Reality is Observer Dependent

Dean Radin’s perspective on psi research and its growing acceptance in the domain of physics parallels my own. As science evolves and furthers our awareness of quantum mechanics and entanglement theory, in the physical (and non physical) universe, it becomes apparent that what was once considered sheer folklore pillars forward as provable fact.

In this 12:02 excerpt from Conscious Media Network (Aug 2009), Dean Radin, Ph.D., talks about the nature of reality, telepathy as more than mere possibility, experiments into the nuances of quantum entanglement, and more. My hope in sharing this early iteration by Radin, an internationally recognized Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Science, and researcher who has published hundreds of academic, scientific, technical and peer-reviewed journal articles as well as authored four best selling books, you, the reader may find a string of interest leading to your pursuit of personal truth when it comes to the realm of psi.

Dean Radin on Entangled Minds
Conscious Media Network | host: Regina Meredith
S5, Ep28 (excerpt: 12:02 | full episode 31:00)
Released: August 2009

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