Writing on Water

Intellect -n- Wisdom;
a union of logic and abstraction forever in flow as we write our stories upon the gnostic waters of creation.

channeled message received from The Author on 9/9/20 at 4:01 p.m. PT US.

Reaching deeply within my quieted core I alchemized to a space of remembrance of the duality of self. So many walk barefoot in the muddy streams of endless, chaotic thought while offering stillness to the world external. This waveform of contrast between what exists inside with that presented on the surface reminded me of the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Part I of his 1808 play, Faust.

    === Scene 5: Outside the Town Wall ===
    In me there are two souls, alas, and their division tears my life in two. One loves the world, it clutches her, it binds itself to her, clinging with furious lust; The other longs to soar beyond the dust into the realm of high ancestral minds.

Pointed and clear are these words delivering seeded truth of what is oft hidden with what is not.

It was in this state of lightened reality I was invited to explore a shelf of akashic awareness. The dissatisfied intellectual battling for presence in the linear timeline of a life was staged in curious contemplation with it’s companion player, the mystic, timeless, intuitive illuminator. The script; a dialogue stirring discourse of seeming opposites existent in the individual, indivisible self.

  • One, of the highest regard in the realm earthly. The other, of the highest genesis of that ethereal.
  • One grounded, firm of details measured. The other airy, wise in knowings beyond measure.
  • One studious in that definable considered as expert in a given field. The other empiric in expression guided by the infinite unknown.
  • One purposed with understanding to a finite degree of evidence. The other seeking the all in nothingness and in acceptance allowing isness as infinite in that thus evident.

Both faces may be capped inside the jar of a singular self; in sync with, while in opposition to who one thinks one is suppose to be, the persona fronted for public view and review verses those aspects of self reflecting who one actually is, wishes, and/or knows oneself to be.

Access The Awareness Beyond | Russell Brand & Mooji | 8/14/20
Clip:  Guided Experience to Essence of Self (48:35 – 1:04:03)

To listen past auto end click anywhere on player.

Want to travel into a space where intellect meets wisdom and perspective dissipates into expansive effervescence of breathless rememberings where “processing” is released into the eternal reveal of boundless knowings? I thought you might. Just click play above and invest about 17 minutes into the wholeness of your potential as Mooji guides you through the experience.

Resolution of such naked duality resolves itself through choice. One can accept this life as an opportunity of essence incarnate to evolve, or resist the existential call and exist in exigent, social, conditional intelligence lived solely within the tangible parameters of matter.

From the spaciousness of pure awareness at the energetic nucleus of eternal connection I recessed further into the postulate, There is no such thing as an expert.

This knowing was tendered so clearly into my intuitive nature, void of ego, I had no reason to disavow. When I reached for mastery of this consideration I experienced the equivalent of the words…

That which lies beyond comprehension exists as fullness in that absent of dimension. Restricting one’s belief to the walls of acceptance fixed does not result in an expert, but exposes instead its opposite. One who is of the school there is capacity in original thought is innocently incapable of allowing same despite its availability in wait of activation. Being so limited does not mean original thought ceases to exist, but simply identifies the one calling him/herself “expert” is incapable of recognizing it as present. In other words, the expert, able to host a certain perspective is unable to perceive the existent many, and, therefore dismisses the all in preference for that considered perfectly adequate in his/her folly as claimed authority.

Such linear theory of limitation being so accepted as truth is, itself, perfectly imperfect in its requisite, satisfactory, oxymoronic inadequacy.

From this fountain of contemplative abundance flowing to me deep within a meditative connection with that unseen I drank until I could no more. Quenched, brimmed, I pulled back to a layer of consciousness tuned to what is considered by most to be the dimension of conditioned reality referred to as 3D. Rich in the wealth of knowings shared, I “processed” what presented into a condensed translation comfortably digestible and suitable for human consumption, as follows:

Pen your own thoughts. Characterize your own experiences. Journal your own book on the pages of creation. Write on water and allow your expressions to wave into the divine ocean of the all that is.

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of rain water rushing down into a street gutter in the Magnolia area of NW Seattle, WA. Taken with my iPhone6 on 2/6/20 at 8:17 a.m. during a morning walk. To view the full-sized, uncropped version in a new window click here.



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