Strike The Match

The degree of a feeling creates a build up of energy that attracts within the unseen fabric of reality and remains in stasis, existent, until a moment of electromagnetic connection with that of measured equality. This invisible, coordinated point of intensified energy where all negotiable conditions seem to meet then activates with or without direct […]


As a human being you have the inalienable ability to write the story of your life as you will. Within the bubble of incarnation your perspective of those choices which create your physical experience will be literal. The perspectives of others will be diverse and dependent on how their individual and collective stories wave within […]

Realignment with Source

Along the path, beyond the gate, possibilities await. Fated. Plated. Resonated. Realigned. Regenerated. Calibrated. Activated. Anything but complicated. Unabated manifestation. Simple co-labor-(el)ation. Think it. Feel it. Now create it! channeled message received from Oliver on 3/12/18 at 1:11 a.m. ET US.  William Walker Atkinson (WWA) (12/5/1862 – 11/22/1932)   William Walker Atkinson (WWA) A respected […]