Spiritual rains clear the lyrical planes divined with satirical gains through historical reigns bearing topical strains by imperials feigning their clerical chains of means specious; these species of specialized vein lurk in shadowy places evolving in pieces from palatial spaciousness, misgracious lemmings tenacious in brutish salaciousness. So it is for those who shelter from the storm, willfully muzzled by layers yet masking their sovereign form.

For those who smile as they stand in the wind and the dynamic weather of human existence without resistance, as evergreen witness…

Thunder forward in the momentum of the lightening.

channeled message received from The Author on 9/24/20 at 6:55 a.m. PT US.

This week has been one of pure human experience. Only that seen has pathed a way to communicate with me; not for lack of an open channel but in the gift of knowing time of that linear was purposed for my full attention. What do I mean by that? It’s simple. Lack of otherworldly connection has come to signify its own meaning; be present in the now. I’m needed there and no where else.

In the last handful of years as that unseen began to make itself known to me I went through stages of understanding. First I was eager in a Red Bull sort of way to hurry up and understand what was going on. Looking back I have to laugh at the sweet ignorance of that desire. The Divine has its own timing and that’s that. The process began with what I’ll call “downloads” or “knowings” of such fluidity coming in rapid succession, followed with intermittent pause to allow me to process the magnitude of the expansion given. Then the next, and the next; each with its own set of follow ups. In retrospect it seems that was done so I wouldn’t, say, go insane with too much coming in too quickly, no matter how mature I felt I was in my ability to digest and accept. This is how it has been for me since – pockets of knowings, experiences, expansion as I evolve into what I refer to as a new way of being.

Long periods of no communication then began to present. No hits. No signs, synchronicities, connects with anything otherworldly. To clarify, long periods could be a splash of days, a week or so… never longer. Though I must say that the return of that unseen would flow forward at many speeds. Sometimes the messages would be sprinkles of connection. Other times a huge series of knowings, then another pleasant pause. I also must admit that during these pauses I’d often question whether these communications – these frequential contacts were even happening, real, or just my imagination. Then, without fail, they would return and I’d take off the coat of doubt and opened to the truth that there is simply more to what we call extant life that any human will ever comprehend.

So it is… at least for me. And this week the sounds of silence with the unseen symphony’d on in harmony with simple existence. When it became clear I was awake in a void of that universal vastness ever present, I looked around and thought, “What requires my focus?”

This go-around it was the need to close out a few chapters in my life that had been writing themselves for some 3 to 8 years… even longer in one case. It was time for me to really take in where I was in my life, what needed to remain and what was timed to be released. I had to remove those blocks keeping me from forward movement without burning any bridges. Not such an easy challenge, yet one I was aware had come and if I had faith in the rhythm of the pause I’d find my way into that which awaits by letting go of that which once was, being aware that once I’d allowed the change, as destined, the music of the universe would return. Just how it works for me in this matrixical incarnation.

So I did. I said good-bye to an acquaintance, offered an option to a family member to revise the old way we connected for a new one or disconnect without regret, and sent a final writing to those involved in an eight year old legal matter in final allowance of its outcome without my further involvement. I purged…

… and in the eviction of that which no longer serves I open to that which awaits.

Some of those gentle readers who ingest this article may wonder why I’d detach from a friend, a family member, and a financial forte without rue. Its simple… like the old saying goes, “If you love something let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours.”

Everyone, everything is made of energy. Energy includes frequencies for choice, will, feelings, fulfillment. Sometimes you have to let go for yourself or for others to evolve. Sometimes that release is permanent. Sometimes not. For me, I unfurled the string of three balloons with well wishes for each. Maybe reunion is in my future. Maybe not. One thing I do know; it is my calling to release, and in the allowance I offer my heart in hope and joy each finds the pathway is open.

Good bye to what was. On to the next. Hellooooo Source !

~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
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