Did U Feel That ?

Did U Feel That?  Time Just Shifted…

It is pre-dawn here in southern Arizona. Quiet. Cool. Dark. The front door is open with a pedestal fan oscillating to circulate the outside air inside. I was sitting in a recliner here in the Airbnb where I’m staying reading a book called “About Time,” by Jack Finney; And it happened.

You know that sound in your ears some call “ringing?” Well, at 6:11am the standard pitch one hears if he listens closely enough shifted to a bellowing hum that was so dense my equilibrium went wacky for a moment. It was almost as if I had one of those high fevers that throws your perception off in such a way that you make a simple move, like leaning forward, and it takes your essence a split second to catch up.

That’s what just occurred. Quiet overtaken by a deep sonic resonance. Resonance triggering a temporary out of body experience.

Then… back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Most of you know I’ve acquired some precognitive abilities in the last few years – from where, and why, is beyond my comprehension. Thusly, a series of events took place this morning – 5 to be exact, back to back, that triggered this affect and led me to become aware of a soon to occur event in the life of someone close to me. I debated whether to say anything or not, but the magnitude of negativity that could surface if things proceeded as I saw them was so significant I chose to look crazy and let them know.

I sent a text. I kept it strikingly short and gave the briefest of information letting them know a decision was to present soon, the outcome of which would be life-altering. I said only enough to lay a foundation upon which their freewill choice would be made. I knew I could say no more so as to not influence such decision knowing this individual would likely think me insane. Task complete, I let go.

That’s when I sat down in the recliner, opened my book and began to read. It was 6:09am.

Was the nonlocal shift in waveform reality due to this “intervention?” Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is time somehow shifted at 6:11am and I actually felt it.

“About Time.” 😉

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Note: Banner / Blog post placeholder is a screenshot of my cell phone taken just after "the shift." To view the full-sized, uncropped version of the image in a new window click here.

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