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Who found me? The gentle and sweet, white lab whose human buddy is a 40 something physicist with an affinity for quantum mechanics and the cosmos.

Through a series of curious synchronicities I recently met a man who is quickly becoming a perfect fit into my adventures as a spiritual practitioner. If he has his way we’ll soon be besties writing a paper on the nature of reality and the role of quantum entanglement in the frequential matching of consciousness. In simpler terms, we’ll be performing experiments to prove the existence of telepathy.

This concept of connecting to another consciousness as both sender and receiver is something I’ve previously experienced with one other individual, so I’m already an advocate. What I sense now is this environmentalist and intellectual may just have been directed my way SO I could have a reliable friend to play with in unpacking these sorts of questions; someone who really wants to be a part of such scientific weirdness

HE FOUND ME  |  1HP on YT  |  published 10/21/22. |. runs 10:06

Since this  guy and I have both been walking the same streets, trails, and pathways of the same southern Arizona town for over 3 years and never met, I also believe the possibility for us to do so was existent but required I release another who I was loyal to in pursuit of a similar divine calling before this new  meet-up could occur.

Why do I feel that way? The answer is simple. Choice.

I’ve faced the choice to step away from this other who once agreed to be a part of my journey exploring “the more” many times; an acquaintance who was unable to follow through, it seemed, for countless reasons. Being one who takes commitment seriously, is faithful to a fault, and will do what I feel is right even when it may not appear to be in my immediate best interest, I didn’t feel it was fair to give up on him just yet. What I was discovering, uncovering, and interacting with was so unique, otherworldly, and an evidentiary demonstration of the limitlessness of reality I didn’t want to take away his opportunity  to find a way back into his desire for higher awareness.

The knowing it was time to let go came on Sunday, 10/9/22, when a family member helped me to see what I had been overlooking for years. The relative didn’t even know he was shedding light on this for me. Yet he did and I realized it was time. Time to move on. Time to turn the page and step into the next chapter of learning, of living, of being who and what I am meant to be.

Later that day I sent an email to this person I felt aligned with, an audio attached explaining what I could. Words fell short. How do you tell someone after 5 1/2 years you’ve changed your mind?

I now believe my message might have hurt his feelings, even though he hadn’t been in direct contact with me for a very long time and seemed to have no desire or motivation to revive our connection.  If accurate, I am genuinely sorry I caused this man pain because without his support in the beginning I’d have never had the courage to take that first, voluntary step into the unknown.

Yet . . .

The next morning, after making this choice, HE Found Me,  and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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