Deux Pour Une / 2 4 1

Illusion is the sense of something real emerging from a state of formlessness; allowance its welcoming ally, resistance its worthy adversary.

channeled message received from The Author on 10/1/20 at 7:22 a.m. PT US.

Is wholeness something we become or something we incarnate into?

Throughout March of 2018 I wrote a manifesto channelled from sources unknown. I eventually entitled it, Becoming Whole Through Zero Point Consciousness. This piece of existential art expressed concepts present in the events of this very morning.

I awoke a few minutes ago. Since I’ll be going out for a walk later this morning I grabbed my mobil so I could plug it in, fully charged to share delightful media along the way. When I did it lit up displaying a Facebook private message from my niece, a truly beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. It began…

    Something is wrong. I feel it. And I realized I don’t even know where u are and I don’t know how to find you. I’m literally having a panic attack right now. Barbie what if something hap…

I was moved. Even my own son doesn’t know where I am and hasn’t asked since I left his home on Long Island last December, 2019. After months of no contact I recently gave him an ultimatum. If he didn’t call me by October 1st I’d change my phone number leaving us both to live our individual lives apart. Five days later he texted he wasn’t trying to dodge me but he was too busy with his work (in the Carpenter’s Union) to stay in touch. No phone call. Just his text. And, the text contained a few lies he didn’t think could so easily be caught – like a train zooming down the track of communication all you catch is the whistle in the distance. Yet, I did. The divine works in mysterious ways and both were brought into my purview within minutes of receipt of his reply.

Today is October 1st, and as I drafted the paragraph above a calendar pop up displayed atop this laptop window reminding me, Heard from _____ ? (where _____ = my son’s name.)

In tandem, as if in a dream, a train whistle blew in the distance.

My niece is right. Something is wrong, but it isn’t with me. It is with my manifesto finished on April 1st, 2018. We don’t “become” whole through zero point consciousness, we “are” whole when we arrive from that space of nothingness. It is only within the construct of human existence that such exigent wholeness is chiseled and sculpted into something both less and more than the original.

The ride of life, itself, is a series of roundabouts with cycles that continue until we find our way off the exit into the pretzeled landscape directing the next. As consciousness incarnate we often loose our knowledge of the space of zero point while we gain speed siding that train of lies, conditions, and ever changing roadways of emotions and experiences had from birth to death. I’m blessed to find that lost puzzle piece of knowing there is more, and despite it’s weight in my pocket and cattle calls of those in my life to drop it along the desert trails of my wayward spirit and rejoin the interstate of accepted reality, I carry it as I would a precious gem, even though to most it appears as nothing more than an ordinary stone.

I know the consequence of my son’s disconnect and the desperate cries of my niece are not random. They are divine. They host messages of enlightenment for those with eyes to see, and I am a seer.

It offers evidence of connection at a frequency of energy in motion; a sort of twinning of two vibrations. Synchronicity, in this case, was the unspoken, unwritten knowing scrolled and tied in a ribbon of spiritual awareness for the essence of self, capped in a human jar, to intuit if open to receive.

A twinning of souls, of consciousness eternal has been a theme this week; one expressing itself this morning through the simplicity of electronic packets of zeros and ones arriving at their final destination – the face of my cell phone. Like in the french book entitled, Deux Pour Une, translated as Two for One, by Erich Kästner (1949) which was plated by intelligence unseen for my personal media meal this week alongside the 1998 movie, Déjà vu, both exploring the same theme… spiritual connection born outside of time. Add to that two references to Brisbane, QLD, Australia just last night, a reference so rare I cannot recall the last time it was reintroduced into my day-to-day; a place where Eidolons and Angels of light joined me in the three months of November 2017 thru February 2018 as masters in my graduate study into the unseen.

One spirit within two frames. A divine dalliance born of trust in that which is and is not in union in this particle cosmos of form. That is the message of this day from the wonderment of my niece to the adventurousness of that which is me; a connection born of zero point consciousness between twinning souls.

Ahhh wholeness, an arcipluvian labyrinth of perplexing curiosity; one that was, is, and always will be if we have the courage to allow.

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of the book cover for the 1949 title, Deux Pour Une, by Erich Kästner (English translation of original, French title, Two For One | English “book” title of same, Lisa and Lottie). To view the full-sized, uncropped version in a new window click here.