Dining with a Seraph in Brisbane

You thrive in circles of endless repetition. Clock-watching the hours of a day. Ticking off days of the week. Traveling a roundabout to and from in the daily commute. Circles within circles spiraling deeper into the core of conditioned reality and further from the etherial knowings patiently waiting along the exits.

channeled message received from The Author on 10/15/20 at 5:41 a.m. PT US.

What you’re about to read is a message channeled from a familiar, unseen source outside my self, one visiting as I prepared dinner on Wed., 10/14/20. Bits and bobs of communication would flow in as I chopped and stirred, each captured in an open text file on my laptop. This cycle continued until the entirety of the dictation came through. Be not fooled by its tone and word selection, written as if in the voice of the writer. I may have transcribed the message but I am not the author, merely the translator of an ebb and flow of energetic expression so profound I decided to postpone the article I planned to write for a future date.

Let me now begin…

Get rid of the junk, the baggage that keeps you ever grounded, and move forward into what you really came here for. You might as well. If you “get out” too soon without answering the call you’ll have to come back and do it all again. And, that call… it is one YOU intended. No other.

Life is an illusion. That which exists eternal, outside the construct of form, is here to assist, but only when asked or sought out. It’s delivery is faster than Amazon Prime, and the crumbs of knowing dropped off for your unpacking are offered in spoonfuls. So, don’t expect a gluttonous feast!

You are not a body. You have a body, but you are not that body. It is mere form, a costume tailored and worn for this run of the play. So many of you simply get caught up in the illusion and forget you are essence eternal, an extension of that beyond knowing, purposed with a script of infinite learning. Believe it or not, you are also the scriptwriter and the scenes are being written as performed. If you don’t like the way the story is going, change it! That’s within your power.

There are many ways and places to travel as consciousness while staged in this incarnation of choice, in or out of the body; one designed and defined by you, I might add. Through energy exchange of essence experiencing you are free to move in and out from what you consider “the cosmos,” (see Star Maker*), other dimensions, or alternate timelines. That is why, in part, there are so many belief systems and ways of thinking – all accurate, void of right or wrong, all truth; because each of you having a human experience are not having the same experience and are, thus, creating your reality based upon personal concepts, ideas and preferences in order to learn. It is humorous to look around and see those living a conditioned life, unwilling, or yet unable to allow the means or measure to step beyond, confident there is only one way and that’s that. For those less conservative, less attached to the logic of things to be viewed by these “confidents” as outsiders untethered from reality, or claimed by cultural conditioning to be nomads, societal outcasts by these limited thinkers simply because they consider those without limit as nomenclature by nature is a reversal of eternal fortune. What do I mean?


  • A police detective refusing the services of a proven psychic or intuitive in an otherwise unsolvable case stating, with authority, they are fakes, foolish, charlatans.
  • A lawyer or banker who lives by the rules of the Bar or of Wall Street snickering behind the backs of the masses not privy to the perceived privilege, viewing them as dense, uninformed, less than; rail travelers to their DeLorean lifestyle.
  • A devotee of religion “A” dismissing and discarding the devotion of another to religion “B” for no reason other than having been indoctrinated to do so.
  • How about one who is loving shunned by one who will not allow love simply because (s)he has learned to value money and that material over what is viewed as silly, pointless emotion.
  • Humorous! Simply humorous! Sure, many whose shirts are not starched, white, button down, or accentuated with designer-label attire, and layered with diamonds and gold accessories may be as unaware as the white-shirted, self-focused soul of the power in awareness of one’s consciousness, but it is the ones willing to suspend disbelief and open to that which is unseen who will excel in the final exam of life’s journey.

    If you are earthbound you are still learning. To that some may say, “Yes, but I’m here as a teacher not a student. I’ve chosen to reincarnate to enlighten others.” Oh, really? I’m here to tell you if you believe that you have not yet graduated, or you would not be here but in a space that lies beyond. Like the monks of old atop the mountains thus older, you’d have disappeared in plain sight, aware of self as transmutable energy. Poof! Elsewhere. Thriving in another plane of existence in the eternal school of being.

    Don’t believe me? Still feel you know why you are here? Let’s explore that, shall we?

    What comes to mind is an acquaintance known to the one who transcribes herein; one who believes he reincarnates over and again in a place of honor, of society, of wealth because he is deserving of same. The reasons for such influence yet escape him, but he is sure his returning position of high standing is one having been earned through service over lifetimes. He has faith in himself as having been a knight, a high ranking soldier, and a king, to name a few. In this incarnation he is a lawyer, hard working, dedicated, and for the most part kind. He is part of that inner circle of status and secret exclusive to members of the Bar. He lives in a big house, owns boats, cars, and accoutrements plenty. As far as is known he is a good family man. Yet, here he is, again, in another life, acting as the same character in a similar story, differing only in placement along linear time.

    What that says to me is he’s missing the lessons offered, and is repeating the same course of study again and again.

    Is there progress in the abscess? Is his soul’s intent to remain static? For what purpose then is his life if only to pursue that which consoles? The questions boggle with possibility only he, in his humanity, has the pull to unfurl.

    So, I proffer…

    Would one wish to “be” in the early stages of knowing, stuck in the library of constructed existence, limited to text shelved along that elementary, in perpetuity, while other souls graduate through the fires of expansion into the grace and glory of the next?

    Curious in the wondering. Postulates to ponder, as I’m told.

    Free will is how each of us moves through eternity. No judgement in the paths journeyed. Yet, it seems to me that the comfort of riches, of perceived acclaim no matter the century, the millennia may be no more than one human soul choosing characters and scenes scripted with ease, leaving unexplored those stages dynamic with challenge simply to continue in the blind comfort of a play written from the perception formed by a single course of study.

    These are the crumbs I spoon for you today. I have enjoyed my visit, and leave you in the flow of the waters knighted by colored lights.

    ~~~ – – – ~~~
    (*Star Maker is a science fiction novel by British writer Olaf Stapledon, published in 1937. The book describes a history of life in the universe. As the main character travels through space as formless thought-consciousness he describes planet placements and galactic formations in great detail at the time not yet known by man. It was only years later through human space travel and satellite image capture was it shown that Stapledon’s depictions were unexplainably accurate.)

    Waters knighted by colored lights? How odd an ending, I thought, as I tapped the final characters onto that open text file. Then, as I do, I let it go and returned my attention to that which was in front of me, my dinner.

    I plated the food and sat down to eat in front of the laptop. Smiling as I decided on the entertainment to accompany my meal, I opened Amazon Prime – a nod, of sorts, to my welcome visitor. At random I chose an episodic program called “Harrow,” one that came up in the “recommended” section.

    It didn’t take me long to realized the program was filmed along the South Bank of Brisbane, NSW, Australia – a place I lived for three spiritually profound months in late 2017 & early 2018. The awareness presented within minutes of the show starting when the scene you see in the screenshot below appeared on the screen. I nearly spit out my food! Talk about crumbs of knowing dropped off for your unpacking… in spoonfuls !

    It was an image so familiar to me; one pulled from my life. One depicting a reality I frequented in the flesh, at dinnertime, nearly every evening while in Brisbane. You see, I use to take my supper to the edge of the south bank and sit along the river looking over to the cityscape across the water. Many of those evenings brought moments of deep knowings of the consciousness kind. Never spoken about then or since, I hold these personal experiences within as gifts from God just for me… because I asked and I allowed.

    In that moment I understood the closing line, Waters knighted by colored lights… It was a crumb born of my nights along the South Bank of Brisbane channelled back to me this evening as a wink, a synchronistic sign, a confirmation that what was shared was, in fact, from my guides unseen who were regular companions while in OZ. With that I knew it was more than a personal message. It was one to be shared here, now, with you, the gentle reader.


    ~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
    Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is a screenshot of the Brisbane River from the South Bank captured while watching the Australian-based show Harrow on Amazon Prime. To view the full-sized, uncropped version in a new window click here.