A Strange Game

Eye witness testimony is subjective as applied to academic science where it holds limited or no value.

Eye witness testimony is idiosyncratic as applied to the Court system where it holds virtuous status and value.

The inherent dangers of relying on science and its ists, without accounting for sentience, assures static density in discovery of what is beyond current comprehension.

The inherent dangers of relying on the law and its ers, without accounting for perceptive intent, assures stability of the status quo in that which is Just in its moral dissidence.

Is it ego that commands the ists and the ers? Ignorance? Structural norms? Conditioning? These are considerations above my pay grade. What I do know is…

I have learned one cannot change the mind or perspective of another without persuasion. I have also learned that the act of persuasion can mask an underlying intent to control or master the will of another for personal gain or a proposed greater good.

Book smarts teaches the ticking metronome between what is considered right and what is something else is a weighted one.

Street smarts edifies the way forward between what is considered right and something else a quandary only if I make it so.

Hence, where’s the balance?

In perpetuity, there is none. Chaos teeters right. Calm teeters left. The rules of play that pendulum reality are a labyrinth of possibility directing and redirecting the pencil that pens the collective test we each yearn to ace. The game begins with first breath. The game ends when we discover self.

I think Joshua said it best in the final scene of the movie War GamesThe only winning move is not to play.

Final Scene: War Games | 1983

As for me, I rely on individual experience over dictated truth as applied to self, knowing my conscience and cognition compass north. The rest I surrender to a power higher than that of any man.

With sense and sensibility, I am whole.

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is a screen-capture from the closing scene of the 1983 movie War Games. To view the full-sized, uncropped version of the image in a new window click here.




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