Death As The Task Itself

I’m beginning to get used to regarding death and dying
not as the end of my task, but as the task itself.

– Leo Tolstoy

In The Marginalian article entitled, “Life and Death and More Life: Leo Tolstoy on Science, Spirituality, and Our Search for Meaning,” posted August 4, 2022 (read frame right below) talking of Tolstoy and his final days, I came across the quote at the top of this piece and stepped into a state of awe.

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We so often hear a word, subject, or concept inserted into a phrase such as,

_________ is an ends to a means.

_________ is a journey, not a destination.

and are resolve in the reason, the logic eminent in such contemplation. Yet, have you ever considered thought beyond these already progressive and common sense maxims in furtherance of expanded awareness? Tolstoy did just that with his whisper of possibility in considering a life lived AS the wholeness of those elemental steps towards The goal, The purpose, The task: Death and Dying.

What a shift of perspective!

I’m sure I’ll resurrect this conundrum a few times before the jacket of coffined belief in Tolstoy’s suit of wisdom is fully buttoned. Until then, I plan to Carpe Diem with forward momentum as I inhale an end to a means, exhale a journey destined, and surrender to the Task.

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