This Way of Mine

This way of mine. This beautiful noise. It statics through the byways of my creative mind. Sublime in propensity. Posed in density. Posh in delivery. A poemed revery. Resplendent. Refined. Reflective. Divine in immensity beyond mere perception. A reflection. Of exchange. Cobbled projection without refrain. Limitless connection. Eclipsed expectation. Optics poised through quantum void. Quartz employed. Alchemized, in compromise with mortal rise; an ordered size of altered states in measured weights reprise in infinite becoming. Stunning! This beautiful noise. This way of mine.

channeled message received from The Author on 11/12/20 at 7:49 a.m. MT US.

Becoming is a process; one eternal, elemental, of symphonic solitude, a contrast of opposites seeking balance, the collaboration of that worldly with that not. An energetic exchange. A gentleman’s agreement, if you will. A hand shake between that known and that yet to be.

In this common thread of uncommon understanding, one not definable through religious doctrine, scientific findings, mathematical principles, or philosophical postulates, we exist. Yet, who is truly able to say that the way I perceive is exactly the same as another? When I see the color purple can any breathing human say, with certainty, it is the same color or translucence, liquidity or intensity as their own? Based on my intuition and experience I propose the answer is “No.” Sure, we can assume or conclude that based on this or that or the 3rd thing that appearances indicate… (blah, blah, blah). But, how could we ever really know the perspective of an other unless we were that embodiment, seeded with its consciousness, flowing with its history, experience, cognition?

Take that color example and apply it to “the all,” placing no limits in the doing. What then is reality?

My personal view is that reality is, as Lisa M. Harrison often says, an individual, inside job, a congealed form born of that formless. A construction of ideas, knowings, experiences, practices and active willfulness / willingness alchemized with imaginations, dreams, and mind-play. The result – a creation unique in both physical and nonlocal elements.

The reason I am of this synthesized opinion is I have lived its thesis and antithesis. I have had experiences most consider impossible. I’m not simply talking about what some consider my near-death experience in April of 2016. I’m discussing this ongoing incarnation of inexplicable, unique and intimate encounters both elementary and complex; life events that seem to the average person incapable of substantiation, and thus improbable, and by extension illusion – or worse yet, lies masked as truth.

Smokey Quartz Crystal – photoshopped (11/12/19).
for larger view click image above, or here.
Smokey Quartz Crystal – original untouched (11/11/19).
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One such example of the everyday sort, the type of casual occurrence I have on the regular is shared through presentation of two photographs. This visual example is offered in support of the hypothesis the existence we enjoy is one of a self-actualized, potentially co-creative reality.

The first image set is of a chunk of smokey quartz crystal I took while it sat on my home office desktop in front of a sunlit window one year ago on November 11, 2019. Hosted within the crystal is a reflection of a human-like form along the stone’s far left side. The second pair of photos is of a puddle in the unpaved driveway of my home on Long Island, NY, shot during a light rain on a windy August morning in 2014. I have taken dozens of photos of what I call images within images. I even shared a few in a 1HP article published three years ago on 8/4/17, entitled, Versions of Reality. The “Girl in a Puddle” shown below is one of them.

I’ve included the raw, unedited originals alongside my edited versions. The photoshopped files were enhanced to sharpen and further colorize, only, to assist the casual viewer’s abilities at observation. All enhancements are layers upon an untouched foundation.

The intent of providing before and after images is to verify (to the best of my ability) that no significant tampering took place that would alter the unusual appearances within these photos. The hope is, this simple demonstration might offer plausible evidence of how our perceptions of reality differ and our observations of / interactions with particles of matter invite a natural, energetic co-creation with such reality.

In the 11/11/19 photo I see a facial duality; two versions of the same face depending on how you focus on it. One is a left profile of a more masculine energy. The other seems more feminine and is looking nearly face forward into the camera. From the neck down the body, in profile, is shared by both – one that appears to be encased in armor, as if a knight of old, with broad shoulder plates and the left arm visible.

In the 8/4/14 photo I see a young girl with short bobbed hair wearing a lace camisole, belted poodle skirt and boots fist bumping the water from her side of the puddle.

Girl in Puddle (original / photoshopped) | taken 8/13/14
for larger view click image above, or here. | click here to view/read Versions of Reality

My theory of these images (and others) is still a work in progress. However, I am of the mind that (1) they are direct communications / connections with consciousness / intelligence beyond this worldly experience able to appear simply because I resonate at some frequency that translates into a visual message, or (2) the appearance of these clearly featured figures within abstract elements could be of my own creation. In other words, I may just be using my own innate abilities to divine within my reality experience. Whether outside of my self or within it, these photos sure do open to the possibility there is much more going on in our reality experience than most are willing or able to perceive… to accept as actual, as existent. Further, if I can take pictures like these (and more) anyone can.

I do not restrict my concept of reality solely on these photos. That would limit the possibilities to a single point of focus. Those that know me are aware I possess audio recordings of interactions with a disembodied energy signature calling himself Oliver. They know I’ve had conversations with elements such as lightening and through means such as telepathy, with such communications offering predictions which did, in fact, occur. They know I’ve come in direct contact with a modern-day Eidolon mimicking the physicality of a friend’s wife, a woman seen by many besides myself in a restaurant in Brisbane, NSW, Australia. They are also aware of a series of ongoing circumstances where someone I’d know would do X in location Y with such actions recreating, in real time, for me in location Z. I’ve experienced the cycling of numerous alternate personalities within the embodiment of one man – evident in synchronized changes in the pitch and cadence of his voice with shifts in his eyes. I’ve even witnessed a walk-in present in the body of my own mother after she’d been in a coma for days – waking for about 10 or 15 minutes as bright and curious as a young child only to bid me farewell and return to a state of coma. Most documented. Some not. Yet, what I’ve learned through it all is that proof of such oddities serves no human purpose. You either believe or you do not. As for me…

…in this way of mine, I believe.


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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a smokey quartz crystal chunk sitting atop a desk in front of an unshaded window on 11/11/19 at 6:22 a.m. ET US. To view the full-sized, uncropped version in a new window click here.