energy vibrating at the frequency of free will choice. Silent. Existent. Void of judgement or perception. Allow it. Let it move your momentous journey of beingness forward, and when you feel it, when it moves you… dance!

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of the sun rising just above the Catalina Mountains, shot from Dan Felix Memorial Park at 6:30 a.m. local time, Tucson, AZ, on 8/25/20. To view the full-sized, uncropped version in a new window click here.



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