The Incredible “More!”

This morning (12/12/2012) at 7:25 a.m. PT I began recording an audio to capture my views on the origins of this “more” I’ve been talking about for several years. My perspective has changed as my experimentations and resulting knowledge has refined into a less esoteric and more calculable perspective. What I feel today is a muted, or more neutral view of those things “otherworldly” most refer to with labels based on, it seems to me, their own focused vision and version of what they have been conditioned to believe. Their primer guidance. Memories. Social, cultural, and institutional teachings.

Without going into vast detail I’m referring to the use of terms and concepts like channelling, mediumship, receiving downloads, ascending, and so forth. To me, it is all innate data/information available to anyone able and curious enough to tune to the frequencies that exist in what many physicists refer to as the Absolute; that which exists beyond space and time.

As I do with most of these recordings I threw it into a folder on my computer for future archiving without making it public; not because I don’t feel what I’ve expressed is worthy of both regard and discard, but because I’m more interested in diarying what I’ve learned and moving on to the next. That choice offers me best use of the time I do have as I travel along this linear path we refer to as life.

I followed my partial archival with a silent request to this “more” to confirm, contrast, or supplement what I’d said to guide my ongoing path.

I waited in that space of no-thought for inspiration. Nothing came, so I let the ask go and continued with what I was doing.

. . .until 10:03 a.m. PT. 🙂

I went to YouTube to check the status of a client’s upload and saw the video shared below on the home page feed. After my work was done I clicked on that link and listened as Eckhard Tolle essentially repeated back to me more than 1/2 a dozen points I had made in that earlier recording. My eyes welled as I heard him restate views paralleling my own, as recently recorded. Though, my guess is most would consider my version a bit less politically correct and a bit more in your face in style and statement.

I’m currently in the midst of three articles for future posting to this website, so including one more based on my recording this a.m., or editing the audio into a YouTube or SoundCloud media piece isn’t something I wanted to add to my filling plate. But be assured. . . in my universe, this receipt of “more” was the dessert and coffee that topped off the meal.

What Is Your View on Angelic Forces? | Eckhart Tolle | 9/20/22 | runs 17:11

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Note: Banner / Blog post placeholder image is of eye glasses appearing in a Facebook Ad recently that reminded me of both (1) the infinity symbol, which, closely emulates the physics concept of The Absolute, and (2) the spin up / spin down (electron) comparisons used to elementarily explain the ins and outs of quantum theory throughout Sean Carroll's book Something Deeply Hidden. As well, the fact that such symbolism came in the form of eye glass frames inferred "insight," to me, as set forth in this article. To view the full-sized, uncropped version in a new window click here.

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