If God Showed Up

If god showed up how would (s)he present? Would (s)he walk towards you as a sinner or a saint? A rich woman or homeless man? Gorgeous as a magazine cover or as the average Jo(e)? If god showed up would it be with a crackle of lightening or in the whispers of flowing water?

If god abled embodiment to an angel, prophet, saint, messenger, savior; how might they look? Sound? Seem?

And what if god wasn’t God at all but something so far beyond our comprehension we lacked cognition to grasp the wholeness in the oneness? What if we labelled god with a name simply to offer ourselves ability to conceive of such presence at a level possible within our current limitations of evolution? 

What if god was able to communicate directly to anyone open and willing to receive? What if those with tuned senses and sensibilities walked the earth, filled the cosmos, existed among us every moment of every day? How would they present? 

What if the seed of god was within you? How would you present? What if you were a stunning beauty married to a genius with billions? Would others see you differently? Treat you with more/less respect? What if you were common with a soul that lit up all around you? If known would new friends and lovers flock your way, or would they treat you as you were before such was known? 

What if the stunning beauty was the devil incarnate, vibrating frequencies of influence to construct a world where they and their beliefs were center stage? What if the commoner lived to strategize fear into being? 

What if…

I wonder of things like this some times as I’ve met gods and demons, as we humans oft deem them, in and out of form. I’ve seen man choose physical attractiveness and wealth over average looks and just enough dough to make the daily bread over and again, judging personal success by such vacant vacuum of worth and utility. What I find valuable is my intuition. My truth. My knowing that I am good enough just the way I am, and in such awareness I’ve opened a portal into an infinite unknown where everything is possible.

I prefer creative wonder where god (and all that implies) is a companion, an intelligence with vast humor and wisdom that simply shows up when asked and when divined to remind me of the glory and grace of sensing beyond human convention. I am an ordinary woman with extraordinary friends; some of human form, many formless. I know god, angels, prophets, saints, messengers, saviors, and even that some call The Devil exist right here on earth, throughout the universe… the dimensions, time and space. I am one. So are all. Yet, I also know that if I, in all my blessings, was standing next to one of stunning beauty and bank my abundance unseen would remain unseen by the masses – and 999,999.99 out of a million humans would pick outer characteristics over inner illumination and tangible billions over potentialed abundance, no matter whether the forward results were empty or fulfilling.

And that’s okay with me. 

You see, I hold a secret. One available to any, to all. One transforming beauty and billions into secondary attractions. What is it? Acceptance of divine tender in adorning eyes willed to notice the value in being human, any kind of human.

I perceive life as an option founded and measured not by what one can amass, but in the vast adventures one can experience. Such experience emancipates an innate magick back unto itself like a magnet. Physical existence is a game, a gift designed and divined to offer that which we genuinely are – conscious intelligence born of frequency and vibration – a brief opportunity to feel the aliveness in breath, to sense all that comes with bonding in molecular density when birthed into the physical. I am aware of the ineffable nature of a self incarnate as it journeys along a pathway of choice to forward possibility into probability… to discover and to learn until we leave this linear playground when our body releases the purity of our essence back into source energy. Yes, I am aware, humbled, and eternally grateful for this gift of knowing.

So, if god showed up how would (s)he present? Exactly as you expect. Whatever that may be.

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