VPNs And Psychic Ability… My Personal Experience.

I’ve recently discovered that some of the, what I’ll call, psychically acquired information went beyond simple identification as to whom it applied and somehow tapped in to the locations their devices were redirecting from. Here’s how this came to light.

More than 4 or 5 times in as many weeks I got “information” I felt might be of benefit to persons A, B, C…etc.; folks I knew were open to what I may have to share. So, discretely I’d pass on what I had received. In each case I was accurate to a degree beyond speculation or chance except for one facet: Location.

I’d get locations along with the data through a variety of ways. I’d have a dream containing such premonitions, and knew where they were taking place. These dream “locations” presented whether I was one of the characters or not. Additional site identifications came through anything from street, building or other physical signs, banners, and such in and out of real life. So, I’d share same. Once it was an airport and I could clearly see it was LAX because I’ve been there. Other times I’d hear someone say the city, town, or state, like Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL.

Other than dreams, sometimes it came through other methods of divination including simple meditation, words picked up in media recordings, people walking in and around me that seemed out of place, and the like.

Each time all that I shared, other than the location, was accurate. That seemed baffling and made me question my process; one honed over years of experimentation and practice. Then one of my friends with whom I shared such data mentioned VPN during a casual conversation. I said, “What’s VPN?” Not because I’m a luddite but because I don’t watch TV nor am exposed to other sorts of advertising or environments where such might have come up.

Once explained to me, I wondered if the others I’d accurately shared premonitions with or talked of recent experience had might also be using VPNs.

Findings: ALL HAD!

Every single one was using a VPN for online surfing, searching, research and/or emails – either through their own accounts or through workplace and/or government networks. That was shocking and exciting. Then, I asked if they could track back to what they were doing on certain days at certain times; all but one was able to successfully reach out to the service provider and/or the network admins to trace what VPN “location” their device activity was being redirected through. Only one was not able to get such information due to company privacy policies.

Then we reviewed what I’d said to each intended, when I’d had the insight, where I’d indicated the location was, and compared it with the recipient’s VPN data. In all cases the redirection points matched my intuitive shares.

What does that mean? Not sure, really, other than to confirm the waveform entanglement of that which I receive telepathically is, in my opinion, a waveform exchange between two points in the quantum field and so is data transferred between a device and those sites visited and/or emails traded. When electric impulses are sent as packets of zeros and ones across hard and wireless lines along an infinite web of networks, that’s what we call data exchange. 

It makes one wonder how two different sources of transmission; that psychic and that man-made, can not only travel in similar patterns and along frequencies like, yet not, to somehow interface in a way that the outcome resembles tampering. And, if a VPN can interfere with psychic impressions can one’s  intuitive communications cross into those man-made so that nonlinear data from one’s own mind can land in the InBox of a recipient’s email? Interesting postulate.

To me, just the idea that information both psychic and IP generated can overlap in such a profound way pushes one to ponder, What else is possible?

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