The 11th of Moonlight

The space between the galaxies is veiled in cosmic mystery. The veil between the worlds unseen is spacious, balanced, alchemy. Dimensions vast avail themselves the way of Japanese green tea. Transparency! Zen ceremony steeped in manmade history. A quantum current in and out collapses time vie* harmony. Reflect. Release. Reform. Redeem!
The ritual of sovereignty.

channeled message received from The Author on 11/04/20 at 10:01:01 p.m. MT US.
[ * Yes. I meant vie. ] 

What a week!

I was visited by spirits a’plenty and finished a short story tentatively titled, The Secret (story link to follow shortly). When I write, or do anything creative in this physical world I begin with a cleansing of the inspirational, invocational palette, so to speak, by breathing in the tranquility of Clair de Lune.

The ritual has been going on for years, the impetus of which a-livened in the days following my mom’s transition from this world to the next on May 26, 2009. I had recently returned from Fort Wayne, IN to Long Island, NY having been gifted with three plus months of daily connection with my mom as she transversed the final stages of cancer of the everything while in hospice care, traveling on to the peace that awaited. The evening I arrived home my car was blown up in the driveway which lit the hanging branches of an overhead tree, and came eerily close to sparking a reduction of our all wood, 1976 Victorian home to kindling. Luckily, my son, our three cats, and I got out of the house before the fire department arrived with its volunteer crew who was able to control the explosion and save the structure from becoming an ignited book of matches.

To relax from the buskin I sought relief and release in the movie Ocean’s 11; the first to grab my attention on HBO or Cinemax or whatever paid cable movie network I had access to on my computer at that time. As you probably know, the movie was spectacular, and served its magic just in time to remind me how life is more than a sum of its tragedies. The beauty in the simplicity of an image. The gentle calm invited by a wave of sound. The majestic mystery in the moonlight. All present in the film’s closing scene; one subliminally, subtly sequenced along the scales and cords of Claude Debussy’s, 1926 masterpiece, Clair de Lune (French for moonlight).

Closing Scene, Ocean’s 11 | Track: Clair de Lune | 12/7/01 | runs 2:23

I recall thinking… Clair de Lune is what I’d expect to hear as I entered the equivalent of heaven.

I feel the same way today, and thus why I listen to its healing harmonics and wash away that which clutters my soul as I open to a space of calm allowance. And, I create.

Even now, in the 54°, predawn darkness of this 5th day in November, 2020, I write these words after having just finished a cup of coffee on the front patio where I communed with the coyotes and javelina, shared a wink with the beauty of Orion and Sirius, exchanged a humble nod with the glistening energy of Venus, and entered a state of utter awe under the illuminating magnificence of the Waning Gibbous moon, all the while cleansing my self in the tonality of Clair de Lune.

The clarity and truth unfolding… observable in the week past was palpable; so notable, in fact, I had no choice but to accept that my reality has cracked open into the new and I now walk a pathway far beyond human expectation – mine, anyway. Big statement. HUGE! Yet, as Oscar Wilde wrote in “The Importance of Being Earnest”, The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

What has become my normal is thinking something over here and finding it appear in my physical awareness over there. The lapse of time between the two is infinitesimal, and literally impossible to catalog for you in this article or even capture in any sort of evidentiary form. Why? Because the occurrences happen with fluidity and regularity. Would you bullet point each breath you take? Track all of the sensory data you experience in every moment? Of course not. The same holds true with respect to this new way of being I’ve been courted by.

What I’ve decided to do, then, is present some of the sharable events handed to me in media form this week, and in the doing do nothing more than welcome you into the world of expanded possibilities as gifted to me.

Dr Edgar Mitchell Roots of Noetic Sciences | 11/9/09 | runs 7:47

The Nature of Consciousness

Let’s start with Edgar Mitchell.

At the time the seven minute video shared herein appeared in my YouTube feed I was sitting at my desk contemplating the alterations recently sensed in my local and nonlocal environments. I recalled Dean Radin and his work at IONS (Institute of Noetic Science). That brought me to a former homeowner I house sat for in Tucson, AZ who had spent time at a spiritual retreat of some kind at IONS’ home base in Petaluma, CA a few years prior. That reminded me of the cosmos – a mind-space her husband frequented in his work as a physicist specializing in optics. I was exploring avenues of research I could pursue to scientifically measure and explain the means behind these changes in my sensory experience. I moved from thoughts to action and opened a browser window on my laptop. To my surprise, it didn’t offer the default screen of dashboard options, instead leaping forward to the home page of YouTube where Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon and the founder of IONS, was front and center in a thumbnail image for the selection entitled, Roots of Noetic Sciences!

Let’s move on to “New Scientist” and Quantum Discord.

My research continued. The next theme I was interested in finding evidence related to what I’ll call a cosmic connection with an acquaintance that began almost four years ago. This string of attachment exists, at least, on my end of the thread and offers direct insight and knowings as they relate to this individual. The science behind this seemingly energetic communication continues to unravel and unveil itself as to origin and application. So, as before, I simply began to ponder the concept of this waveform of data exchange. I wanted to drill down from where I’d left off; such being quantum entanglement. I knew its center was in that theory, but the blinds were drawn to its full illumination. That’s when an article published by New Scientist, entitled, How Weird Do You Want It? found its way into my reality experience. One second I was pondering. The next I was taking a break (I thought) and watching a video from some conference on an unrelated topic. It was during that video one of the speakers mentioned the article. In semi-shock, I Googled it. Therein lain my answer in quantum entanglement’s twin – quantum discord. Embedded in the article was the video shared herein where quantum discord is explained as if in one of those “… For Dummies” books. Just what I was looking for – a scientific theory that inexplicably appeared and directly addressed my desire for quantifiable fact to explain the nonlocal connection I have with this acquaintance!

Shirley MacLaine | Larry King Show | 11/5/14 | runs 0:46
I’m happy with contentment.

Next up… Shirley MacLaine.

Days later while out walking I was forwarding a recent postulate that it wasn’t happiness I was feeling in recent years, but a certain degree of contentment; a subtle blend that emulated what most perceive as happiness. I was attempting a quark division between the emotions of joy, happiness, and contentment. To me, joy is a lasting state of being. Happiness is a momentary rush of positivity based from the resonance of joy. Contentment is a liquid and even state of acceptance, void of the highs and lows of standard momentum, vibrating in a frequency of perpetual grace.

As I explored these thoughts I’m listening to alternative music on SoundCloud. Then, as it does, my cell phone self actualized and switched to YouTube (yet unopened by me) and began to play an interview of Shirley MacLaine by Larry King. To my surprise the clip was in direct response to my thoughts just had!

Hillary Clinton on Faith / Energy | 12/4/19 | runs 0:48
I have a deep faith… Energy does die. Energy keeps going.

Then came Hillary.

Another thoughts becoming things moment occurred a few days ago when I was doing dishes and gazing out the kitchen window as the sun was setting in a colorful display of peacock-esk striations. With all the recent data that had shelved the libraries of my mind I still desired more. I wanted experts, persons of influence to support and publicly state positions of similar concept – that energy is fundamental to explain that which is yet unknown, and is an essential parcel of existence. From the dishes I turned to my laptop about to continue crafting the short story mentioned at the top of this writing. Instead, I got a nudge to go to YouTube, a feeling that the more I sought awaited me there.

It did! In the first row of suggested videos, in a position of prominence, top-right, I saw a an interview of Hillary Clinton (Part 2 of 4) on the Howard Stern Sirius XM Show. I did a double take. Hillary Clinton on Howard Stern? That didn’t make sense to me. I simply couldn’t imagine why she’d agree to appear on his show. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Howard Stern fan from the time I arrived in NYC in April of 1987, which is exactly why I couldn’t envision the why behind the wherefore. Curious, I watched. Not only was Howard a more gentle presence than I’d ever seen before, Hillary quickly gave me what I sought; a person of influence publicly discussing spirituality / faith and its connection with the science of energy.

The Haunting Of… Harry Lennix S4 Ep.23 | 11/5/15 | runs 0:33
I was a seminarian… Energy is constant, cannot be destroyed.

Last but not least, Harry Lennix

Last night as I was formatting this article with all of the video placements herein I stopped to eat a bite of dinner; a homemade tuna salad sandwich and milk. While enjoying the sustenance I opted to be entertained and picked an episode of a show from 2015 just published to YouTube, The Haunting of… Harry Lennix. I have to admit I like this program. The host, a psychic named Kim Russo, appears to have a genuine gift of clairvoyance and intuitive connection similar to mine. Her’s is lifelong and profound. Mine evolved over the last few years after I’d pulled back and away from conventional society. Again, within minutes the show topic went the direction of faith and energy, offering a second person of popularity speaking openly about his belief in a connection between the two.

What more can a girl ask for?

Well, that’s a loaded question, especially in this new reality of mine where that which is pure thought travels through a quantum discord of possibilities, tossing anchor into the drink of my physical reality experience! Yet, asking is becoming in this imaginative space in the Ocean’s 11th of Clair de Lune, and I assure you this is only the beginning… for me, and if desired, for you.


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