Books, and More Books

With one week to go until I’m off to my next adventure location, I knew it was time to decide what stays with me and what goes; with primary consideration given to a stack of weighted titles by author’s classic and diverse.

The photo right are the books I read this season (June – present). They all go, with one exception – a title I’m rereading with a klatch of lovely women as part of an online book club discussion group. I’m backpacking the rest today for distribution to various neighborhood Little Free Library boxes that stand like birdhouses throughout the area. Figured I’d share the delicious storytelling with others instead of simply tossing them in another sorta receptacle.

There is an additional exception to the lot I’ll be leaving at this Airbnb; a title the owner and I discussed at length via email several times, written by an author we both can’t get enough of. Purpose: to offer the next weary traveler the opportunity to visit worlds within a world without having to leave the charm and comfort of this southern Arizona space.

I’ve never been much of a physical book reader, and digital titles annoy me. Not sure why. Audiobooks, however, have been a consistent companion I turn to from time to time as I can listen while doing other things. Yet, this year I was triggered by a video I watched telling the story of a man named Ken Webster, a school teacher from Dodleston, near the England-Wales border, who, in the early 1980’s, had an experience with his (now antique) BBC microcomputer that paralleled my own with the one who called himself Oliver. The similarities were so synchronistic I was eager to read his book detailing the encounters in hopes it might shine some light to understand my own had in December 2016. From there, titles of interest kept presenting. The result… what you see in the photo above right; a stack of eye candy for the bifocal set.

Not sure I’ll indulge in such a way any time soon, but I can say the pleasures had were worth every page turn.

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Note: Banner / Blog post placeholder is a photo of the actual stack of books I read this season while in southern AZ. To view the full-sized, uncropped version in a new window click here.

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