From Completion to Pelechian

From Completion to Pelechian… and back again.

When an intuitive reading I was watching included the inadvertent mispronunciation of the word completion as peletion I became curious. In my world when that which is undefinable presents, especially when prevalent, I lean toward the possibility of such being a message of “the more” which plays in my life, and pay attention to sorting inadvertence from cosmic intentionality.

So, I did an online search of “peletion,” assuming I was probably spelling it wrong, or it wasn’t an actual word at all, knowing Google would attempt correction. Well, correction went through few incarnations and landed on an offer of “Pelechian,” which I was pronouncing in my head as “peletion” with a “cha” sound instead of the traditional “t.”

What I found was a surname for a well known and respected Russian cinematographer from a few decades ago named Artavazd Pelechian*, known for something called Distance Montage. Turns out this attribution referred to a cinematic or documentarian style using natural images, often without words, to create a story, theme, or expression leading the observer through an experience of the imagination led by such creator. (sounding cosmically familiar?)

To try and get the proper pronunciation of Pelechian I furthered my search efforts discovering an interview with French historian of literature and modern science, Frédérique Aït-Touati. Success! In the first seconds she says his name (pronounced Pel-E-Ke-own (emphasis on the “E”) offering just what I was looking for. She also spoke of her work on celestial phenomena… everything between the moon and the earth. Immediately I knew I was on to something… or should I say the unseen connection / consciousness / intelligence that brought this inadvertence into my awareness was.

Frédérique Aït-Touati présente Les Saisons d’Artavazd Pelechian | runs 7:03

She began by describing her work, so as to relate it to the contributions of Pelechian. Phenomena such as rain, wind, the forces and powers of nature That was enough for me to attention that which followed. Why, you ask? Because I had asked the Universe to show me more of the how’s relative to the inner workings of what I’m calling cosmic connection and its ability to communicate with me as unseen intelligence of the consciousness kind. This pathway into the LaCinetek interview with Frédérique Aït-Touati appeared in response offering metaphor as teacher taking me on a journey from Completion to Pelechian through intuitive GPS to the exact coordinates to tune in and thus complete the cycle back from Pelechian to Completion in response to my query.

I’m not sure I have the interest to appreciate the referenced film by Pelechhian, Le Stagioni aka The Seasons (1972), but I truly found Frédérique Aït-Touati’s expressions of it delightful, moving, and provocative, thus furthering my knowings into the “more.”

In gratitude…

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I share this video with English translation because it is in French on YouTube, and without knowledge of how to activate YT’s “auto-translate feature” accessing the English can seem challenging.

*Note: The spelling of Artavazd’s surname has several variations online from Pelechian to Peleshian to Peleshyan. Being my focus is on the way that unseen offers connection through synchronicity and tuning I will leave this data with the reader for his/her own interpretation and research.


Title: “Frédérique Aït-Touati présente Les Saisons d’Artavazd Pelechian”
Type: Interview
YT channel: LaCinetek
Publication date: 4/11/2022
Runtime: 7:03

Title: “Le Stagioni” aka “The Seasons”
Type: Short film
Film maker: Artavazd Peleshian
Vimeo channel: Sandro Lecca
Film release date: 1972
Vimeo publication date: 1/17/2019
Runtime: 28:52

Title: “Collective message – Revelation”
Type: Intuitive tarot reading
YT channel: San Tarot
Publication date: 6/1/2022
Runtime: 28:55
Direct link to Completion card segment: (at 15:33)

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is a screenshot at 15:33 of the Completion card referenced in this post as shown in San Tarot’s collective message as published on 6/1/22. To view the full-sized, uncropped version of the image in a new window click here.




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