Dimensional Travel

Can you say Dimensional Travel?

I’ve been doing some crazy  S-H-I-T  lately! In the last 48 hours (give or take) I’ve landed in a library of data that all leads to the existence of energy portals in and around the Orion Constellation. If I was to attempt a timeline breakdown it would occur something like this…

  1. 8/28/21 | ~5:00pm PT (AZ)
    Watched Initiation, S1, Ep.11 | Air Date: 11/18/19
    Discussion included “Portals of Orion” (watch 2:22 show excerpt below)

    click here to watch directly on YT if not showing up above. (runs 2:22)
  2. 8/29/21 | 4:17am PT (AZ)
    Google Search – “connect with portals of Orion” to see if anything of substance related to topic. Nothing of note showed up on the results page.
  3. 8/29/21 | 4:30am PT (AZ)
    Using the data gleaned from above Initiation program, along with my own experiences, I spent ~10 minutes in deep meditation where I had a visceral, astral projection sort of experience, going into and out from a space of awareness 2 or 3 times before finding myself returning to an awake state. As I was coming out of it I…
          a.   heard the phrase, Flip it upside down*, and
          b.   got a visual of a flower, in fast-motion, fully blooming and pointing upward
               with a thought like, “flower is a satellite dish, sending… receiving.”
    * In the audio recording (below image ↓) I say “spin it around” was the exact phrase. Going back to my original notes written just after I came out of meditation, I found I actually heard, “flip it upside down.”

  4. 8/29/21 | !6:10am PT (AZ)
    Left for a 5 mile morning walk. During this excursion I felt an intuitive pull to re-listen to the full, 30 minute, unedited version of my conversation with Oliver (a disembodied voice that came to speak with me in Australia on 12/15/16 (12/14/16 in US). Not sure why I decided to do that. The thought just came to me. Haven’t listened to it since I uploaded it to the 1HP SoundCloud account in May 2017. Listening took me back as if I was again in NSW, and brought rememberings of this werid-ass experience I had lost track of; such as Oliver talking to me as if we knew one another, and answering the Q I asked “What am I here for?” from the cosmic view of “Why am I alive, in this body, in this life,” instead of the narrower intent I had in mind of “here in Australia,” since he said in the recording he had brought me “here” (my friend’s house in OZ) “for that purpose” (to connect).

    By the way, the Answer he gave was, “You came here to have time for you. No other reason.”
    Translation (as I perceive it): You wanted to experience the concept of linear TIME which is only possible when you are embodied. Listen to that recording here.

  5. 8/29/21 | 8:48am PT (AZ)
    Opened Chrome browser. Did nothing more. Instead of Chrome presenting my landing page, a Google search page showed instead; nothing in the search bar, and the following article at the top of the results page.

    NASA Discovers Hidden Portals in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere, by David Jay Brown
    published 6/19/13 | Telescope.com

    In this science-based feature the author talked about NASA’s planned MMS project and its promise regarding stabilizing the magnetism of temporary interdimensional portals in and around the Orion Constellation for possible use as a means of travel into and back from what lies beyond.

  6. 8/29/21 | ~9:00am PT (AZ)
    I wrote a comment to the Brown article where I responded to his shout out soliciting reader thoughts on possible success in portal stabilization, use, and achievement of zero or negative energy streams as the means of such success, as well as how the reader felt such results might be accomplished. Read my reply here.
  7. 8/30/21 | 4:30am PT (AZ)
    Lit a dark blue candle (for fun) with an ask of connecting more fully to information in support of efforts to dimensionally travel. (Dark blue known for envoking victory, stability, meditation, developing psychic ability and so forth
  8. 8/30/21 | 4:53am PT (AZ)
    After about 20 minutes of shuffling and playing with cards from the Dust II Onyx tarot deck to supplement the candle divination I pulled those shown below. I didn’t look at them further, nor think about meaning. (Frankly I was sitting in the dark and couldn’t see them anyway.)
  9. 8/30/21 | Same as above (simultaneous).
    Watched an interview with Dr. Bruce Goldberg that surprisingly led straight to what he was calling 5th Dimensional Travel through energy (light) portals. In the interview he briefly commented in passing about how he had an exercise instructing just how to go about such process from this 3rd dimensional reality we all exist within on his web site. That exercise is here. NOTE: I stopped listening to the interview at this point and put my attention on calibrating to all of the synchronicities and psi experiences had thus far seemingly leading me toward this goal of connection.
  10. 8/30/21 | 8:26am PT (AZ)
    Went back and finally took a look at the tarot spread. I was pleasantly surprised how my perspective opened to sense meaning intuitively and how such awareness paralleled my cosmic intent to learn more on dimensional travel. Listen to the reading audio, directly below the tarot spread photo, for my impressions on how the cards and their placements directly relate to quantum waveform “connection.” I also mention additional psi elements presenting over the last 48 hours that have a relatable factor.
  11. Click 4 larger View in new window

    click here to listen to audio in new window if not showing up above. (runs 29:46)

    To restate what I mentioned in the reading audio, so many additional experiences of psi-related synchronicities and the like took place during the last 48 hours – all offering live, real-time evidence meeting my high bar of personal expectation that something of intelligence, magnetism, consciousness, or a combination of elements was demonstrating over and over again the level of immediate and present connection I already seemed to have with this place of no-space beyond convention.

    With the regular flow of the strange and unusual that appears in my day-to-day, situations and occurrences unexplainable and ineffable, circumstances all that I invite, enjoy and am of the position are part of the natural order of things, I am curious as to origin and method of furthering a growing, interactive exchange. These things exist. If you’ve ever had such experiences you know this to be your truth. The only blockages that keep others from welcoming same have to do with perspective and conditioned acceptance as to what reality is at this point in the evolution of human history.

    And me? Well, I plan to continue my explorations, FaceTiming home from Orion’s Grand Central Station of cosmic connection. Who knows, I might arrive on time to catch the next portal. All aboard!

    ~~~~~~ — ~~~ — ~~~~~~
    Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of the cards that presented as part of a personal tarot spread on 8/30/21. To view the full-sized, uncropped version of the image in a new window click here.




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