Strike The Match

The degree of a feeling creates a build up of energy that attracts within the unseen fabric of reality and remains in stasis, existent, until a moment of electromagnetic connection with that of measured equality. This invisible, coordinated point of intensified energy where all negotiable conditions seem to meet then activates with or without direct awareness of souls in form in the physical world. Reasons for such innocence are vast and will not be specifically addressed herein; however, it may be of perceptual consequence for it to be said such resistance is founded on limitations ruled into and accepted within the physical system adopted at any given frequency of existence.

The space you experience as reality is one of an infinitesimal many that pulsate at such non-location. Principals understood in your science as waveform are the only walls between such cohabitational realities. Awareness of that unseen is available to consciousness in form, as it is when such consciousness (in its collective wholeness) is formless, if a personality is open and willing to allow; to actuate.

Want more? Strike the match!

channeled message received from The Author on 10/29/20 at 7:24:44 a.m. PT US.

The channelled message this week was longer, denser, and more profound (at least for me personally) than I can recall receiving in the whole of the life of this blog. It flowed as if a Wall Street Page on a mission, a knight charging past the gates of home after the battle. I just placed fingers to keyboard and let them play. The words, the meaning is of such consequence to what I had decided to write about this week, and so finely constructed I almost wanted to leave it AS the post and publish it alone. Yet…

I have my own mission this week. I intend to do my best to express an awareness that has presented in days recent having a theme of how what we perceive as ourselves operates in what we refer to as life.

It has been a gradual awareness, one coming together like tinker toys forming from the recesses of one’s imagination; that space of nothingness, of pure potential. I’ve got on many walks where bits of the labyrinth began to shape. I’ve spend countless hours in various states of awakened thought – be they meditation or something deeper still. I’ve efforted at effortlessness while wide awake purposed with expanding perspectives of what is real and the infinite ways one can open to diverse points of simply being… perceiving the world and our experiences in it.

As it does, these intents were complimented by synchronicities, cyphers and symbols that actually seem to activate yet unexplored lands of reality. Literally, I seemed to turn inside out, or my core was opened like french doors into a garden I never knew existed before.

It is challenging to put feelings and experiences into words when such feelings and experiences seem new and foreign. Like getting off a plane in another country where your native language is spoken by no one, a place of yesterday where current technology abounds with evolution on a daily basis and attempting to explain something we take for granted, something as simple as cell phones. I simply don’t have the lingual tools to paint a proper picture of what I’ve opened to. What I can say is it answered a long burning question of mine and, in tandem, one asked of me by a one time acquaintance over three and a half years ago in the spring of 2017.

    Mine:  What is this connection I have with person X? How is it possible? Why is it?

    His:  Why do so many people seem attracted to me? Want to talk to me? Spend time with me? … even if I don’t want the attention at all?

The answer, in part, can be found in the channeled message at the top of this article; one so eloquently expressed through channelling when I had no idea how to even begin to explain what I was discovering. It has to do with the frequency our consciousness exudes from beyond the physical body we currently identify with.

What these hours/days/weeks of inner focus in the outer world have shown me is that we are both energetic conductor and repellant, be these not confused with intent. Like magnets, each side has a distinct field of apathetic attraction; one pulls, one pushes, each with extreme force.

Consider, therefore, that which is your soulful essence operating in cooperation with the consciousness that is your physical body. Now, imagine the way one’s physical appearance presents to the outside world, attractive, let’s say. That “look” may have been maintained by the personality but its artistic rendering to those who simply come upon it in passing or in meeting has influence. Now, let’s say, that personality does not want such attention. (S)he can attempt to ugly themselves up, camouflage the package so to speak, but that presence – the spark that attracts remains. There are attractive people who get that head-turn second glance, but the moment they open their mouth, or enough time passes their inner self comes fore the attraction is broken. There are unattractive people who, too, have that presence but it may not be magnetized to others at a molecular level. It is only when, say, you look them in the eye and see the glow, or come close enough to sense their gentle soulfulness, or have a reason or opportunity to interact with them does the activation occur. In other words, the key is activation. Those who are considered physically attractive, therefore, strike the match with or without intent simply by being physically appealing. Whether the candle remains lit is a matter of magnetism at an energetic, frequential, unseen plane of existence.

My feeling at this juncture of exploration is that these physical triggers are of our making. The form we choose or grow into from birth is part of the human experience chosen for this incarnation, this life experience. The reasons are infinite and not part of what I wanted to examine herein. Thus, with this foundational precept in mind, I will move forward.

With this acquaintance, then, his looks are a part of his magnetism forcing him to adapt to those conditions he finds uncomfortable as they present. He tells me no matter what he does to discourage or even dispel those who seek his attention the pursuance continues, without relief, no matter what course of action he takes. My guess is his quiet demeanor of avoidance, one he perceives as dismissive may only exacerbate the attraction, but I’ll leave such analysis to the professionals. What I wish to focus on is the energetics.

Sure, his beauty and natural, boyish charm ignite the field, but, as was channelled, the build up of energy that attracts within the unseen fabric of reality and remains in stasis, existent, until a moment of electromagnetic connection with that of measured equality is where the seemingly tethered bond is issued. This is not something I feel he is aware of or may even have the ability, within his present perspectives of limitation to such existence as consciousness in form, to modify. Resistance to such attractions may, too, only enhance that build up of energy, as energy of feeling is not prejudice or bias and expands along the electromagnetic spectrum whether waved of love on one end, or fear and hate on the other. He exudes this “pheromone” of frequency simply by being.

It is my current belief that he chose this as a challenge to explore in this lifetime or this form of existence for reasons or lessons or purposes that lead toward an opportunity to further evolve. How he, then, embraces the potential for exponential appropriation is up to him. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. To me, that step is a willingness to acknowledge this energetic expression as genuine and go within to find his own way to walk the open pathway. That trail may require he adjust to knowing the “more” of existence, and in such knowing he may reject certain “givens” postulated by the rule makers without such knowing. Rejection can bring pleasure or pain in this human experience, but it may just be the willingness to evolve and not repeat the postulates of this embodiment that light the way. Until then, he can, as I see it, expect these unwanted attractions of infinite connection to continue.

With me, I now see it is this frequency he exudes that has become my gateway of curious connection. I do admit, as any breathing female would, he is a good-looking man. Great body. Beautiful face. Kind aura. Yet, looks have never been what attracts me. Frankly, I’ve found them to be a bit distracting. It is the mind, the way someone thinks, feels, expresses, creates that strikes my match. I am also aware that my personal programming has always been set to veer away from those who are exceedingly attractive when it comes to inviting them into my space; be it as a friend or partnership interest. Neighbors? Co-workers? No problem. Why not have a few sculptures around as you spend time in the yard or at work? Like a nice painting or photograph, they ease your eyes. However, I’ve found more personalities in this life who fill me with pleasure as a result of their ability to express ideas and concepts of broader interest through communication; a trait offering my aphrodisiac of choice – thought stimulation.

The first time I had coffee with this acquaintance I told him, If you want me to understand you you’ll have to speak to me in the language of emotion. I’d never said that before to anyone. I’d never really thought of it before that moment. It simply came from my lips as naturally as the channelled message above. And, it’s true! He, however, spoke little so our communications took an unexpected leap into one of a more psychic nature. It took me a few months to realize it was happening. A few years to fully cultivate and attempt to deconstruct it. Another year to no longer desire it and wish to disengage from it. However, what I found was that the more I tried to disconnect the stronger the connection grew!

Only in these last few weeks of deep contemplation have I been offered the divinely timed gift of knowing how to do just that. It required I actually experience stepping into and out from another layer of dimension present in some parallel way to this one. I was walked through the energetic steps, led through feeling, stopped at certain points (for example a return and hold of a frequency introduced to me on 8/14/16 I’ve often talked about) to telepathically show me the way to an expanded way of perception of this reality while being aware of others simultaneously. As I’ve said before, it is challenging to put these sorts of things into words. Oliver once said to me (listen here 4 longer version or below), on 12/16/16 as he was trying to connect to my frequency while I was in the living room of my friend’s home in Lismore, NSW, Australia…

Feel me, I’m sending you a ball of information. What you need to do cannot be put into words so I’m sending you what you need to do.

I, too, find at times like this that the only way to pass along what I mean would be through an energetic share… a ball of information. Alas, unless you vibrate in this reality the way I do, at a similar frequency, AND are open to the possibility or accepted awareness of such exchanges, it is not something I am able to do. Your free will and alternate belief system, experiences, and willingness to magnetize to that which is me blocks such ability. So, I will try to say it this way.

I have found the secret sauce to answer my questions as to what is this connection and how does it work. It is his innate energy build up that expands from his beingness that attracts my own which is of a common string. That alone is what connects us. Electromagnetic pull. The why, I feel, was to awaken me to the existence of it through direct experience as an offering, through all of its negative and positive charges to ignite my desire to further understand it. At first it was to hone the ability. Then, due to discomfort it was to find a way to disconnect. Disconnection, I discovered was only intensified by the emotion of desire to do so, and only through this energetic walk, accompanied by another intelligence unseen to me in this particular physical reality, I was able to realize and actualize the origins, the rationales of that irrational, and in the activation of an expanded awareness I was able to deactivate that which was a method of unseen connection between us.

  • Did this acquaintance know he was doing this when we first met? I doubt it. Though if he did I have a shit ton of personal questions to ask him.
  • Will he believe what I now hold as truth? Probably not.
  • Does that matter to me? No, though I do hope he finds what he is looking for in this life.
  • Was it worth the ride? Had you asked me a mere few weeks ago I’d have said I wasn’t sure. Today, I state a resounding “Yes!”

This nearly four year journey forced me to open further to that which this connection momentumed. That alone was inexplicably wondrous. Then, it forced me to go deep… really deep, over and over an over again without giving up. Resolute. And in the fortuitousness I broke through into another expansion of what I accept as real. I evolved.


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